Best Schools In The UK To Enter Russell Group Universities

Embarking on the journey to Russell Group universities begins with a crucial decision – choosing the right UK schools. In this guide, we delve into the intricate process of selecting educational institutions that pave the way for success. Join us as we explore the landscape of UK Schools for Russell Group universities, uncovering the key factors that contribute to academic excellence and increase your chances of securing a coveted spot in these prestigious institutions.

best schools for Russell Group Universities

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Choosing Excellence: The Allure of Russell Group Universities

Selecting the right university is a pivotal decision that can shape your academic and professional future. Among the myriad of options, Russell Group universities offers a host of compelling reasons for students seeking a world-class education.

  1. Research Intensive: Russell Group universities are renowned for their commitment to cutting-edge research across various disciplines. Their faculty members are often leaders in their fields, contributing to groundbreaking discoveries and advancements. 
  2. Prestigious Reputation: Membership in the Russell Group is synonymous with prestige and a commitment to the highest standards of education. Employers and industries worldwide recognise the academic rigour and quality associated with graduates from these universities, opening doors to a myriad of career possibilities.
  3. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Investing significantly in infrastructure, Russell Group universities provide state-of-the-art facilities, including cutting-edge laboratories, libraries, and technology resources. 
  4. Global Networking Opportunities: Russell Group universities have strong international connections, fostering global collaborations and partnerships. Students have the chance to engage with a diverse community of scholars, participate in exchange programmes, and benefit from a network that extends beyond national borders.
  5. Employability and Career Support: Graduates from Russell Group universities often enjoy high employability rates. These institutions provide robust career services, internship opportunities, and connections with industry leaders, preparing students for the competitive job market.

How to get into Russell Group Universities

Securing a place in a Russell Group university is a coveted achievement that demands strategic planning and a commitment to academic excellence. While there is no guarantee, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you chart your course towards admission to these prestigious institutions.

  1. Start Early: Begin your journey towards a Russell Group university early in your academic career. Establish a strong foundation by excelling in your GCSEs, as these results form a critical component of your application.
  2. Choose the Right Subjects: Select A-level or equivalent subjects that align with your desired course of study at the Russell Group university. Consult university entry requirements to ensure your subject choices meet their criteria.
  3. Excel in Your Studies: Russell Group universities are known for their high academic standards. Strive for excellence in your studies, consistently achieving top grades in your chosen subjects. Consider seeking additional support or resources if needed.
  4. Participate in Meaningful Extracurriculars: While academic achievement is paramount, showcasing your well-rounded skills and interests through extracurricular activities can significantly enhance your application. Engage in activities that reflect your passions and demonstrate leadership or teamwork.
  5. Research and Choose Your University Wisely: Thoroughly research Russell Group universities and identify the ones that align with your academic and personal goals. Consider factors such as course offerings, facilities, and campus culture to make an informed decision.
  6. Attend Outreach Programmes and Summer Schools: Many Russell Group universities offer outreach programmes and summer schools to provide prospective students with insights into university life. Participating in these programmes can demonstrate your genuine interest and passion for your chosen field.
  7. Craft a Compelling Personal Statement: Your personal statement is a crucial component of your UCAS application. Use this opportunity to showcase your academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and your enthusiasm for the chosen course and university.
  8. Seek Strong References: Secure strong references from teachers or mentors who can speak to your academic abilities and character. Choose individuals who know you well and can provide insightful recommendations.
  9. Prepare for Interviews (if required): Some Russell Group courses may involve interviews as part of the admissions process. Prepare thoroughly by researching common interview questions and practicing your responses. Showcase your passion for the subject and your suitability for the course.
  10. Meet Application Deadlines: Pay close attention to application deadlines through the UCAS system. Ensure that all required documents, including transcripts, personal statements, and references, are submitted well before the deadlines.

Russell Group Universities List

Comprising 24 leading institutions renowned for their commitment to world-class research and education, this elite group stands as a beacon for academic achievement in the United Kingdom. In this section, we present the full list of Russell Group universities, each a powerhouse of knowledge, innovation, and opportunity. 

  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Cambridge
  • Cardiff University
  • Durham University
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Exeter
  • University of Glasgow
  • Imperial College London
  • King’s College London
  • University of Leeds
  • University of Liverpool
  • London School of Economics & Political Science
  • University of Manchester
  • Newcastle University
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Oxford
  • Queen Mary, University of London
  • Queen’s University Belfast
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of Southampton
  • University College London
  • University of Warwick
  • University of York

Best UK Schools for Russell Group Universities

In this section, we offer a meticulously selected compilation of UK schools renowned for their consistent role as springboards to success. These establishments boast an outstanding track record, consistently propelling a notable proportion of their students towards Russell Group universities.

