Sherborne Girls: Exploring Reviews, Rankings, Fees, And More

Step into the world of Sherborne Girls with us as we uncover what makes this school so special. Whether you’re a parent looking for the perfect fit for your child or a student eager to explore new opportunities, we’ve got you covered. From heartfelt reviews to detailed rankings and fee breakdowns, let’s navigate the journey together and discover why Sherborne Girls could be the ideal choice for you.

Sherborne Girls Review

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Key Features of Sherborne Girls

  • Local authority: Dorset
  • Pupils: 474; sixth formers: 180
  • Gender: Girls
  • Age: 11-18
  • Religion: Church of England
  • Fees: Day £28,800; Boarding £36,750 – £44,850 pa

Sherborne Girls School Results

GCSE Results (2023): 58% achieved grades 9-7.

A Level Results (2023): 45% achieved A* or A grades. 71% achieved grades A*-B.

GCSE Results (2019, pre-pandemic): 62% achieved grades 9-7.

A Level Results (2019, pre-pandemic): 46% achieved A* or A grades. 75% achieved grades A*-B.

Boarding Facilities in Sherborne Girls

With a staggering 90% of students opting to board, the atmosphere is buzzing with excitement and camaraderie. Students have the choice between full-time boarding or occasional stays as day boarders, adding a touch of flexibility to their residential arrangements.

Spread across seven distinct boarding houses, each catering to different year groups, the boarding experience at Sherborne Girls is nothing short of lively and engaging. From mixed-age houses for girls in years 9 to 12 to dedicated residences for younger and older students, there’s a sense of community and belonging in every corner.

Accommodation ranges from cosy cubicles, affectionately referred to as ‘cubies’, for the younger ones, to spacious single or double rooms for older students. But it’s not just about where you sleep; it’s about the endless fun and camaraderie that fills the boarding houses. Imagine themed parties where students dress up as their favourite childhood characters or enthusiastically decorate their living spaces for festive celebrations.

Unlike many schools, Sherborne Girls doesn’t quieten down on weekends. With around 80% of students choosing to stay, there’s always something exciting happening, from outdoor adventures to movie nights and everything in between. And let’s not forget about the two exeats per term, providing students with the perfect opportunity to unwind and explore new horizons.

Extra Curricular Activities in Sherborne Girls

At Sherborne Girls, extracurricular activities are not just about ticking boxes – they’re about discovering passions, building confidence, and having a blast along the way. With over half of the students showing off their musical talents, there’s a bustling scene of orchestras, choirs, and chamber groups. Picture lunchtime strings concerts where Bach meets Lennon and McCartney, or the magical Candlemas service at Sherborne Abbey – it’s all about making music come alive.

But it’s not just about melodies and harmonies. The arts scene at Sherborne Girls is thriving, with the recent opening of the Merritt Centre providing a space for creativity to flourish. From drama performances to innovative art projects, there’s always something exciting happening.

Of course, there’s no shortage of activities to get stuck into. From astronomy to cake decorating, coding to jewellery making, there’s something for everyone. And let’s not forget about the sports scene – it’s not just about lacrosse and hockey (although we’re pretty good at those too). Whether you’re into cross-country, netball, or even boxercise, there’s a place for you to shine.

Admissions Process: Entering Sherborne Girls

Sherborne Girls prides itself on a seamless and inclusive admissions process, catering to students at various entry points. Approximately 25 girls typically commence their journey at age 11, while a larger cohort of around 65 joins at age 13. Drawing from a diverse array of preparatory schools such as Hanford, Farleigh, and Sandroyd, among others, Sherborne Girls fosters a dynamic and enriching environment.

Prospective students are encouraged to register at least two years in advance, particularly for entry at age 13 or above. Pre-assessment is conducted in Year 7 for Year 9 entry, with the option of the school’s own entrance test for those not prepared for the Common Entrance examination.

For aspirants to the Sixth Form, Sherborne Girls admits up to 20 new girls annually. Eligibility requires a minimum of six grade 6s or above at GCSE level, ensuring that incoming students are academically prepared for the challenges and opportunities that await.

SEN Support in Sherborne Girls

Here at Sherborne, the team is well prepared to cater to pupils that have the following special educational needs:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders
  • Dyslexia

Sherborne Girls Testimonials and Reviews

Amelie Jannoe

A really beautiful school with fantastic teaching, facilities and engaging, caring staff

Claudia Zheng

Absolutely love the school, nice staffs and lovely students

Matt Treasure

Great facilities, lovely pool. Friendly staff.


Frequently Asked Questions about Sherborne Girls

Whilst they are academically selective, they are not an academic ‘hothouse’.

Develop women of the future. Cultivate a culture of aspiration and ambition. Foster both collaboration and communication with the wider community.

Sherborne School were proud to be singled out amongst the country’s independent schools by The Week in their Best of the Best Schools’ Awards, for the ‘great’ co-curricular provision at the School.

The Choral Society is conducted in alternate years by James Henderson, Director of Music at Sherborne School, and by Sherborne Girls’ Director of Music, John Jenkins.

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