IB League Table: The International Baccalaureate Results 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of British education, the year 2023 marks another significant milestone as the IB league table is unveiled. This comprehensive overview offers a glimpse into the achievements of students who undertook the esteemed International Baccalaureate programme. As the results for the International Baccalaureate 2023 emerge, we embark on a journey through the educational accomplishments, trends, and insights that define this internationally recognised qualification within the United Kingdom.

IB league table

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What Is The International Baccalaureate (IB)?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an internationally recognised educational programme that provides a comprehensive and challenging curriculum for students aged 16 to 19. The programme is designed to foster intellectual, personal, emotional, and social growth in students, aiming to create well-rounded individuals who are equipped to thrive in a globalised world.

The IB programme consists of several components:

  1. Diploma Programme (DP): This is the core of the IB programme and includes a wide range of subjects that students study over a two-year period. These subjects cover languages, sciences, mathematics, social studies, and the arts. Students are required to choose one subject from each of these groups, ensuring a balanced education.

  2. Theory of Knowledge (TOK): This is a course that encourages students to think critically about the nature of knowledge and how it’s acquired. It challenges students to consider the ways different disciplines approach knowledge and how they intersect.

  3. Extended Essay (EE): The extended essay is an independent research project where students choose a topic of interest and conduct in-depth research. It’s an opportunity for students to develop strong research and writing skills, preparing them for university-level work.

  4. Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS): CAS aims to develop students’ personal and interpersonal skills through a variety of activities. These activities can include community service, artistic pursuits, and physical activities. CAS encourages students to engage in activities outside of their academic studies.

IB assessments are rigorous and include both internal and external evaluations. Students are graded on a scale of 1 to 7 for each subject, with additional points available for TOK and the Extended Essay. The total points earned determine a student’s overall IB Diploma score.

The IB programme is often valued by universities worldwide for its emphasis on critical thinking, research skills, and global perspective. It provides a unique educational experience that prepares students for higher education and beyond.

Fun Facts about the International Baccalaureate

Here are some interesting facts about the programme: 

  • 1,950,000 students
  • 5,600 schools
  • 159 countries

IB League Table 2023: Top IB Schools in UK

Here are the results for the 2023 International Baccalaureate. Do note that some schools are yet to release their results at the time of writing. This may cause some level of disparity from the actual results and rankings. 

RankAverage PointsSchool NameDay Or BoardingBoy Or Girls School
141.5North London Collegiate SchoolDayGirls
2=41King's College School - WimbledonDayBoys (Co-ed 6th form)
2=41Godolphin & Latymer SchoolDayGirls
439.1Cheltenham Ladies' CollegeBothGirls
5=39Sevenoaks SchoolBothCo-ed
5=39Whitgift SchoolBothBoys
838.1Wellington CollegeBothCo-ed
9=38The Abbey School - ReadingDayGirls
9=38Bromsgrove SchoolBothCo-ed
11=37Fettes CollegeBothCo-ed
11=37Felsted SchoolBothCo-ed
1336.2Marymount International School LondonBothGirls
14=36St Clare's, OxfordBothCo-ed
14=36King Edward's School - BirminghamDayBoys
16=35.9Bradfield CollegeBothCo-ed
16=35.9Gresham's SchoolBothCo-ed
1835.8ACS Egham International SchoolDayCo-ed
1935.7St Leonards SchoolBothCo-ed
20=35Malvern CollegeBothCo-ed
20=35Oakham SchoolBothCo-ed
20=35Charterhouse SchoolBothCo-ed
20=35TASIS - The American School in EnglandBothCo-ed
20=35Halcyon London International SchoolDayCo-ed
2534.4St Edward's School - OxfordBothCo-ed
26=34International School of London, LondonDayCo-ed
26=34King Edward's WitleyBothCo-ed
26=34King William's CollegeBothCo-ed
26=34Taunton SchoolBothCo-ed
3033.6Scarborough CollegeBothCo-ed
31=33Royal High SchoolBothGirls
31=33Bristol Grammar SchoolDayCo-ed
3332.3Dwight School LondonDayCo-ed
3432.18Kent College CanterburyBothCo-ed
35=32Rossall SchoolBothCo-ed
35=32Stonyhurst CollegeBothCo-ed
3731.9Leighton Park SchoolBothCo-ed
3831.7Windermere School - Browhead CampusBothCo-ed
3931.6Box Hill SchoolBothCo-ed
40=30Ryde School With Upper ChineBothCo-ed
40=30Buckswood SchoolBothCo-ed