  1. The Henrietta Barnett School
  2. King’s College London Maths School
  3. Brampton Manor Academy
  4. Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet
  5. Reading School
  6. Pate’s Grammar School
  7. St Michael’s Catholic Grammar School
  8. London Academy of Excellence
  9. Wilson’s School
  10. The Tiffin Girls’ School
School NameRussell Group StudentsPupilsTeacher: Student
The Henrietta Barnett School932756:1
King's College London Maths School9115412:1
Brampton Manor Academy898736:1
Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet883334:1
Reading School833566:1
Pate's Grammar School824707:1
St Michael's Catholic Grammar School822815:1
London Academy of Excellence8147123:1
Wilson's School813495:1
The Tiffin Girls' School803355:1
The Blue Coat School803465:1
St Olave's and St Saviour's Grammar School784578:1
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls773526:1
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys763188:1
King Edward VI School763337:1
King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford753716:1
Altrincham Grammar School for Boys744025:1
Altrincham Grammar School for Girls743715:1
Tiffin School735067:1
Kendrick School722806:1
The Latymer School724035:1
King Edward VI Five Ways School724077:1
Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre, City of London Academy7265620:1
The Judd School714776:1
Westcliff High School for Boys Academy713485:1
Loreto Grammar School702835:1
Dr Challoner's Grammar School694407:1
Sutton Grammar School693556:1
The London Oratory School693713:1
Dame Alice Owen's School684275:1
Nonsuch High School for Girls684416:1
Harris Westminster Sixth Form6760014:1
Colyton Grammar School672514:1
The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial RC School673876:1
Exeter Mathematics School6613315:1
Chelmsford County High School for Girls663005:1
Colchester Royal Grammar School663746:1
Colchester County High School for Girls662685:1
London Academy of Excellence Tottenham6655320:1
Holland Park School642103:1
The Camden School for Girls634708:1
Dr Challoner's High School633796:1
Durham Johnston Comprehensive School623744:1
Bishop Vesey's Grammar School624207:1
St Paul's Way Trust School622052:1
Stratford Girls' Grammar School612185:1
The Skinners' School613166:1
Sir William Borlase's Grammar School614409:1
Watford Grammar School for Girls614055:1
JFS School605085:1
Parmiter's School603876:1
Twyford Church of England High School595967:1
Aylesbury Grammar School594026:1
Lady Margaret School591864:1
Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls583305:1
Fortismere School584945:1
Woodford County High School583406:1
The King's School, Grantham582965:1
Langley Grammar School583385:1
Sale Grammar School583685:1
Cheadle Hulme High School583113:1
Watford Grammar School for Boys584235:1
Malmesbury School582102:1
The Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe574196:1
Wallington County Grammar School573506:1
Bournemouth School573165:1
Wallington High School for Girls574926:1
Saint Ambrose College572465:1
Newstead Wood School564347:1
Ripon Grammar School563106:1
Haberdashers' Adams563707:1
Upton Hall School FCJ562094:1
Yavneh College562545:1
Bishop Wordsworth's Church of England Grammar School553617:1
Aylesbury High School554016:1
Ashcroft Technology Academy552403:1
Ilford County High School552555:1
Wembley High Technology College553264:1
Beaconsfield High School543435:1
Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School542755:1
Royal Latin School544277:1
Sir Thomas Rich's School544047:1
Sacred Heart High School541563:1
Marling School534268:1
The St Marylebone CofE School533344:1
Liverpool College532544:1
Urmston Grammar Academy533365:1
Hills Road Sixth Form College522662No data
Queen Mary's High School522044:1
Holyport College522095:1
Woodhouse College521469No data
Southend High School for Boys524276:1
King Edward VI Handsworth School523576:1
Wolverhampton Girls' High School523276:1
Torquay Girls Grammar School512345:1
Queen Mary's Grammar School514557:1
Wren Academy Finchley513134:1
St Anselm's College512105:1
Mossbourne Community Academy503764:1
Newport Girls' High School Academy502016:1
The Becket School502434:1
Fulford School503134:1
Stroud High School502765:1
Sandringham School504725:1
Bristol Cathedral Choir School504327:1
Tapton School494665:1
Chesham Grammar School494146:1
Weald of Kent Grammar School494024:1
The Grey Coat Hospital482895:1
Bow School48791:1
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School484207:1
Waldegrave School483845:1
West London Free School472434:1
Caistor Grammar School471896:1
All Saints RC School474606:1
The Queen Elizabeth's High School, Gainsborough473095:1
St George's School473775:1
Rushcliffe Spencer Academy474014:1
St Mary Magdalene Academy472583:1
Beverley High School471053:1
Ark Burlington Danes Academy472064:1
The Crossley Heath School472445:1
The Charter School North Dulwich473505:1
Silverdale School474185:1
Walthamstow Academy472043:1
South Wilts Grammar School463646:1
The West Bridgford School464204:1
Westcliff High School for Girls464398:1
Wycombe High School463726:1
The King's (The Cathedral) School463766:1
Heathside School462133:1
Lawrence Sheriff School463807:1
Tudor Grange Academy, Solihull463073:1
Waltham Toll Bar Academy461962:1
Ashmole Academy465506:1
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Penrith452334:1
Bournemouth School for Girls453095:1
Skipton Girls' High School452456:1
Hasmonean High School for Girls451583:1
Poole Grammar School453366:1
Northampton School for Boys454956:1
Torquay Boys' Grammar School452734:1
Beechen Cliff School454366:1
Penistone Grammar School452503:1
King Edward VI Aston School452926:1
Swanlea School452183:1
Sexey's School451083:1
Lancaster Girls' Grammar School442796:1
The Cherwell School446746:1
Wirral Grammar School for Girls442914:1
Calday Grange Grammar School444315:1
Townley Grammar School444966:1
Denmark Road High School442516:1
Beaumont School444655:1
Highgate Wood Secondary School442803:1
King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys442966:1
John Hampden Grammar School443105:1
West Kirby Grammar School443495:1
St Cuthbert's High School442043:1
Kings Norton Girls' School442725:1
Beverley Grammar School441283:1
Ashlyns School432563:1
Ermysted's Grammar School432415:1
St Clement Danes School433965:1
Coloma Convent Girls' School43276No data
Greenhead College432803No data
Rugby High School432847:1
Reach Academy Feltham431032:1
Ark King Solomon Academy431553:1
St Dominic's Sixth Form College431325No data
Stretford Grammar School431233:1
Sacred Heart Catholic High School432973:1
Cranbrook School433087:1
William Perkin Church of England High School433414:1
Stokesley School431673:1
The Petchey Academy431622:1
Matthew Arnold School422694:1
Archbishop Holgate's School, A Church of England Academy423163:1
St Mary's Catholic School422773:1
Mill Hill County High School424465:1
Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School423025:1
Christ's Church of England Comprehensive Secondary School421573:1
Churston Ferrers Grammar School Academy422745:1
Harris Academy Tottenham421322:1
Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School421092:1
Wood Green School411893:1
Eastbury Community School412302:1
St Paul's School for Girls411721:1
Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys413275:1
Katharine Lady Berkeley's School412773:1
Coombe Girls' School413504:1
Orleans Park School412614:1
Devonport High School for Boys413656:1
Sir John Lawes School413495:1
Queens Park Community School412303:1
Parkstone Grammar School413225:1
Gordon's School413185:1
The Holt School412704:1
Kingsdale Foundation School413882:1
The Blandford School411503:1
Seven Kings School404604:1
Roundwood Park School403525:1
Bartholomew School402734:1
Lancaster Royal Grammar School403996:1
The St Thomas the Apostle College402684:1
St Mary's Catholic High School, A Catholic Voluntary Academy403554:1
St Peter's Catholic School402584:1
Ilkley Grammar School405054:1
St John the Baptist Catholic Comprehensive School, Woking403003:1
Alcester Grammar School405898:1
St Mark's Catholic School402755:1
St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School403377:1
Wilmslow High School404323:1
Upton Court Grammar School402916:1
St Albans Girls' School402534:1
St Mary's Catholic School402004:1
Wanstead High School392563:1
Chelsea Academy392844:1
Nottingham University Academy of Science and Technology393498:1
Bourne Grammar School395065:1
Southend High School for Girls393555:1
Dunraven School392623:1
Ranelagh School392284:1
Ark Academy393083:1
Nishkam High School391174:1
Queen Elizabeth High School394277:1
The King David High School392004:1
Ralph Allen School392824:1
St Bede's School392993:1
Bishop Luffa School, Chichester393004:1
Mulberry School for Girls393905:1
William Hulme's Grammar School392133:1
Bentley Wood High School392463:1
Wirral Grammar School for Boys392755:1
High Storrs School394835:1
Rosebery School392563:1
The Blue School392723:1
King Edward VI Grammar School392134:1
George Green's School392022:1
Highworth Grammar School384496:1
St Leonard's Catholic School382404:1
Queen Elizabeth School381572:1
Emmanuel College382733:1
Charters School383644:1
Kings Priory School381943:1
Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form Free School3845825:1
Didcot Girls' School382173:1
Riddlesdown Collegiate384284:1
Hayesfield Girls School382984:1
Redland Green School384666:1
