Abbey College: Exploring Reviews, Rankings, Fees, And More

Embark on a journey to explore Abbey DLD Group of Colleges, a bastion of academic excellence and holistic development. In this article, we delve into the reviews, rankings, fees, and myriad offerings that define this prestigious institution. Join us as we uncover the essence of Abbey College Cambridge, Abbey College Manchester, and DLD College London.

Abbey College Review

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Abbey College Cambridge Overview

  • Boarding: Yes
  • Local authority: Cambridgeshire
  • Pupils: 450
  • Age: 13-21
  • Religion: None
  • Fees: ~£64,700 pa
  • Open days: Saturday 2nd March 9.30AM – 1PM
  • Ranking: 62

Abbey College Cambridge Results

2023 A Levels 

  • 25% A*
  • 55% A*/A
  • 81% A*/B

Student Destinations

  • At least 3 students progress to the University of Cambridge. (6 holding Oxbridge offers for the 2024 intake).
  • 300+ students progressed to Top 5 Universities since 2010. 
  • 54% of A level students progress to Russell Group Universities in 2023. 
  • 100% medicine admissions success rate in 2023. 

Abbey College Cambridge placed 4th in the Top 100 Schools for A-Level Value Added.

Teaching and Learning Highlights in Abbey College Cambridge

During the 1st year of A-levels, there will be a pre-degree diploma (PDD) held to increase the academic depth of the students. The latest one is the Finance PDD, led by current industry leaders, exposes students to what is currently happening in the real world. This allows students to gain a deeper level knowledge and skills in areas that they might be interested to pursue in university. 

One of the strengths of Abbey College Cambridge is the ability to nurture students for medical school applications. This includes achieving 3 A* grades in preferably Biology, Maths, and Chemistry. Besides, the school ensures that students stay in peak mental and physical health to face the challenges of competitive medical school applications. They have matrons, nurses, on-site medical staff to overcome the possible pressures the students may face in this process. Students in this programme join the Medic Club Enrichment for one afternoon per week for clinical shadowing placements. This can be in local hospitals, general practitioner surgeries, dental surgeries, and veterinary surgeries. 

The academic team provides training for Curriculum Vitae writing and mock interviews for these students. Students are also required to join volunteer programmes to further prepare themselves for a life in medical care. Over the past years, medical school applicants from Abbey College Cambridge receive an average of 1.5 medical programme offers. But in the case where students are unable to transition to a medical programme upon completing their A-levels, there is always the route of doing medicine in the postgraduate level. 

On top of that, there is the Oxbridge programme. To get into this programme, the school screens students using their GCSE/A-level results, personal statements, admissions tests, and interviews. An impressive 86% of students get through Stage 1, which includes selecting, applying, and getting an interview in Oxbridge programmes. 

Extracurricular Activities in Abbey College Cambridge

The ‘Abbey Inspires’ programme holds talks every evening to expose students to various recent events in multiple industries. While not mandatory, students attend around 12-15 talks every year, allowing them to broaden their horizons from a very young age. Recent events having included the following topics:

  • Why do people get eating disorders?
  • Alliance to Armada: A 1588 Armada Campaign Role Play
  • Exploring the business of Soccer

Aside from that, there are more than 50 exciting clubs that take place here. They are split into Active Community, Thinking, Science and Technology, Music, and Creative Arts

Sports: Every week, students have the opportunity to participate in various sports and fitness activities. This includes football, basketball, badminton, swimming, tennis, yoga, running, dance, rowing, and boxing. With the experience of the professional coaches, students certainly have the chance to excel in this area. 

Music: Beginners and musicians of all levels have a place in this school. From individual music lessons to participating in music clubs, all the way to concerts, everyone can develop confidence, make new friends, and challenge themselves personally. 

Boarding Experience in Abbey College Cambridge

Abbey College Cambridge has 4 boarding houses that host more than 400 bedrooms. All boarding houses include room cleaning, live-in house parents, excellent security, and weekly towel changes. Here are the available options:

For those aged 13-16, Abbey House provides an immersive on-campus residence. Here, students benefit from ensuite bathrooms, fostering a sense of privacy and personal space. Additionally, full board meals are provided, ensuring that residents are well-nourished as they immerse themselves in their academic pursuits.