Top IB Schools in China: China IB League Table 2023

RankAverage PointsNameLocationDay/BoardBoy/GirlCountry
138Dulwich College Shanghai PudongShanghaiDayCo-edChina
237.5Dulwich College BeijingBeijingDayCo-edChina
337.4Wellington College International ShanghaiShanghaiDayCo-edChina
4=36.7Dulwich College SuzhouSuzhoDayCo-ed (14 to 19)China
4=36.7Shanghai Singapore International SchoolShanghaiDayCo-edChina
4=36.7Keystone AcademyBeijingBothCo-edChina
735.5International School of TianjinTianjinDayCo-edChina
834.5Nord Anglia Pudong ShanghaiShanghaiCo-edChina
9=34Beijing City International SchoolBeijingDayCo-edChina
9=34American International School of GuangzhouGuanzhouDayCo-edChina
1133.4British School of BeijingBeijingDayCo-edChina
1233Nanjing International SchoolNanjingDayCo-edChina

Top IB Schools in Germany: Germany IB League Table 2023

RankAverage PointsNameLocationDay/BoardBoy/GirlCountry
136Frankfurt International SchoolFrankfurtDayCo-edGermany
2=35ISR International School of the RhineDusseldorfCo-ed (4 to 18)Germany
2=35Dresden International SchoolDresdenDayCo-ed (3 to 18)Germany
432Bavarian International SchoolHaimhausenDayCo-edGermany
5=30Bonn International SchoolBonnDayCo-edGermany
5=30Leipzig International SchoolLeipzigDayCo-edGermany

Top IB Schools in Hong Kong: Hong Kong IB League Table 2023

RankAverage PointsNameLocationDay/BoardBoy/GirlCountry
142St Paul's Co-educational CollegeHong Kong CentralBothCo-edHong Kong
241.2Diocesan Boys' SchoolKowloonDayBoysHong Kong
340German Swiss International SchoolThe PeakDayCo-edHong Kong
439.4Chinese International SchoolHong KongDayCo-edHong Kong
539.3The ISF AcademyPokfulamDayCo-edHong Kong
638.95Singapore International School (Hong Kong)AberdeenDayCo-edHong Kong
738.7Victoria Shanghai AcademyAberdeenDayCo-edHong Kong
838.2Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai YauKowloonDayCo-edHong Kong
9=38HKCCCU Logos AcademyTseung Kwan ODayCo-edHong Kong
9=38Canadian International School of Hong KongAberdeenDayCo-edHong Kong
1137.4G.T. (Ellen Yeung) CollegeTseung Kwan ODayCo-edHong Kong
1237.3Island School (ESF group)Sha TinDayCo-edHong Kong
1337West Island School (ESF group)PokfulamDayCo-edHong Kong
1436.4ESF (group of schools)Hong KongDayCo-edHong Kong
15=36.1King George V School (ESF group)KowloonDayCo-edHong Kong
15=36.1French International School of Hong KongHappy ValleyDayCo-edHong Kong
15=36.1South Island School (ESF group)Hong KongDayCo-edHong Kong
1834.1Carmel School - Elsa High School CampusHong KongDayCo-edHong Kong

Top IB Schools in India: India IB League Table 2023

RankAverage PointsNameLocationDay/BoardBoy/GirlCountry
139.4Dhirubhai Ambani International SchoolMumbaiDayCo-edIndia
239Heritage Xperiential Learning SchoolHaryanaDayCo-edIndia
337The International School BangaloreBangaloreBothCo-edIndia

Top IB Schools in Italy: Italy IB League Table 2023

RankAverage PointsNameLocationDay/BoardBoy/GirlCountry
1=36The British School of MilanMilanDayCo-edItaly
1=36St Louis School - MilanMilanBothCo-edItaly
1=36St George's British International SchoolRomeDayCo-edItaly
435Marymount International SchoolRomeDayCo-edItaly

Top IB Schools in Japan: Japan IB League Table 2023

RankAverage PointsNameLocationDay/BoardCountry
142.1K. International School TokyoTokyoDayJapan
233.09Saint Maur International SchoolYokohamaJapan
333AOBA -Japan International SchoolTokyoJapan

Top IB Schools in Korea: Korea IB League Table 2023

RankAverage PointsNameLocationDay/BoardCountry
136North London Collegiate School JejuJeju-doBothSouth Korea
233.3Dulwich College SeoulSeoulDaySouth Korea

Top IB Schools in Malaysia: Malaysia IB League Table 2023

RankAverage PointsNameLocationDay/BoardCountry
137International School of Kuala LumpurKuala LumpurDayMalaysia
234.1Nexus International School MalaysiaPutrajayaBothMalaysia
333Marlborough College MalaysiaJohorBothMalaysia