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar Alford - A Selective Academy381063:1
St Birinus School381203:1
The Ashcombe School382543:1
Cardinal Pole Catholic School382224:1
Sir John Deane's College381719No data
Kensington Aldridge Academy382583:1
Hinchley Wood School383044:1
Devonport High School for Girls382025:1
St Laurence School382614:1
Lymm High School383974:1
St Richard Reynolds Catholic High School382114:1
Carmel College383094:1
East Leake Academy381232:1
The UCL Academy382834:1
Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys374938:1
Prendergast School373908:1
Notre Dame High School374576:1
Carre's Grammar School372456:1
Christ's College Finchley371062:1
St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School376917:1
The Blue Coat CofE School374094:1
North Liverpool Academy371582:1
Ark Bolingbroke Academy371524:1
St Edward's College372935:1
The Belvedere Academy372634:1
St Bede's Catholic College372103:1
Larkmead School371173:1
The King Alfred School an Academy371633:1
St Angela's Ursuline School373575:1
The Ecclesbourne School373885:1
Abbey Grange Church of England Academy373545:1
Bishop Challoner Catholic College372553:1
Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College363387No data
Tadcaster Grammar School362193:1
Clitheroe Royal Grammar School366789:1
Winstanley College362098No data
Huntington School363134:1
Sir Roger Manwood's School362465:1
Brine Leas School362864:1
Loreto College361583:1
Grey Court School363124:1
Saffron Walden County High School366645:1
Kenilworth School and Sixth Form364404:1
Richard Challoner School362814:1
Westminster City School362105:1
Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School363496:1
Toot Hill School364544:1
Egglescliffe School363395:1
Stepney All Saints Church of England Secondary School364515:1
Dyke House Sports and Technology College36792:1
Dartford Grammar School for Girls363526:1
St Augustine's Catholic High School362876:1
Otley Prince Henry's Grammar School Specialist Language College363344:1
Central Foundation Girls' School363594:1
City of London Academy Highbury Grove351152:1
Spalding High School352184:1
The Minster School353624:1
Pimlico Academy351612:1
Roundhay School355535:1
King Edward VII School356197:1
Littleover Community School353584:1
Wymondham College354436:1
Graveney School358147:1
Presdales School352644:1
Guildford County School352754:1
Whitley Bay High School355956:1
St Bede's Catholic Comprehensive School and Sixth Form College, Lanchester351873:1
Guru Nanak Sikh Academy351992:1
The Friary School352003:1
Davenant Foundation School353255:1
Sacred Heart Catholic School352153:1
Norlington School and 6th Form35732:1
Chingford Foundation School352873:1
Whickham School353534:1
Ark Acton Academy351383:1
Harris Academy Bermondsey34691:1
The Fallibroome Academy343685:1
London Academy343464:1
Harington School3429017:1
Salesian School, Chertsey343863:1
Bohunt School342642:1
Hall Cross Academy344324:1
Backwell School343884:1
Greenford High School344974:1
Oasis Academy South Bank341192:1
Alderbrook School342062:1
Peter Symonds College344449No data
Arnold Hill Spencer Academy342233:1
Gosforth Academy347617:1
St Aidan's Church of England High School346656:1
The King's School341963:1
Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School343916:1
Harton Academy342973:1
St Thomas More Catholic School and Sixth Form College342424:1
Hitchin Girls' School343124:1
Hagley Catholic High School341774:1
The Crypt School343095:1
Myton School343884:1
Burford School342233:1
St Anthony's Girls' Catholic Academy342463:1
St Augustine's Catholic College341593:1
Mulberry Stepney Green Mathematics and Computing College343384:1
Burnside College341122:1
St Bede's Catholic School and Byron Sixth Form College34882:1
Anglo European School343144:1
The Coopers' Company and Coborn School334936:1
John Mason School331844:1
Ark Globe Academy331502:1
Teesdale School and Sixth Form33862:1
Chew Valley School331472:1
The Manor Academy331252:1
Invicta Grammar School333844:1
St Michael's Catholic College331782:1
Cheney School332502:1
Finchley Catholic High School333135:1
King Edward VI College Stourbridge332273No data
Comberton Village College335084:1
Lady Manners School332523:1
Paddington Academy333264:1
The Piggott School334905:1
Poynton High School333004:1
Balcarras School333675:1
Nower Hill High School333964:1
Loreto College333644No data
Mulberry Academy Shoreditch333856:1
Bacon's College331362:1
Riverside School331121:1
Herschel Grammar School333216:1
Swakeleys School for Girls322374:1
Drayton Manor High School323534:1
Launceston College321612:1
St. Mary's Menston, a Catholic Voluntary Academy322514:1
Gordano School323893:1
Plymouth High School for Girls321975:1
Knutsford Academy32170No data
Kingsmead School322533:1
Burnham Grammar School323447:1
The North Halifax Grammar School323485:1
Bishop Stopford School324176:1
Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form324254:1
St John's Marlborough324155:1
Ursuline High School Wimbledon323455:1
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School322675:1
All Hallows Catholic College322213:1
Horsforth School322844:1
Cockermouth School322173:1
The Bishop's Stortford High School323455:1
Formby High School322514:1
The Holy Cross School322304:1
The Saint John Henry Newman Catholic School324175:1
Oaks Park High School323654:1
Beckfoot School323083:1
Cotham School324185:1
The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls322574:1
Ricards Lodge High School321832:1
Ark Isaac Newton Academy322323:1
The Cotswold Academy312874:1
Maria Fidelis Catholic School FCJ311202:1
Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School313453:1
Beauchamp College317957:1
School 21313004:1
North Leamington School312383:1
Sydenham School312954:1
The Chase312824:1
George Stephenson High School311152:1
Rawlins Academy313314:1
The Bridge Academy312263:1
Jesmond Park Academy313874:1
Blessed William Howard Catholic School31912:1
St Aidan's Catholic Academy311604:1
Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School314726:1
Beths Grammar School3178711:1
Langley Park School for Boys316467:1
Elthorne Park High School313143:1
Queens' School313484:1
Chipping Norton School311734:1
St Thomas More Catholic High School312803:1
The Kimberley School312153:1
The Queen Katherine School311804:1
The University of Birmingham School313865:1
Cramlington Learning Village313103:1
Gravesend Grammar School313635:1
Highdown School and Sixth Form Centre313094:1
Woldgate School and Sixth Form College311382:1
Ulverston Victoria High School312694:1
Rickmansworth School313055:1
Montpelier High School311863:1
Wadham School31261:1
St Saviour's and St Olave's Church of England School301433:1
The Thomas Hardye School307416:1
King James's School302723:1
The Broxbourne School302283:1
Southmoor Academy302093:1
Queen Elizabeth's301472:1
St Andrew's Catholic School302863:1
The Hertfordshire & Essex High School and Science College305438:1
Bideford College301512:1
Blessed George Napier Catholic School and Sixth Form301503:1
Whitmore High School303393:1
King Ecgbert School303616:1
Hardenhuish School303013:1
St Philip Howard Catholic School301973:1
Saint Gregory's Catholic College301883:1
Harrogate Grammar School306506:1
King Edward VI School303645:1
The Priory Academy LSST304495:1
Harris Academy Battersea302394:1
Saint Cecilia's Church of England School302014:1
Harris Academy St John's Wood303477:1
Colton Hills Community School301272:1
North East Futures UTC30788:1
The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School304454:1
King David High School301574:1
The Joseph Whitaker School301632:1
The Trinity Catholic School A Voluntary Academy301993:1
The Woodroffe School292124:1
Outwood Academy Easingwold291013:1
Wallingford School292514:1
Gillingham School293644:1
Chiswick School293074:1
Maidstone Grammar School293917:1
John F Kennedy Catholic School291953:1
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle292065:1
John Port Spencer Academy293253:1
The Priory School292493:1
Ponteland High School292973:1
The Downs School293054:1
Harris Academy Chafford Hundred294648:1
Brookfield Community School292224:1
The Marches School29199No data
Northgate High School294916:1
Headlands School291412:1
Trinity CofE High School292653:1
Churchill Community College29871:1
Teddington School291443:1
St Wilfrid's RC College291362:1
The South Wolds Academy & Sixth Form291202:1
Heart of England School291842:1
Valentines High School294527:1
Hitchin Boys' School292794:1
Faringdon Community College291812:1
Langdon Park Community School291783:1
Trinity Catholic High School284306:1
Bishop Challoner Girls' School282673:1
Central Foundation Boys' School282033:1
Haybridge High School and Sixth Form282724:1
Brooke Weston Academy282834:1
Canon Slade CofE School282983:1
St Bartholomew's School285515:1
Alexandra Park School286926:1
Spalding Grammar School282435:1
Cardinal Hume Catholic School282323:1
Sir Christopher Hatton Academy282273:1
Windsor Girls' School281744:1
Beal High School289057:1
Sheldon School283343:1
Skinners' Academy281403:1
Higham Lane School282123:1
Arthur Mellows Village College283705:1
The Kings of Wessex Academy282344:1
Avanti House School282995:1
The Streetly Academy282383:1
Outwood Grange Academy282583:1
Malton School281774:1
Nunthorpe Academy281612:1
Xaverian College272593No data
Carmel College272003No data
Esher Sixth Form College272081No data
Thomas Telford School27618No data
Rivers Academy West London27953:1
The Marlborough Church of England School271583:1
Wellsway School272014:1
