Samuel Chan
Transforming Education in Asia

Who is Samuel Chan?

Samuel Chan Sze Ming, a visionary entrepreneur based in Hong Kong, stands at the forefront of education transformation in Asia. With a mission to empower students across the continent, Samuel has dedicated his career to connecting them with the excellence of the United Kingdom’s top schools and universities. As the Chief Executive Officer of Britannia, a market leader in the education sector, he has redefined how students and parents approach UK education opportunities. Samuel’s journey is marked by innovation, industry disruption, and a commitment to providing unbiased information to families. His impact resonates through numerous accolades and a legacy that continues to shape the future of education in Asia.

The Genesis of Change

Samuel’s journey in education entrepreneurship began as an education columnist in Hong Kong. He quickly discerned that the market for UK schools in Hong Kong was monopolised by a handful of major players. This oligopoly stifled innovation and left both schools and parents wanting more. Exhibitions were infrequent, staff lacked expertise, and reliance on league tables was excessive. Samuel recognised the immense potential for improvement and set out to disrupt the status quo.

Founding Britannia StudyLink

In 2013, Samuel took the bold step of founding Britannia StudyLink. His vision was clear – to establish an unbiased and informative platform for Hong Kong families seeking UK education opportunities. Starting as a one-man operation, Britannia has since evolved into a prominent market leader with offices not only in Hong Kong but also in Malaysia, Shenzhen, and London.

Changing the Paradigm

Samuel’s leadership, coupled with a dedicated team and support from mentors and collaborators, brought about transformative changes in the industry. Britannia introduced specialised tuition services and redefined the concept of school exhibitions. Moreover, they sought to revolutionise the entire culture of the education agency market. Their partnerships with esteemed organisations, including HSBC and The British Council, solidified their position in the industry.

Education and Recognition

Samuel’s academic journey provided him with a solid foundation for his entrepreneurial endeavours. He earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Economics from the University of Nottingham and later pursued a Master of Arts (M.A.) in International Political Economy at the University of Warwick. This academic background equipped him with the analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to navigate the complex world of education and business.

The impact of Samuel’s work is evident today, as approximately one in every three international students from Hong Kong who pursue UK education relies on Britannia. This market share continues to expand, a testament to Samuel’s dedication and innovative approach. His contributions have been acknowledged through numerous accolades, including the Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand Award, Hong Kong Top Service Brands Award, Hong Kong Premier Service Brand Award,  Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards, and the Education UK Alumni Award. In addition, Samuel was also selected as one of Prestige’s 40 under 40 in 2020.

Beyond Education: Portman Ventures

Samuel’s passion for education-driven businesses extends beyond Britannia. He recently founded Portman Ventures, a company that aids Asian families in securing residences in the UK and offers a diverse range of investment opportunities. This venture demonstrates his commitment to facilitating holistic experiences for Asian students pursuing education in the UK.

Samuel’s ability to identify gaps, challenge the status quo, and effect change has had a profound impact on students, families, and the education industry as a whole. As he continues to shape the future of education through Britannia and Portman Ventures, it is evident that Samuel’s legacy as an education innovator will endure for generations to come.

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