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We offer the below courses:

  • Personal statement coaching
  • Admissions interview training

We collaborate with students of all ages and abilities, guiding them towards securing spots at the UK’s top schools and universities. Embracing the uniqueness of each student, our expert team delivers a personalised approach to tuition, ensuring that every individual receives the precise support needed for success.

Why Britannia Gateway

  • Expertise & First-Hand Insight: Our exceptional blend of expertise, first-hand experience within the education system, and meticulous research positions us as the premier choice for parents and aspiring students.

  • Handpicked Tutors: We meticulously handpick our tutors, guaranteeing that you receive the best educators in the field.

  • Guided by Renowned Figures: Our team is led by internationally acclaimed figures in education – Yasmin Sarwar, Bennjamyn Smith, Ms. Elizabeth Hill, and Samuel Chan. Their collective wisdom, passion, and insights fuel Britannia Gateway’s unparalleled tuition services.


Our Achievements

  • 1,236 students have completed the tutoring programme
  • 86% of students have successfully gained admission into their desired school
  • 91% student satisfaction
  • On average, students experience a notable improvement of 1-2 grades in their academic performance

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