Becket Keys Church of England Free School272164:1
Cardinal Griffin Catholic College271263:1
Kesteven and Sleaford High School Selective Academy271344:1
John Taylor High School273624:1
The Robert Smyth Academy272996:1
Oasis Academy Shirley Park271992:1
The Green School for Girls271683:1
Kettering Buccleuch Academy272613:1
Bellerive FCJ Catholic College271072:1
Tauheedul Islam Girls' High School272335:1
Wellington School271792:1
Wickersley School and Sports College273594:1
Godalming College272075No data
Upton-by-Chester High School273184:1
Carlton le Willows Academy272873:1
The City Academy, Hackney272042:1
Richard Hale School273195:1
St Robert of Newminster Catholic School and Sixth Form College274375:1
Accrington St Christopher's Church of England High School273015:1
Springwood High School275145:1
Haberdashers' Hatcham College273265:1
Woolwich Polytechnic School273724:1
The Duchess's Community High School272683:1
Highbury Fields School27942:1
Temple Moor High School271342:1
Samworth Church Academy271312:1
The Compton School272814:1
Clyst Vale Community College27782:1
Wolfreton School and Sixth Form College271973:1
St John Payne Catholic School, Chelmsford272424:1
West Derby School271352:1
Whitburn Church of England Academy272214:1
Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School27832:1
Old Swinford Hospital272195:1
Chapeltown Academy2727016:1
Sherburn High School271173:1
Saint Benedict, A Catholic Voluntary Academy271572:1
Haydon School263964:1
George Abbot School264194:1
Bay House School264653:1
South Bromsgrove High263465:1
All Saints Catholic Voluntary Academy261593:1
Landau Forte College262103:1
Heckmondwike Grammar School265067:1
The Gryphon School263764:1
The Castle School263124:1
Chestnut Grove School262505:1
Bishop Walsh Catholic School262495:1
City of Norwich School, An Ormiston Academy264154:1
Cardinal Langley Roman Catholic High School261412:1
St Gregory's Catholic Science College262284:1
Gumley House RC Convent School, FCJ262324:1
Harris Academy Chobham263394:1
De Lisle College Loughborough Leicestershire262043:1
The King Edward VI Academy264166:1
St Joseph's College264067:1
Thomas Tallis School267396:1
Lampton Academy263223:1
St Francis of Assisi Catholic College262113:1
Macmillan Academy262873:1
Calderstones School262242:1
Morpeth School263644:1
The Crompton House Church of England Academy262934:1
Oaklands Catholic School262373:1
Wye School26672:1
Gunnersbury Catholic School263034:1
All Hallows Catholic School261832:1
Bishop's Hatfield Girls' School261794:1
Queensmead School262383:1
English Martyrs' Catholic School, A Voluntary Academy262123:1
The Bishops' Blue Coat Church of England High School261563:1
Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School261733:1
City of London Academy (Southwark)263794:1
City of London Academy Islington26892:1
The Ridgeway School & Sixth Form College262143:1
The Weston Road Academy26882:1
St Aloysius RC College261033:1
St Edmunds Catholic Academy261803:1
Idsall School262073:1
Durham Sixth Form Centre251827>25:1
Jane Austen College252104:1
Holcombe Grammar School253236:1
The Elizabethan Academy25861:1
Birkenhead High School Academy251402:1
Prince Henry's High School253324:1
Rooks Heath School251572:1
St Philomena's Catholic High School for Girls253034:1
Hanley Castle High School252054:1
Bennett Memorial Diocesan School253674:1
Ark Putney Academy251914:1
Verulam School252315:1
Kirkbie Kendal School251332:1
Moulton School and Science College251823:1
Ousedale School253883:1
Drapers' Academy251872:1
St Nicholas Catholic High School252063:1
Cardinal Newman Catholic School A Specialist Science College253284:1
The Brunts Academy251362:1
Preston Manor School252853:1
Highsted Grammar School251794:1
Twynham School254995:1
Finham Park School253204:1
Ribston Hall High School251563:1
Parliament Hill School253424:1
Beacon Academy252263:1
Royal Wootton Bassett Academy253294:1
Archbishop Tenison's CofE High School251253:1
Capital City Academy252744:1
Kirkby Stephen Grammar School25643:1
Newlands Girls' School252203:1
Chancellor's School252203:1
Titus Salt School251882:1
Northampton Academy252323:1
Joseph Rowntree School251772:1
Tytherington School251882:1
King Alfred's253815:1
St Anne's Catholic School251522:1
Chelmer Valley High School251653:1
The Bishop Wand Church of England School251973:1
Cardinal Newman Catholic School246485:1
Thomas Mills High School242684:1
Bishop Thomas Grant Catholic Secondary School242633:1
Hereford Sixth Form College242009No data
Parrs Wood High School244074:1
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School242753:1
Notre Dame High School, Norwich244746:1
Barnhill Community High School242964:1
South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College243844:1
Prudhoe Community High School242055:1
Churchill Academy & Sixth Form243364:1
The Emmbrook School241703:1
Chichester High School241322:1
The Sixth Form College Farnborough243880No data
Howard of Effingham School243324:1
Allerton High School244005:1
Woodbridge High School243984:1
The Windsor Boys' School242435:1
Maiden Erlegh School244695:1
The Willink School242013:1
Garforth Academy243634:1
Tring School243564:1
Holy Cross College242410No data
The Cooper School242123:1
St Martin's School Brentwood243884:1
Ashlawn School244555:1
Forest Hill School242304:1
La Sainte Union Catholic Secondary School242405:1
Harris Girls Academy Bromley241282:1
George Dixon Academy24942:1
Sir John Nelthorpe School24511:1
Hillcrest School and Sixth Form Centre24461:1
Kingsbury High School244034:1
Anthony Gell School241453:1
Thurston Community College242663:1
Benton Park School242483:1
Thorp Academy241493:1
Sir Thomas Wharton Academy241002:1
Bishop Heber High School242524:1
Wilsthorpe School241212:1
The Latimer Arts College241142:1
Plantsbrook School243174:1
St Margaret's Church of England Academy241984:1
Royal Alexandra and Albert School242183:1
Appleby Grammar School24493:1
Rochdale Sixth Form College231926No data
Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College232201No data
Wheatley Park School232234:1
Chilwell School231212:1
The Clarendon Academy231232:1
South Nottinghamshire Academy23992:1
The Heathland School235114:1
Cottingham High School and Sixth Form College231283:1
Longbenton High School23781:1
Nailsea School231643:1
Clapton Girls' Academy232984:1
Keswick School232904:1
Oakwood Park Grammar School233386:1
Archbishop Blanch CofE High School231983:1
The McAuley Catholic High School232683:1
William Brookes School231092:1
Alperton Community School232923:1
Pershore High School232093:1
King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy231372:1
Christleton High School233184:1
Jo Richardson Community School232472:1
The Douay Martyrs Catholic School232534:1
The Nelson Thomlinson School232173:1
Glyn School234695:1
Oaklands School232023:1
Chipping Sodbury School23732:1
Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School23601:1
St Michael's Church of England High School23792:1
St Thomas More Catholic School232673:1
Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College231862:1
Christopher Whitehead Language College232192:1
Aston Academy231992:1
Hampton College232243:1
Hampstead School232954:1
Wood Green Academy232583:1
St Peter's Catholic Comprehensive School233474:1
Sir Graham Balfour High School231012:1
Bingley Grammar School233523:1
Heanor Gate Spencer Academy232353:1
The John of Gaunt School231212:1
Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College232523:1
Chipping Campden School233394:1
St Anne's Catholic High School for Girls231713:1
Enfield Grammar School232074:1
President Kennedy School Academy233003:1
Beckfoot Oakbank231602:1
Malbank School and Sixth Form College231592:1
Barking Abbey School, A Specialist Sports and Humanities College225144:1
Yate Academy22752:1
Bristol Free School221733:1
Haggerston School221202:1
Lytchett Minster School222883:1
Wath Academy223934:1
Farmor's School222074:1
St Peter's Collegiate Academy222334:1
Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School224056:1
Maidstone Grammar School for Girls223105:1
Uckfield College222813:1
Caludon Castle School223324:1
Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School221383:1
Oldfield School221923:1
Richmond School222494:1
Redhill Academy223253:1
Bilborough College221903No data
Shenley Brook End School223734:1
Greenshaw High School223444:1
Range High School222063:1
Harris Academy Greenwich222263:1
Wimbledon College222774:1
St Bonaventure's RC School223315:1
Norton Hill Academy223554:1
Bosworth Academy224475:1
Reepham High School and College222224:1
Farlingaye High School224044:1
The Sydney Russell School222062:1
Enfield County School for Girls221943:1
Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College222449No data
Park View School224317:1
Hinchingbrooke School223984:1
The Corsham School221973:1
Bury St Edmunds County High School221795:1
Christ The King Voluntary Academy22742:1
Allerton Grange School222393:1
Meadowhead School Academy Trust222862:1
Vyners School222523:1
Conyers School222523:1
Brinsworth Academy222112:1
Cedars Upper School223036:1
Alsager School223134:1
All Saints Catholic School and Technology College222914:1
The Arthur Terry School223514:1
Ark St Alban's Academy221814:1
St Benet Biscop Catholic Academy221272:1
Wales High School222292:1
Hammersmith Academy222605:1
Oasis Academy Hadley222073:1
King Solomon High School221934:1
Hall Park Academy221072:1
Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School222093:1
Aquinas College212598No data
