Rendcomb College: Exploring Reviews, Rankings, Fees, And More

Imagine wandering through the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, stumbling upon a place where education isn’t just about textbooks, but about embracing community and igniting passions. Welcome to Rendcomb College, where every corner holds a story and every student is part of a vibrant tapestry of learning. In this article, we’re diving deep into the heart of Rendcomb, sharing authentic reviews, insightful rankings, and the lowdown on fees. So whether you’re a student, a parent, or simply curious, come along as we uncover the magic that sets Rendcomb College apart.

Rendcomb College Review

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Key Features of Rendcomb College

  • Local authority: Gloucestershire
  • Pupils: 430; sixth formers: 75
  • Age: 3-18
  • Religion: Church of England/Christian
  • Fees: Day £7,950 – £27,825; Boarding £30,420 – £44,355 pa
  • Open days: Open mornings: September, November, March and May; Sixth form event: June

Rendcomb College Results

2023 Results:

    • GCSE: 45% achieved grades 9-7.
    • A level: 41% attained A/A* grades, with 65% achieving A-B*.

2019 Results (pre-pandemic):

    • GCSE: 36% achieved grades 9-7.
    • A level: 28% attained A/A* grades, with 54% achieving A-B*.

Boarding Experience in Rendcomb College

The boarding experience at Rendcomb College is designed to foster a sense of community and independence among students.

House System:

    • No junior boarding; boarding begins thereafter in four houses grouped by age and, for years 10 and 11, by gender.
    • Houses have a mix of day students and boarders, with houses becoming the boarders’ home-from-home after day students leave at 6pm.
    • Youngest and oldest boarders have mixed accommodation, with dormitories and rooms segregated, while girls’ and boys’ houses share the Barn, a hang-out space with sofas and a jukebox.
    • Students above year 10 have their own rooms, ensuring comfort and privacy.

Sixth Form Experience:

    • Sixth formers board in Park House, with a highlight being a week spent in Garden House, offering a taste of independent living.
    • In Garden House, sixth formers take responsibility for budgeting, shopping, cooking, and managing their affairs while maintaining academic commitments.

Weekend Activities:

    • Saturday mornings feature programmes mirroring home life, allowing for a later start and time at the gym or library, unless students have Saturday matches.
    • Sundays offer trips, encouraging younger boarders to participate and fostering integration.

Flexibility and Support:

    • With small numbers of full boarders (20% with the majority from overseas), there’s ample scope for flexi and occasional boarding.
    • Early homesickness is well-handled, ensuring a supportive environment for all students.


    • Overall, the dining experience aims for a balance of quality and variety, ensuring students are well-nourished during their time at the college.

Extracurricular Activities in Rendcomb College

Rendcomb College offers a vibrant array of activities and opportunities that cater to a diverse range of interests and talents.

Performing Arts:

    • The Griffin Theatre serves as a hub for creative expression, boasting a proper dance studio and industry-standard facilities.
    • Students participate in a variety of productions, from plays to musicals, showcasing their talents in acting, dance, lighting, sound design, and costume and set design.
    • The dance studio hosts a multitude of genres, including ballet, modern, contemporary, and fitness, with students showcasing their skills at local festivals.


    • Music flourishes at Rendcomb, with a third of students taking individual music lessons and opportunities for ensemble performances.
    • From ukulele bands to auditioned chamber choirs, there’s something for everyone, with performances ranging from intimate coffee concerts to public showcases.

Art, Design, and Technology:

    • Students have access to spacious studios and workshops equipped with modern facilities, encouraging both traditional skills and creative exploration.
    • The curriculum encompasses drawing, photography, and DT projects, with A-level artists having dedicated spaces for their work.

Clubs and Activities:

    • A wide selection of clubs and activities at both junior and senior levels provide opportunities for students to explore diverse interests.
    • From fitness dance to pop lacrosse, academic clinics to rock bands, students have ample opportunities to engage and extend their horizons.


    • Rendcomb offers a range of sporting activities, from serious lacrosse and rugby to tennis, cricket, and football.
    • The school’s extensive campus facilitates activities like mountain biking, while the Astro turf and grass pitches cater to various sports.

Community Engagement:

    • Rendcomb College fosters a sense of community through hosting small schools’ tournaments and encouraging participation in local events.
    • While the emphasis is on inclusivity rather than elite competition, students have opportunities to excel in county-level sports and riding.

Admissions Process: Entering Rendcomb College

At Rendcomb College, the admissions process caters to students of varying ages and backgrounds, ensuring a seamless transition into the school community.

For nursery entrants, children can begin their journey at the age of 3, immersing themselves in a nurturing environment from the outset.

Junior school hopefuls undergo a taster day, a two-way process aimed at assessing the compatibility between the child and the school. This day also includes informal academic assessments to gauge the child’s abilities.

For senior school admissions, including 80% from the junior school, online CEM assessments in verbal, non-verbal, and mathematical skills are conducted. This approach prioritises assessing academic ability and potential rather than rote memorisation.

The main entry points are years 7 and 9, although the school is adaptable to other entry points. Students join from both local prep schools and primary schools.

For sixth form applicants, five GCSE passes above grade 4 are required, including English and maths. Additionally, a grade 6 or above in any subject to be taken to A level, except for maths and science, which require a grade 7.

International students undergo age-appropriate written papers in English and maths, with verbal reasoning also assessed for those below the sixth form level.

For prospective students, a helpful admissions timeline is available on the school website, guiding families through each step of the process with clarity and support.

SEN Support in Rendcomb College

The team at Rendcomb College is able to support students with the following special educational needs:

Rendcomb College Testimonials and Reviews

Rachel Jones

Amazing school with wonderful facilities and inspiring teachers. 

Philip Wilkins

Nice college / school in well kept grounds

Laurence Hale

Lovely school in a stunning setting. Both children very happy there.

Chris Hill

Great facilities

Frequently Asked Questions about Rendcomb College

Rendcomb College was founded in 1920 by Frederick Noel Hamilton Wills (Noel Wills). The School has benefited from the stewardship of the Wills family for almost a century and from the two-tiered Governance of Trustees and Governing Body.

The school educates 400+ children across our Nursery, Junior and Senior Schools, with boarding starting in Year 7.

Of the independent schools in the county, Rendcomb College is ranked top for Progress and second for students achieving three A Level grades at AAB or higher where at least two are in ‘facilitating subjects’ – subjects preferred for entry into Russell Group universities.

Their pupils have gained places at the top universities in the UK and US including Oxford, Warwick, Imperial and Exeter.

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