Top IB Schools in Singapore: Singapore IB League Table 2023

RankAverage PointsNameLocationDay/BoardBoy/GirlCountry
138.7Tanglin Trust SchoolSingaporeDayCo-edSingapore
238NPS International SchoolSingaporeDayCo-edSingapore
336.7St Joseph's Institution InternationalSingaporeBothCo-edSingapore
436.4Chatsworth International SchoolSingaporeDayCo-edSingapore
536Dover Court International SchoolSingaporeDayCo-edSingapore
635.9Dulwich College SingaporeSingaporeDayCo-edSingapore
735.05Global Indian International School (GIIS) SMART CampusSingaporeDayCo-edSingapore
8=35UWCSEA East CampusSingaporeBothCo-edSingapore
8=35Overseas Family SchoolSingaporeDayCo-edSingapore
1033Canadian International School SingaporeSingaporeBothCo-edSingapore
1132Nexus International School SingaporeSingaporeDayCo-edSingapore

Top IB Schools in Spain: Spain IB League Table 2023

RankAverage PointsNameLocationDay/BoardBoy/GirlCountry
141Aquinas American SchoolMadridSpain
235.5American School of MadridMadridSpain
335American School of BarcelonaBarcelonaDayCo-edSpain
434.34Colegio Mirabal InternationalMadridDayCo-ed (2-18)Spain
5=34Colegio San Patricio ToledoToledoBothCo-ed (1 -18)Spain
5=34Kings College MadridSoto de VineulasBothCo-ed (3 to 18)Spain
5=34Benjamin Franklin International SchoolBarcelonaDayCo-edSpain
5=34American School of ValenciaValenciaDayCo-edSpain
5=33Sotogrande International SchoolCadizBothCo-edSpain

Top IB Schools in Switzerland: Switzerland IB League Table 2023

RankAverage PointsNameLocationDay/BoardBoy/GirlCountry
138International School of Zug and LuzernZugDayCo-edSwitzerland
237International School of Geneva - La ChataigneraieGenevaDayCo-edSwitzerland
336.5International School of LausanneLausanneDayCo-edSwitzerland
436.3Aiglon CollegeChesieresBothCo-edSwitzerland
536International School of Geneva - La Grand BoissiereGenevaDayCo-edSwitzerland
635.5Zurich International SchoolZurichDayCo-edSwitzerland
735.4International School BaselBaselDayCo-edSwitzerland
8=35Inter-Community School ZurichZurichDayCo-edSwitzerland
8=35College du Leman International SchoolGenevaBothCo-edSwitzerland
8=35St George's International School, SwitzerlandMontreuxBothCo-edSwitzerland
11=34Institut Le RoseyRolleBoardingCo-edSwitzerland
11=34TASIS - The American School in SwitzerlandLuganoBothCo-edSwitzerland
1333.5La Cote Internationale School AubonneAubonneDayCo-edSwitzerland
1432.9College ChampittetLausanneSwitzerland

Top IB Schools in UAE: UAE IB League Table 2023

RankAverage PointsNameLocationDay/BoardBoy/GirlCountry
139North London Collegiate School DubaiDubaiBothCo-edUnited Arab Emirates
237JESS Dubai Arabian RanchesDubaiDayCo-edUnited Arab Emirates
336.1Nord Anglia International School DubaiDubaiDayCo-edUnited Arab Emirates
436Dubai International AcademyDubaiDayCo-edUnited Arab Emirates
535.5GEMS Modern AcademyDubaiDayCo-edUnited Arab Emirates
6=35Repton Dubai SchoolDubaiBothCo-edUnited Arab Emirates
6=35GEMS Wellington International SchoolDubaiDayCo-edUnited Arab Emirates
6=35Greenfield International SchoolDubaiDayCo-edUnited Arab Emirates
9=34GEMS Dubai American AcademyDubaiDayCo-edUnited Arab Emirates
9=34Deira International SchoolDubaiDayCo-edUnited Arab Emirates
1133.4Universal American SchoolDubaiDayCo-edUnited Arab Emirates
1233GEMS Wellington AcademyDubaiDayCo-edUnited Arab Emirates
1332GEMS World AcademyDubaiDayCo-edUnited Arab Emirates
1430.24Al Bateen AcademyAbu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates
1530.2Raffles World AcademyDubaiDayCo-edUnited Arab Emirates

Frequently Asked Questions

The International Baccalaureate programme is an internationally recognised educational curriculum that aims to develop well-rounded students with a global perspective. It offers challenging courses for students aged 16 to 19, fostering critical thinking, research skills, and international-mindedness.

The IB results are calculated based on a combination of coursework, assessments, and exams. Students are graded on a scale of 1 to 7 in each subject, with additional points available for the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge components. The total points earned determine the final diploma outcome.

The IB programme and A-levels are both respected educational paths, but they have different structures. The IB focuses on a wider range of subjects, including core components like Extended Essay and CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service). A-levels, on the other hand, allow students to specialise in a smaller number of subjects.

Successful preparation involves consistent study, effective time management, seeking guidance from teachers, and practising past papers. Balancing academic rigour with self-care is also important for optimal performance during the IB exams.

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