Norwich School: Exploring Reviews, Rankings, Fees, And More

Welcome to the vibrant world of Norwich School, where academic excellence meets a nurturing environment for personal growth. As you embark on this journey, allow us to be your guide, unveiling the essence of Norwich School beyond mere statistics. Join us as we delve into the heart of student experiences, uncovering the stories, sentiments, and successes that shape the fabric of this esteemed institution. 

Norwich School Review

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Key Features of Norwich School

  • Local authority: Norfolk
  • Pupils: 1,198; sixth formers: 341
  • Religion: Christian
  • Ages: 4-18
  • Fees: £13,548 – £19,977 pa
  • Open days: September, October, March and June

Norwich School Results

The 2023 results were not published by the school. Here are the 2022 results: 

A-Level: 65.64% A*-A

GCSE: 80.70% 9-7

Boarding Facilities in Norwich School

There is no boarding available in Norwich School. 

Extra Curricular Activities in Norwich School

In the realm of arts, music takes centre stage, with comprehensive instruction provided throughout the school. Students can partake in individual private lessons and participate in choirs, bands, and orchestras of various genres. Whether honing their skills in classical ensembles or exploring contemporary sounds, students find ample outlets for their musical talents.

The Carter Centre serves as a hub for artistic expression, housing departments for art and design. Creative subjects such as 3-D design, textiles, photography, and fine art are popular choices among students, many of whom pursue these disciplines up to GCSE and A level. Drama also thrives, with timetabled sessions in lower forms and theatre studies offered at A level. Students eagerly participate in school plays and productions, showcasing their dramatic prowess and creativity on stage.

On the sporting front, Norwich School is equally impressive, offering a diverse range of team games played competitively. From rugby and cricket to hockey and netball, students have ample opportunities to engage in spirited competition and develop their skills. The school’s rowing teams excel both locally and nationally, while dance, athletics, and hockey also feature prominently in the sporting landscape. The well-equipped gym facilitates supervised training programmes and individual workouts, ensuring students remain in peak physical condition.

Beyond traditional sports, Norwich School’s commitment to holistic development is evident in its vigorous Sea Scouts branch. From weekly meetings to annual excursions, students have the chance to explore the waters of the Wensum and beyond, fostering teamwork and leadership skills under the guidance of dedicated staff members.

Admissions Process: Entering Norwich School

Norwich School offers multiple entry points to accommodate students at various stages of their educational journey, including at ages 4+, 7+, 11+, 13+, and 16+. While places may occasionally become available in other years, the school typically operates at full capacity, reflecting its popularity and reputation.

The admissions process is designed to be thorough yet engaging for students. For children aged 6 and above, written papers and interviews tailored to their age are conducted. For instance, at the 11+ level, class-based activities with a scientific or creative focus are incorporated, aiming to make the process enjoyable rather than daunting.

Decision-making regarding admission considers a combination of factors, including assessments, interviews, and references from the candidate’s current school. In the early years, emphasis is placed on evaluating social and reasoning skills to determine the child’s compatibility with the school’s ethos.

For students transitioning from the lower to the senior school at 11+, approximately 30 new students join the year group from other schools, facilitating a seamless progression within the Norwich School community. Similarly, at 13+, an additional 25 students enter, with a further 40 joining the sixth form, including 15 from overseas, predominantly from Hong Kong and China, who are accommodated with local families.

As for academic expectations, students pursuing A levels are typically required to have achieved a minimum of six 6s at GCSE level, with some subjects requiring a grade of 7 or higher. However, the headteacher exercises discretion in borderline cases, ensuring a fair and holistic approach to admissions.

SEN Support in Norwich School

Norwich School’s dedication to supporting students with special educational needs (SEN) is commendable. With around 100 pupils identified with specific needs, they’ve implemented a personalised approach that truly stands out. Each student undergoes thorough screening and assessments, leading to the creation of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) shared among staff. This collaborative effort ensures that tailored strategies are seamlessly integrated into the classroom environment. Whether it’s addressing mild autism, dyslexia, or dyscalculia, Norwich School goes above and beyond to provide the necessary support. 

Norwich School Testimonials and Reviews

Livvy Rowe

Norwich School has been an extremely positive experience for me. The teachers are fantastic and genuinely care about your wellbeing. There are so many opportunities within academia, sport and extra-curricular fields, students become very well-rounded individuals. I would definitely recommend this school.

Esther Anderson

Fantastic school with a supportive community, felt throughout my 5 years as a pupil both from an academic angle and within any extra curricular activities. The school’s outreach in the community is evident and it is a privilege being a Norvicensian. Would recommend Norwich School without hesitation.

Miku May

It’s just wonderful

Jenny Li

Good teaching

Frequently Asked Questions about Norwich School

Norwich School is a co-educational, independent day school for pupils aged four to eighteen. Set in the Cathedral Close, Norwich School is a traditional, yet lively place where boys and girls enjoy a rounded and stimulating education.

Norwich is a great place to be a student. It was recently voted the 2nd most affordable university city in the UK, according to the

The most popular A Levels are Maths and the three Sciences, closely followed by History, Economics, Politics, English and Geography. They also have large numbers of talented pupils studying creative subjects, including 2D Design: Graphics, Photography and 3D Design and Fine Art. In a world where MFL departments are being cut, they also offer French, German and Spanish at A Level.

The school has an advisory team, which includes the Head of Sixth Form, Head of UCAS, Careers and Higher Education. They have lots of experience advising young people about A Level choices and career paths beyond. Their annual Careers Networking Event, at the Open venue in Norwich, takes place in March and is well attended by pupils and their parents in Years 9-13. They have well-established links with local business and the professions, who give up their evening to offer guidance to their pupils and those from other Norfolk schools.

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