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Moreton Hall Review

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Key Features of Moreton Hall

  • Boarding: Yes
  • Local authority: Shropshire
  • Pupils: 240 (currently all girls; although co-ed from 11-13) ; sixth formers: 90
  • Religion: Non-denominational
  • Fees: Day: £22,620- £26,085; Boarding: £35,985 – £38,985 pa

Moreton Hall School Results

GCSE Results (2023): 55% achieved grades 9-7.

A Level Results (2023): 45% attained A* or A grades. 72% achieved A*-B grades.

GCSE Results (2019) : 75% secured grades 9-7.

A Level Results (2019): 41% attained A* or A grades. 70% achieved A*-B grades.

Boarding in Moreton Hall

At Moreton Hall, boarding isn’t just about a place to stay – it’s about finding a second home, a supportive community where students can truly thrive. From Year 7 through to the sixth form, boarding becomes a way of life for many, offering a comforting routine and a place to grow.

Flexibility is key here. Whether you’re a day pupil looking for a few nights of boarding each week or a full-time boarder, there’s a place for you. The process is relaxed too – no formalities, just grab your boarding bag and turn up.

The boarding houses are more than just dormitories; they’re vibrant spaces where friendships are forged and memories made. From bunk beds and guinea pigs in the younger years to ensuite rooms and added responsibilities in the sixth form, each stage brings new experiences and opportunities for growth.

Weekends are anything but boring. From Saturday night mocktails to Sunday adventures at trampoline parks or food festivals, there’s always something exciting to do. It’s not just about staying in either – students get to explore the local area, soaking up the sights and sounds of nearby towns and beaches.

Extra Curricular Activities in Moreton Hall

At Moreton Hall, the extracurricular offerings provide students with opportunities to explore their passions and develop valuable skills beyond the classroom.

The Holroyd Community Theatre stands as a testament to the school’s commitment to the arts, boasting state-of-the-art facilities and hosting captivating drama productions. From thought-provoking plays tackling important issues to dazzling performances rivalling West End standards, the theatre serves as a platform for students to showcase their talents and creativity.

The compulsory choir, along with chamber and show choirs, provide avenues for musical exploration and performance. On the other hand, the North Shropshire Senior Orchestra fosters community engagement through music.

A unique opportunity presented by Moreton Enterprises allows Year 12 students to gain hands-on business experience by managing retail premises on campus. From stocking shelves to marketing products, students take on leadership roles, gaining invaluable skills and contributing to the school community.

Meanwhile, in the realm of sports, Moreton Hall is renowned for its excellence in lacrosse, with students achieving national recognition. Core sports like hockey, netball, and tennis are played at a high level, with opportunities for competition at county and national levels.

The newly launched ACE performance hub underscores the school’s dedication to athletic excellence, providing coaching and support for elite athletes while offering development camps for those eager to improve.

Admissions Process: Entering Moreton Hall

Moreton School takes a gentle yet selective approach to admissions, ensuring a smooth transition from preparatory to senior levels. Entrance exams are conducted at years 7 and 9 for external candidates exclusively, facilitating an inclusive environment for existing students. Sixth form applicants are evaluated based on papers in two of their preferred A-level subjects, allowing them to showcase their strengths and interests. This personalised approach to admissions reflects the school’s commitment to nurturing each student’s unique journey and potential.

SEN Support in Moreton Hall

At Moreton School, support for students with special educational needs (SEN) is a point of pride. With a firm commitment to inclusivity and personalised learning, the school provides tailored assistance to ensure each student thrives academically and socially. The dedicated SEN support team collaborates closely with students, parents, and staff, fostering a nurturing environment where all individuals can realise their full potential.

Testimonials and Reviews

Lise Mays

I attended this school throughout my A levels. My children attended the nursery and transition class. Such a fantastic place.

Shirzad Kassam

Fantastic School!!! My daughter loves it here!

Freya Mae

I just love it

Dennis Evans

Good school!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Moreton Hall

Moreton Hall is a Grade II* listed building in Bury St Edmunds, a market town in the county of Suffolk, England. It was designed by the Scottish architect Robert Adam and built in 1773 as a country house for John Symonds (1729–1807), a clergyman and Professor of Modern History at Cambridge University.

Moreton Hall Prep is delighted to announce that John Bond has been appointed as the new Head of the prestigious Prep school. John takes up his post in April 2021 during the school’s 20th anniversary year.

Moreton Hall is one of the top independent day and boarding schools in the UK, having recently been named Tes Boarding School of the Year and ranking in the top 100 nationally in both GCSE and A Level results every year.

Boys and girls from Year 3 can start boarding at Moreton either on a flexible or full-time basis, in specially designed Houses. As students mature and develop, so they move up through the various Houses of the school.

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