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change agents

The “Change Agents” are driven by a profound commitment to careers that revolve around social and environmental causes. They are poised to be powerful forces for positive transformation.

For Change Agents, university is not just about education; it’s a platform for catalysing change. They are drawn to fields such as Environmental Science, Public Health, Nonprofit Management, Sustainable Development, and Community and Regional Planning. These areas empower them to address pressing global challenges.

Their academic journey is marked by purpose, as they gain the knowledge and skills needed to drive social and environmental progress. University becomes a training ground for future leaders who are determined to create a better world. Change Agents, armed with education and dedication, are poised to make a profound impact on society and the environment.

Here’s a brief explanation of the various fields:

  • Environmental Science: Dive into the study of ecosystems, climate, and conservation for a career in environmental research or management.
  • Public Health: Tackle global health challenges, promote well-being, and work in public health policy, epidemiology, or health advocacy.
  • Nonprofit Management: Learn to lead organisations dedicated to social impact and change, amplifying your ability to make a difference.
  • Sustainable Development: Focus on creating a sustainable future through careers in sustainable urban planning, international development, or renewable energy.
  • Community and Regional Planning: Shape communities for the better, addressing urban development and social equity.

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