Loxford School214444:1
Oldbury Wells School21882:1
Christ The King College212014:1
Friesland School211933:1
Settle College21843:1
Trinity Catholic College211492:1
Rainham Mark Grammar School213705:1
Kingdown School212683:1
The Dukeries Academy21692:1
William Ellis School212815:1
Mayfield Grammar School, Gravesend213234:1
Fort Pitt Grammar School212155:1
Highams Park School213614:1
The John Fisher School212514:1
Stanground Academy211783:1
St John Plessington Catholic College212853:1
St Mary's College, Voluntary Catholic Academy217096:1
Tarporley High School and Sixth Form College211913:1
Kingsbridge Academy212534:1
Bishop Ramsey Church of England School213004:1
George Spencer Academy212392:1
Claremont High School212753:1
Guiseley School212246:1
The Polesworth School213024:1
Sponne School212934:1
The Hemel Hempstead School212523:1
The Hazeley Academy213644:1
Droitwich Spa High School and Sixth Form Centre211772:1
All Saints' Catholic High School213965:1
Longdean School211912:1
Lawnswood School211662:1
Netherthorpe School212574:1
Hatch End High School212203:1
The de Ferrers Academy214674:1
Saint Joan of Arc Catholic School211923:1
The Warriner School211532:1
Ringwood School Academy212703:1
Cheltenham Bournside School and Sixth Form Centre212843:1
Wymondham High Academy213534:1
Debden Park High School211693:1
Grace College211152:1
St Katherine's School21922:1
Prince William School211933:1
Ark Walworth Academy212013:1
St Edward's Church of England Academy21673:1
Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School211142:1
Erasmus Darwin Academy211903:1
St Hilda's Church of England High School212494:1
Sharnbrook Academy214615:1
The Highfield School211483:1
Monk's Walk School202503:1
Kings Langley School201663:1
Huish Episcopi Academy201542:1
Christ The King Catholic High School and Sixth Form Centre201153:1
East Barnet School203294:1
Framwellgate School Durham201772:1
St Paul's Catholic School, a Voluntary Academy202033:1
Newquay Tretherras202202:1
Brentford School for Girls201293:1
Dormers Wells High School202724:1
Q3 Academy Great Barr201122:1
The King's Academy201582:1
Consett Academy201162:1
Kettering Science Academy201242:1
Cardinal Newman College204245No data
The College of Richard Collyer In Horsham202163No data
St Peter's Catholic School202544:1
Clevedon School201983:1
Simon Balle All-Through School202693:1
Ossett Academy and Sixth Form College202473:1
Thornleigh Salesian College203023:1
Dixons Allerton Academy202703:1
Northampton School for Girls203214:1
Chenderit School201883:1
Allestree Woodlands School201933:1
Devizes School202405:1
Haslingden High School and Sixth Form202423:1
William Farr CofE Comprehensive School202453:1
Chadwell Heath Academy202964:1
St Ivo Academy203144:1
Bede Academy202002:1
Vandyke Upper School203665:1
Exmouth Community College203143:1
Our Lady's Catholic High School201273:1
King Edward VI Handsworth Wood Girls' Academy201933:1
Altrincham College201382:1
Shelley College, A Share Academy202674:1
Wykham Park20591:1
Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport201022:1
Leek High School20604:1
Driffield School and Sixth Form202083:1
Alleyne's Academy201864:1
The Norton Knatchbull School202915:1
Guilsborough Academy201963:1
John Masefield High School201232:1
Bullers Wood School204275:1
Barr Beacon School202052:1
Cardinal Newman Catholic School202033:1
Furze Platt Senior School202924:1
Dover Grammar School for Girls202264:1
The Bewdley School201302:1
St Alban's Catholic High School201383:1
The Palmer Catholic Academy202424:1
Gosford Hill School201203:1
Holy Trinity School20491:1
Solihull Sixth Form College192455No data
Kimberley 16 - 19 Stem College19647>25:1
St Mary's Church of England High School (VA)191853:1
Parkside School191272:1
Edgbarrow School194285:1
Shaftesbury School192294:1
St Mary's Catholic Academy191742:1
Duke of York's Royal Military School191403:1
Barton Court Grammar School192455:1
Oakgrove School193113:1
The Folkestone School for Girls192844:1
Haverstock School19218No data
Carlton Academy191522:1
Harlington Upper School192824:1
The Boston Grammar School192025:1
Barton Peveril Sixth Form College194448No data
Bishopshalt School193786:1
Cowes Enterprise College, An Ormiston Academy191683:1
John Kyrle High School and Sixth Form Centre Academy192163:1
St Augustine's Federated Schools: CE High School191472:1
Weatherhead High School193613:1
Oxted School192873:1
Rossett School192124:1
Burntwood School194495:1
Longsands Academy193264:1
Winterbourne Academy192994:1
Thomas Deacon Academy193263:1
Bishop Justus CofE School192193:1
Liverpool Life Sciences UTC1931013:1
The Catholic High School, Chester191603:1
Oak Wood School19841:1
Bedford Academy191953:1
Glenthorne High School193253:1
Brentside High School192763:1
King Edward VI Lordswood School for Girls192214:1
The Reach Free School191033:1
Southam College193113:1
Weald School, The193013:1
St James' Catholic High School192003:1
Robert Clack School194153:1
St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School191402:1
Fullbrook School191742:1
Bradley Stoke Community School192284:1
Great Sankey High School192772:1
Okehampton College191833:1
Tudor Grange Academy Worcester191142:1
Acland Burghley School192733:1
St John Fisher Catholic College191423:1
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School191833:1
Trinity Sixth Form Academy1968621:1
Skegness Grammar School191324:1
Thirsk School & Sixth Form College191122:1
Great Marlow School192894:1
Derby Moor Spencer Academy192213:1
Melksham Oak Community School191282:1
Hayes School184635:1
New College Pontefract182682No data
Sirius Academy West181432:1
Crawshaw Academy18441:1
The Lakes School18612:1
Buxton Community School181323:1
Corfe Hills School182284:1
Southborough High School181253:1
Runshaw College184937No data
Rainford High School181762:1
Copleston High School182873:1
Blue Coat Church of England School and Music College183503:1
Scarborough Sixth Form College181047No data
Yateley School182634:1
Hele's School182043:1
Ripley St Thomas Church of England Academy183594:1
Harris City Academy Crystal Palace183906:1
Jack Hunt School182473:1
Sandwell Academy18367No data
St Cuthbert Mayne School181012:1
Liskeard School and Community College181312:1
Dallam School181753:1
St Benedict's Catholic High School18784:1
Menorah High School for Girls18793:1
Wolgarston High School181864:1
St George's Catholic School181933:1
Stanborough School181633:1
St Crispin's School182513:1
Moulsham High School182644:1
Kingsmead School181652:1
Wyedean School and Sixth Form Centre182484:1
Ash Green School181172:1
English Martyrs Catholic School and Sixth Form College181912:1
Plymstock School181882:1
Falmouth School181403:1
Bushey Meads School182724:1
Walton Academy181022:1
Bishop Douglass School Finchley182685:1
Holyhead School182493:1
The Ursuline Academy Ilford181313:1
Stratford Upon Avon School182553:1
South Dartmoor Community College181243:1
New College Doncaster171319No data
Prior Pursglove and Stockton Sixth Form College171806No data
Sir Harry Smith Community College171753:1
The Henry Box School171883:1
Beckfoot Thornton171272:1
Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy171732:1
Kennet School173553:1
Lord Williams's School175325:1
The Elmgreen School172323:1
Northallerton School & Sixth Form College171493:1
The Long Eaton School171162:1
The Whitby High School171793:1
St Wilfrid's Church of England Academy172443:1
Budehaven Community School171753:1
Tolworth Girls' School and Sixth Form173145:1
Highcliffe School172803:1
Walsall Academy173084:1
Redborne Upper School and Community College174555:1
Ivybridge Community College174744:1
Bluecoat Aspley Academy174647:1
Mayfield School173673:1
Highfields School173073:1
Budmouth Academy Weymouth172704:1
The Sandon School172073:1
St Thomas More High School173505:1
Steyning Grammar School174073:1
St Andrew the Apostle Greek Orthodox School171103:1
St Joseph's College171834:1
Saint John Bosco College171813:1
Magna Academy17441:1
Holderness Academy and Sixth Form College171392:1
Charnwood College171024:1
Caldew School171242:1
Corby Technical School17411:1
Brentwood County High School173157:1
Winchmore School174595:1
Rutlish School172563:1
The Burgate School and Sixth Form172504:1
Campion School171052:1
St John's Catholic School & Sixth Form College172153:1
Hessle High School and Penshurst Primary School171321:1
Walton High School172914:1
Wilmington Grammar School for Boys172456:1
Haydon Bridge Community High School and Sports College17603:1
Aldersley High School171872:1
Ridgewood School172183:1
Samuel Ryder Academy171252:1
Fitzharrys School17893:1
Ark Alexandra Academy171161:1
Brookvale Groby Learning Campus172543:1
Sandbach School172483:1
John Henry Newman Catholic College171792:1
Aldridge School - A Science College172603:1
St Wilfrid's Catholic High School & Sixth Form College: A Voluntary Academy171442:1
UTC Portsmouth172087:1
Altwood CofE Secondary School171184:1
Sawtry Village Academy171593:1
James Calvert Spence College17712:1
The National CofE Academy171303:1
Birchwood High School172333:1
The Coleshill School171803:1
Southfield School for Girls172133:1
Reigate College162820No data
Ashton Sixth Form College162474No data
Varndean College161887No data
Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School164806:1
Nottingham Girls' Academy16832:1
Chislehurst School for Girls161913:1
Sidney Stringer Academy163674:1
The Commonweal School163064:1
Sutton Community Academy16471:1
Brixham College161212:1
Berwick Academy16923:1
Carshalton Boys Sports College162734:1
Sackville School163494:1
Darrick Wood School163996:1
Holmer Green Senior School161382:1
UTC Oxfordshire161416:1
St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College163974:1
Outwood Academy Valley162593:1
Eckington School161412:1
Highlands School163405:1
Sacred Heart of Mary Girls' School162335:1
Truro and Penwith College165042No data
Exeter College166654No data
Dover Grammar School for Boys161323:1
Featherstone High School163835:1
Magdalen College School162463:1
Denbigh School164595:1
Shrewsbury Colleges Group163850No data
Imberhorne School162523:1
Pudsey Grammar School162504:1
St Ignatius College162194:1
Queen Elizabeth's School163965:1
Carshalton High School for Girls161882:1
Desborough College161213:1
Childwall Sports & Science Academy161052:1
Holly Lodge Girls' College16882:1
Swanwick Hall School16892:1
Coombeshead Academy161142:1
William Howard School162263:1
Ridgeway Academy16842:1
Canons High School162864:1
The Academy of St Nicholas161784:1
Eltham Hill School162243:1
Brigshaw High School161852:1
King Charles I School161112:1
The Bishop of Winchester Academy161312:1
Callywith College161177No data
Regent High School161652:1
Edmonton County School162583:1
Avonbourne Girls Academy16331:1
Harris Academy Merton162403:1
Windsor High School and Sixth Form163113:1
South Axholme Academy16361:1
Saint Michael's Catholic High School162164:1
Caroline Chisholm School163223:1
Abbeyfield School161532:1
Brimsham Green School161162:1
Lincoln Christ's Hospital School162124:1
University Technical College Leeds161537:1
Rodillian Academy161141:1
Boston Spa Academy161833:1
Shireland Collegiate Academy162463:1
William de Ferrers School161763:1
Neston High School162743:1
Downend School161722:1
Kingsbury Green Academy161032:1
Worcester Sixth Form College151565No data
The Garibaldi School15702:1
Northwood School151022:1
Queensbury Academy151492:1
St Joseph's Catholic Academy151693:1
Our Lady's Catholic College151252:1
Hasmonean High School for Boys151673:1
Camborne Science and International Academy152413:1
The Campion School154678:1
Hutton Church of England Grammar School151383:1
Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form154235:1
Campion School151633:1
Blenheim High School152084:1
Waddesdon Church of England School153005:1
The Nobel School152703:1
Holy Family Catholic School153034:1
Shire Oak Academy152173:1
St Peter's Catholic High School and Sixth Form Centre153345:1
Outwood Academy Portland152153:1
Writhlington School152034:1
Queen Mary's College151957No data
Oldham Sixth Form College152350No data
Wyke Sixth Form College152127No data
Mayflower High School153625:1
Mark Rutherford School151742:1
Elliott Hudson College15106424:1
Forge Valley School152244:1
The Duston School152142:1
Cirencester College152707No data
Harris Academy Purley152597:1
Kingsley Academy151363:1
Coombe Dean School151694:1
Archbishop Beck Catholic College152825:1
St Francis Xavier's College151002:1
Hilbre High School151642:1
Trinity High School and Sixth Form Centre151853:1
John Willmott School15882:1
Southgate School152764:1
Ashington Academy15902:1
Freman College152404:1
Quarrydale Academy151102:1
Samuel Whitbread Academy154445:1
St Gregory's Catholic School152655:1
Felpham Community College151892:1
The Hollyfield School and Sixth Form Centre152254:1
Moseley Park151412:1
Bishop Milner Catholic College151193:1
Thomas Alleyne's High School152717:1
Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School152193:1
Colonel Frank Seely Academy15952:1
Helsby High School152273:1
The Arnewood School151834:1
Wigston College1527122:1
Trinity School153534:1
Sprowston Community Academy151592:1
Weavers Academy151192:1
Lydiard Park Academy141542:1
West Lakes Academy142003:1
Workington Academy141353:1
Paulet High School141383:1
The Marlborough Science Academy142103:1
St Paul's Catholic School144284:1
Heathfield Community College142884:1
Hazelwick School143714:1
Isleworth and Syon School for Boys141883:1
The Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls142534:1
Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School142023:1
Tavistock College141882:1
The Billericay School143234:1
Overton Grange School142103:1
Heathcote School & Science College142003:1
Stratton Upper School141724:1
St George's Academy143663:1
Waverley School141062:1
The Hart School141262:1
The Cheadle Academy14351:1
Kenton School142353:1
Norton College14974:1
Future Academies Watford141092:1
Ernest Bevin College142245:1
Villiers High School141953:1
Raynes Park High School141562:1
Ullswater Community College142093:1
Turton School142683:1
Meden School14441:1
Ravens Wood School144515:1
Richmond Park Academy141213:1
St Mark's Church of England Academy141243:1
Coundon Court142082:1
Birkenhead Sixth Form College141472No data
Manshead CofE Academy141082:1
The Cottesloe School141642:1
The Pingle Academy142093:1
Teign School141353:1
Tewkesbury School141993:1
St Edward's Roman Catholic/Church of England School, Poole142074:1
Aston Manor Academy142404:1
St Thomas More Catholic School142863:1
Longcroft School and Sixth Form College14542:1
Hertswood Academy141783:1
Therfield School141162:1
Barclay Academy14902:1
Strode College131455No data
The Sixth Form College Colchester133330No data
Thomas Rotherham College131427No data
Luton Sixth Form College133141No data
North Oxfordshire Academy131232:1
Three Rivers Academy131482:1
Helston Community College132023:1
Trinity Academy131762:1
Trinity School131492:1
Notre Dame Catholic College131232:1
The Norwood School131933:1
Thomas Clarkson Academy13991:1
Diss High School131703:1
Manor School131625:1
Sir John Leman High School132043:1
Swanshurst School132672:1
Painsley Catholic College132273:1
West Hatch High School132293:1
The Harvey Grammar School132525:1
Cleeve School133004:1
Cranford Community College134886:1
Maricourt Catholic High School132093:1
St Brendan's Sixth Form College132051No data
Belper School and Sixth Form Centre131742:1
Little Heath School133364:1
Tudor Grange Academy Redditch13522:1
St Julie's Catholic High School131633:1
Sheffield Park Academy131342:1
Sir Bernard Lovell Academy131352:1
Bungay High School131162:1
The Bourne Academy131382:1
NCEA Duke's Secondary School13801:1
St Peter and St Paul, Catholic Voluntary Academy13642:1
Scarborough University Technical College13513:1
Harrow High School131022:1
Ruislip High School132344:1
Nicholas Breakspear Catholic School131072:1
Deyes High School132013:1
Park High School132153:1
Rosedale College13841:1
Fortis Academy131622:1
Epping St Johns Church of England School131804:1
Woodrush High School131072:1
The Deepings School131923:1
The Newark Academy13882:1
Ken Stimpson Community School131573:1
Sidmouth College131533:1
La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' School132974:1
Copthall School132114:1
Woodkirk Academy133193:1
St Edmund Campion Catholic School131342:1
Waseley Hills High School13642:1
Hermitage Academy13992:1
Cox Green School131563:1
Abbey College, Ramsey131232:1
The Appleton School131722:1
Broughton Hall Catholic High School131732:1
Etone College131242:1
Kineton High School131333:1
Boston High School132908:1
Gildredge House13872:1
Matravers School131212:1
Honiton Community College13732:1
St Bernard's High School131614:1
Congleton High School13277No data
Oxford Spires Academy132343:1
Corby Business Academy131342:1
The Henley College122024No data
York College123755No data
Riverside College Halton123695No data
North Bromsgrove High School121683:1
Saltash Community School121652:1
The Ilfracombe Church of England Academy121533:1
Saint Claudine's Catholic School for Girls121794:1
Foxford Community School121172:1
The Bicester School121412:1
St John Bosco Arts College121873:1
The Nottingham Emmanuel School121874:1
The FitzWimarc School122663:1
Woking College121465No data
Ashfield Comprehensive School126424:1
Codsall Community High School123296:1
The Knights Templar School124326:1
WQE and Regent College Group123668No data
Cheslyn Hay Academy121583:1
St Thomas More Catholic School121683:1
The Quest Academy121082:1
Shireland Biomedical Utc12827:1
Sir Thomas Fremantle School121124:1
Whalley Range 11-18 High School123003:1
Theale Green School121033:1
Nottingham Academy122062:1
Rushden Academy121013:1
The Ferrers School121112:1
Plumstead Manor School122743:1
Newham Sixth Form College122929No data
Smestow School12603:1
Campsmount Academy12601:1
St Mark's West Essex Catholic School122074:1
Mulberry UTC1230216:1
The Victory Academy121102:1
Fearnhill School12582:1
Seaford Head School122203:1
Langley Park School for Girls125137:1
Poole High School123152:1
Chiltern Hills Academy121432:1
Ryburn Valley High School122433:1
Nether Stowe School12842:1
Abbeyfield School121513:1
Ormiston Bushfield Academy121332:1
Dagenham Park CofE School122543:1
Harris Academy Beckenham121562:1
Stationers' Crown Woods Academy122774:1
London Design and Engineering UTC1238313:1
Great Baddow High School122373:1
The Vale Academy12702:1
Beaminster School12702:1
The Forest School121093:1
Westwood College122406:1
Sir John Talbot's School1260No data
Eaton Bank Academy121262:1
Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College112569No data
Nelson and Colne College112437No data
St John Rigby RC Sixth Form College111550No data
John Leggott Sixth Form College111763No data
Iveshead School111073:1
Midhurst Rother College11962:1
Ada National College for Digital Skills11157No data
Weston Favell Academy111402:1
Chase Terrace Academy111542:1
The Radcliffe School111612:1
St Joseph's Catholic High School112003:1
St Paul's Catholic College112494:1
Melton Vale Sixth Form College11480>25:1
Bexhill College112330No data
Frome Community College113165:1
Petroc112353No data
The Urswick School - A Church of England Secondary School111213:1
Hamstead Hall Academy111823:1
Oasis Academy Enfield111183:1
Bloxwich Academy11811:1
Callington Community College11902:1
Great Wyrley Academy11543:1
Newton Abbot College111732:1
Hendon School112203:1
Holte School111522:1
George Salter Academy111873:1
Lammas School and Sixth Form111002:1
The Adeyfield Academy11531:1
Gateacre School111292:1
Norton Canes High School11502:1
The Littlehampton Academy111332:1
Tong Leadership Academy11641:1
The Elms Academy111262:1
CAPA College1127520:1
Boroughbridge High School11121:1
Roding Valley High School112534:1
The King John School114104:1
The Boswells School112814:1
Tuxford Academy112323:1
Ormiston Forge Academy111632:1
Bourne Academy112433:1
Bedlington Academy11611:1
Abbeywood Community School111533:1
The Thomas Adams School111793:1
Churchdown School111882:1
Sir Robert Pattinson Academy111172:1
Branston Community Academy111783:1
Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich111202:1
Uxbridge High School112023:1
The Misbourne School111763:1
Amersham School111202:1
St John Henry Newman Catholic School11511:1
St Mary's Catholic High School113054:1
Feversham Girls' Academy111653:1
The Holgate Academy11751:1
Epsom and Ewell High School111312:1
Monkseaton High School11753:1
Walton High115023:1
Shenfield High School113765:1
Trinity School111543:1
Leyton Sixth Form College102473No data
King Edward VI College101362No data
Havant and South Downs College105377No data
Southport College101668No data
Bolton Sixth Form College101761No data
The Harefield Academy10553:1
The Angmering School101512:1
Our Lady and St Chad Catholic Academy10862:1
Heston Community School103034:1
Harris Academy Falconwood102443:1
Lutterworth College103384:1
Wrenn School101472:1
Medina College105557:1
Charles Darwin School102313:1
The Blackpool Sixth Form College102288No data
Thomas Gainsborough School102053:1
Lilian Baylis Technology School102565:1
Brockenhurst College102931No data
St Benedict's Catholic High School101573:1
Haberdashers' Abraham Darby101773:1
Aylward Academy102293:1
Astley Community High School101344:1
Maltby Academy101543:1
Thomas Becket Catholic School101253:1
Chosen Hill School102253:1
The Priory Ruskin Academy102483:1
William Morris Sixth Form1070619:1
London Nautical School101735:1
Hedingham School and Sixth Form101873:1
Staffordshire University Academy10782:1
The Royal School, Wolverhampton102413:1
UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park101195:1
Queen's Park High School101173:1
The Stockwood Park Academy101202:1
Hampton Gardens Secondary School10591:1
University Technical College Norfolk101418:1
Harris Academy Orpington10792:1
UTC Sheffield City Centre101778:1
UTC Reading102338:1
Benfield School10541:1
Immanuel College102573:1
Norbury High School for Girls101693:1
Cheam High School104854:1
Holy Family Catholic High School101403:1
The Sir John Colfox Academy10992:1
Stoke Park School101242:1
Rivington and Blackrod High School102763:1
Ortu Gable Hall School102073:1
Hillview School for Girls103444:1
Oriel High School102222:1
Moseley School and Sixth Form102053:1
Cannock Chase High School10832:1
Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology101286:1
Warlingham School102623:1
The Brooksbank School10240No data
Wreake Valley Academy101673:1
St Thomas More Catholic Academy101292:1
Franklin College91650No data
Biddulph High School91633:1
Baxter College9932:1
Kesgrave High School93553:1
Ralph Thoresby School91573:1
The Sir Robert Woodard Academy9911:1
Caedmon College Whitby91714:1
Caterham High School92605:1
The Warren School92594:1
Chace Community School92404:1
Goffs Academy93485:1
City of Stoke-On-Trent Sixth Form College91762No data
Taverham High School91272:1
Borden Grammar School92115:1
Salisbury Sixth Form College932221:1
The Langley Academy92493:1
Northgate High School93326:1
St Wilfrid's Catholic Comprehensive School, Crawley91863:1
Tor Bridge High92043:1
Eggbuckland Community College91593:1
The King Edmund School92913:1
St Simon Stock Catholic School92334:1
Haberdashers' Knights Academy92914:1
Shirley High School Performing Arts College91563:1
St Thomas More Catholic School, Willenhall92613:1
The Sutton Academy91544:1
Excelsior Academy92012:1
Morecambe Bay Academy91653:1
Park Academy West London9852:1
St Mary's Catholic College, A Voluntary Academy91582:1
Nicholas Chamberlaine School91202:1
Treviglas Academy9942:1
Woodcote High School91282:1
Minsthorpe Community College91812:1
Wilmington Grammar School for Girls92375:1
Collingwood College91872:1
Outwood Academy Newbold91723:1
Wollaston School92283:1
Bordesley Green Girls' School & Sixth Form93476:1
Park Hall Academy91903:1
Coppice Performing Arts School91262:1
The Thomas Alleyne Academy9811:1
The Brakenhale School91683:1
Blythe Bridge High School91162:1
Denefield School91673:1
Madeley Academy92864:1
Shoreham Academy93143:1
Richard Taunton Sixth Form College8706No data
Sandwell College86719No data
Priestley College82081No data
Huddersfield New College82812No data
Windsor Forest Colleges Group82569No data
One Sixth Form College8215822:1
Fakenham Academy81514:1
St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy81302:1
Alder Grange School81253:1
Plympton Academy81242:1
Alec Reed Academy81783:1
The Lea Valley Academy81293:1
The Chauncy School82013:1
The City of Leicester College83444:1
South Craven School83424:1
Biddenham International School and Sports College82163:1
Sir George Monoux College81740No data
Moreton School8721:1
Heath Park81933:1
The Highcrest Academy81633:1
Bitterne Park School81671:1
Swindon Academy81351:1
Connell Co-Op College848625:1
The Chalfonts Community College81993:1
Richard Rose Central Academy8942:1
The John Warner School81983:1
Whitefield School81713:1
Aston University Engineering Academy847514:1
Hugh Baird College82094No data
Wednesfield High Academy81062:1
Torpoint Community College8561:1
The Wellington Academy81603:1
Scott Medical and Healthcare College81357:1
The Ebbsfleet Academy8472:1
Thomas Bennett Community College82003:1
Grace Academy Coventry8361:1
Blue Coat Church of England Academy81323:1
WMG Academy for Young Engineers (Solihull)81786:1
Laureate Academy848No data
UTC Warrington8757:1
Lipson Co-operative Academy82233:1
Belle Vue Girls' Academy82013:1
Marriotts School82463:1
Sheringham High School81112:1
Southfields Academy84015:1
The Phoenix Collegiate82613:1
Greig City Academy82025:1
North Chadderton School82283:1
Abbot Beyne School8922:1
Torquay Academy81653:1
Aylesford School Warwick81392:1
Lord Grey Academy81472:1
Harris Academy Riverside81523:1
Rednock School81502:1
City of Sunderland College74755No data
Long Road Sixth Form College72678No data
Chichester College Group76750No data
Harris Academy South Norwood74264:1
NCG712180No data
Cheshire College - South & West73984No data
Somerset Studio School7669:1
Sir William Robertson Academy, Welbourn71292:1
King's Academy Prospect71162:1
Kirk Hallam Community Academy7942:1
Accrington Academy71292:1
East Coast College72583No data
Nene Park Academy72133:1
East Norfolk Sixth Form College71464No data
Rainhill High School73364:1
Ryde Academy7761:1
John Cabot Academy74208:1
Outwood Academy Danum71162:1
Longley Park Sixth Form Academy71088No data
Mascalls Academy71943:1
Chatham Grammar71603:1
Thomas More Catholic School71093:1
St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy71272:1
Ormiston NEW Academy71002:1
De Aston School71433:1
Paget High School71594:1
Chase High School72193:1
Lincoln Castle Academy7691:1
The Halley Academy71253:1
Birmingham Ormiston Academy767115:1
Hornsea School and Language College71622:1
The Bulmershe School72023:1
Brighouse High School72874:1
The Cedars Academy7922:1
The Stourport High School and Sixth Form College71433:1
Bexleyheath Academy72355:1
The John Roan School71453:1
Broadway Academy71853:1
Harlington School72303:1
The Sweyne Park School72092:1
King James I Academy Bishop Auckland71372:1
Ferndown Upper School72646:1
Bodmin College73063:1
Teignmouth Community School, Exeter Road71112:1
The Grove School770No data
Samuel Ward Academy71493:1
Capital City College Group69083No data
New College Swindon64178No data
The Brooke House Sixth Form College61118No data
Itchen College61323No data
Barnsley College64935No data
West Somerset College61444:1
Cowley International College63054:1
Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre63624:1
South Bank University Academy61313:1
St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College61270No data
North Birmingham Academy62073:1
Joseph Leckie Academy62223:1
Notre Dame RC School61233:1
Malcolm Arnold Academy61402:1
Somervale Secondary School6431:1
Weston College63100No data
Clacton County High School62683:1
Belfairs Academy61823:1
The Leigh Academy62193:1
Archway School61323:1
Holyrood Academy61412:1
Kingswood Secondary Academy61262:1
The Parker E-ACT Academy61262:1
South Wirral High School61262:1
Lyng Hall School61112:1
City of Bristol College63197No data
All Saints' Academy, Cheltenham61793:1
St Martin in the Fields High School for Girls61115:1
Space Studio West London610217:1
Washwood Heath Academy61241:1
Sarum Academy6882:1
Moor Park High School and Sixth Form6491:1
Greenwood Academy6771:1
Haywood Academy6581:1
The Basildon Upper Academy61744:1
Crewe Engineering and Design UTC686No data
University Academy Holbeach62512:1
Greensward Academy62563:1
John Colet School61393:1
Cromwell Community College61402:1
West Coventry Academy61503:1
Sturminster Newton High School6943:1
Landau Forte Academy Tamworth Sixth Form632812:1
Neale-Wade Academy61592:1
Notley High School and Braintree Sixth Form62443:1
Tendring Technology College62182:1
The Deanery Church of England High School and Sixth Form College61672:1
Dinnington High School61332:1
The Spires College6981:1
Ellesmere Port Catholic High School6862:1
Hailsham Community College61872:1
Longfield Academy61443:1
Onslow St Audreys School61052:1
Nottingham College56203No data
Tameside College53109No data
Loughborough College53482No data
The Thetford Academy5932:1
New City College59159No data
The Grange School51722:1
St Michael's Catholic School51041:1
Garth Hill College52393:1
Townsend VA Church of England51033:1
Sandwich Technology School51692:1
Magnus Church of England Academy5963:1
Bilton School51413:1
Tyne Coast College52167No data
Sandy Secondary School51112:1
The Milton Keynes Academy5922:1
Baylis Court School51363:1
Hugh Christie School51674:1
North Kesteven Academy51776:1
Downham Market Academy5961:1
Ormiston Victory Academy51462:1
St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College51004No data
Co-op Academy Priesthorpe51342:1
Outwood Academy Hemsworth5962:1
Havelock Academy5842:1
Bourne End Academy5811:1
Stoke Damerel Community College51392:1
Outwood Academy Adwick51002:1
Elizabeth Woodville School51292:1
Queen Katharine Academy53245:1
The John Wallis Church of England Academy51452:1
Mildenhall College Academy51742:1
Global Academy522215:1
The Mosslands School51192:1
Carterton Community College5511:1
Merchants' Academy51262:1
UTC Swindon5675:1
East London Arts & Music530221:1
Sir John Hunt Community Sports College51092:1
Blackfen School for Girls53686:1
Holly Lodge High School College of Science51472:1
Salford City College54635No data
Ormiston Rivers Academy51433:1
Barr's Hill School and Community College51152:1
Wombourne High School51564:1
The Studio School Liverpool51176:1
Herefordshire, Ludlow and North Shropshire College52353No data
Furness College51255No data
Holmleigh Park High School51482:1
Hellesdon High School53335:1
Logic Studio School523915:1
Maghull High School5992:1
South Devon College52136No data
WMG Academy for Young Engineers52636:1
Kinver High School and Sixth Form5872:1
Burnley College53456No data
Trafford College Group55745No data
Hartpury College51971No data
New College Durham52473No data
St John Fisher Catholic High School51443:1
Arrow Vale School51414:1
SGS Berkeley Green UTC51177:1
Christ The King Sixth Form College42256No data
Coopers School44096:1
Bridgwater and Taunton College43128No data
Barnet and Southgate College42797No data
Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group45844No data
Gateshead College42896No data
East Sussex College Group44422No data
Thurstable School Sports College and Sixth Form Centre41532:1
The Westgate School41722:1
HCUC (Harrow College & Uxbridge College)45724No data
Chesterfield High School41522:1
Birmingham Metropolitan College44872No data
The Beaconsfield School41443:1
Gateway Sixth Form College41071No data
Valley Park School43094:1
Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy41732:1
Folkestone Academy41312:1
Northfleet School for Girls42444:1
The Howard School42353:1
Brompton Academy41972:1
Robert Barclay Academy4672:1
Haringey Sixth Form College41121No data
Oaklands College43052No data
Colmers School and Sixth Form College4891:1
West Walsall E-ACT Academy41623:1
Ely College42183:1
The Beacon School41242:1
The Mirfield Free Grammar43234:1
West Nottinghamshire College43136No data
Haileybury Turnford41543:1
Ifield Community College41883:1
Gospel Oak School41011:1
Wexham School41572:1
Bay Leadership Academy4110:1
Lodge Park Academy41102:1
South Bank UTC421825:1
Kempston Academy4903:1
Ron Dearing UTC429310:1
Hartismere School42094:1
The Regis School41702:1
The Ravensbourne School43855:1
Batley Girls High School42293:1
The Netherhall School42354:1
Plume School42372:1
Kingsthorpe College41492:1
Montsaye Academy41102:1
Trinity Church of England School, Belvedere41873:1
Sir William Ramsay School4872:1
Darwen Aldridge Community Academy41252:1
The JCB Academy42174:1
Beechwood School41022:1
The Sele School4221:1
Holy Trinity CofE Secondary School, Crawley42583:1
Activate Learning37885No data
BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology3103016:1
Middlesbrough College34426No data
Norwich City College of Further and Higher Education35521No data
Bury College33627No data
Ursuline College31353:1
Thomas Telford University Technical College3792:1
Archbishop Sentamu Academy31372:1
Ellowes Hall Sports College3731:1
Princes Risborough School31072:1
St Vincent College3522No data
Easthampstead Park Community School388No data
The Bromfords School3952:1
The Abbey School31342:1
The Maplesden Noakes School32564:1
Saint George's Church of England School32083:1
The City of Liverpool College33500No data
The Marsh Academy31662:1
Slough and Eton Church of England Business and Enterprise College32484:1
USP College33329No data
Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre31182:1
West Herts College36205No data
Harris Boys' Academy East Dulwich31202:1
United Colleges Group33798No data
Leeds City College37856No data
UTC South Durham31506:1
The Ripley Academy31383:1
Chesterfield College32571No data
St Peter's School31152:1
Hylands School31063:1
The Leigh UTC3872:1
The Priory City of Lincoln Academy31022:1
Warwickshire College Group33684No data
Croydon College32703No data
Philip Morant School and College32292:1
Oasis Academy Lister Park31242:1
Silverstone UTC32468:1
All Saints Academy Dunstable3371:1
The Robert Napier School31092:1
King Henry School31793:1
E-ACT Crest Academy31382:1
Patchway Community School3311:1
Greenacre Academy31322:1
Dudley College of Technology34896No data
Pool Hayes Academy3952:1
Beauchamps High School31983:1
St Anselm's Catholic School, Canterbury32064:1
Yeovil College31549No data
Sparsholt College Hampshire32612No data
Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy31772:1
South Gloucestershire and Stroud College33654No data
The Education Training Collective32316No data
Derby College35157No data
Wilberforce College31245No data
Queen Elizabeth Studio School31212:1
All Saints Catholic High School3861:1
East Durham College31808No data
Helena Romanes School31132:1
Shoeburyness High School32723:1
Kendal College31316No data
Bedford College26188No data
Harlow College22575No data
The Sittingbourne School21832:1
Fulston Manor School23114:1
Herne Bay High School22733:1
Halesowen College24259No data
Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst21562:1
Buckingham School21182:1
Wrotham School21684:1
Blackburn College22926No data
The College of West Anglia22724No data
Westlands School21912:1
Rainham School for Girls23364:1
Strood Academy21363:1
Shooters Hill Sixth Form College21455No data
Cleeve Park School21433:1
Haberdashers' Crayford Academy21813:1
Heart of Yorkshire Education Group23449No data
South and City College Birmingham24071No data
City of Wolverhampton College22186No data
Felixstowe School21252:1
Farnborough College of Technology22179No data
South Thames Colleges Group24447No data
Brockhill Park Performing Arts College21772:1
Telford College21886No data
Welling School22043:1
The Sheffield College25298No data
St John Fisher Catholic Comprehensive School21623:1
Bradford College23472No data
Harris Academy Ockendon21592:1
Lincoln UTC212612:1
The Northern School of Art2461No data
Barnwell School21132:1
Netherhall School2882:1
Mount Grace School2833:1
John Madejski Academy22265:1
The Thomas Aveling School21813:1
Westfield Academy21782:1
Attleborough Academy21193:1
St John's Catholic Comprehensive13044:1
North Kent College14491No data
Ashton Park School11522:1
Craven College11072No data
LeAF Studio120110:1
Brighton Aldridge Community Academy11533:1
Walsall College13835No data
TEC Partnership14116No data
Wiltshire College and University Centre12855No data
Elstree Screen Arts Academy12559:1
Wigan and Leigh College13358No data
Inspire Education Group14378No data
The Canterbury Academy17297:1
Boston College11811No data
Lincoln College12665No data

Frequently Asked Questions about Russell Group University Admissions

The Russell Group is a collection of 24 leading research-intensive universities in the UK. Membership in this group signifies a commitment to excellence in teaching and research, making it highly prestigious.

GCSE and A-level results are crucial for Russell Group admissions. These universities typically look for strong academic performance, with many courses requiring specific grades in relevant subjects.

While academic achievements take precedence, Russell Group universities often value well-rounded individuals. Meaningful extracurricular activities can enhance your application by showcasing skills, leadership, and a passion for your chosen field.

Look for schools with a strong academic reputation, high success rates in sending students to Russell Group universities, and a supportive environment that encourages academic excellence and university aspirations.

Yes, participating in outreach programmes or summer schools can demonstrate your genuine interest in the university and your chosen subject. It also provides valuable insights into university life and expectations.

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