Year 13 students find solace in Purbeck House, situated just a stone’s throw away from the college premises. Offering ensuite bathrooms and full board meals, this off-campus accommodation strikes a balance between independence and proximity to the college environment.

For students aged 16-21, Tripos Court offers a vibrant off-campus residence located a short 5-minute walk from the college. With ensuite bathrooms and full board meals, residents enjoy the convenience of proximity to academic facilities while experiencing a taste of independent living.

Alternatively, Orchard House, also off-campus, provides a unique boarding experience for students in the same age group. Though a 15-minute walk from the college, residents enjoy half board meals, granting them flexibility to explore culinary experiences beyond campus while still benefiting from the supportive community atmosphere fostered by Abbey College.

Foundation Pathways in Abbey College Cambridge

The International Foundation Programme (IFP) is a 1-year programme that starts in September 2024. Here are the available courses in this school:

  • Business Management and Economics
  • Engineering
  • Medicine (Progression to Aston University, University of Buckingham, UCLan, University of Nicosia, RCSI, and St George’s University)
  • Science

Abbey College Manchester Overview

  • Boarding: Yes
  • Local authority: Manchester
  • Pupils: 206
  • Age: 14-23
  • Religion: None
  • Fees: ~£46,300

Abbey College Manchester Results

A Level 2023: 81% A*-C

GCSE 2023: 63% 9-4

Russell Group University Progression: 30%

Teaching and Learning in Abbey College Manchester

The Sixth Form Programme has seen success in the past years through its 5Rs strategy. This strategy is to help students to:

  • Create ROUTINE
  • Develop an understanding of RIGOUR
  • Develop RESILIENCE
  • Enhance REFLECTION

In addition, the academic team conducts regular meetings with the Heads of House, Assistant Heads of House, and Form Tutors. This is to keep an eye on students’ performance, attendance, and wellbeing throughout the academic year. The team uses the PATCHH system to guide and encourage the students. 

  • Progress
  • Areas for development
  • Target grade
  • Current grade
  • How to get to the next level
  • Homework

The next step is the prepare the students for university progression. The school provides a comprehensive university application support to build a competitive application for each graduate. They guide students through each stage of the UCAS progress. This includes researching suitable universities and courses, advice on writing personal statements and interviews, finding relevant work experience, and advice on reviewing and selecting offers. 

The school also has an experienced team to support medical school applications as well as Oxbridge preparation. The school has specifically designed programmes to ensure the highest chances of acceptance. They have also partnered with Leading Education, a renowned Oxbridge application expert, to deliver the Oxbridge application programme. 

Extracurricular Activities in Abbey College Manchester

At Abbey College Manchester, the extracurricular activities offered through the Enrichment Programme are designed to cultivate well-rounded students who not only excel academically but also develop essential emotional, interpersonal, and social skills.

Enrichment Programme Activities:

  • From stimulating board games to engaging medical preparation sessions, students have access to a plethora of activities aimed at broadening their horizons and enhancing their skills.
  • Whether it’s finding inner peace through yoga, unleashing creativity in art classes, or honing problem-solving abilities in maths challenges, there’s something for everyone in the programme.
  • For those inclined towards the arts, opportunities abound in music, film, and media/journalism, allowing students to express themselves through various mediums.
  • Sports enthusiasts can participate in basketball, badminton, or running sessions, promoting physical health and teamwork.
  • Students with a penchant for the sciences can delve into intriguing topics through science-related activities, while those with a flair for the imaginative can embark on epic adventures in Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Additionally, the Enrichment Programme offers opportunities for practical skill development in fields like engineering and knitting, fostering a well-rounded approach to education.

Social Events:

  • Events such as the Summer Awards Ceremony, Charity Events, and the Festive Evening serve as platforms for students and staff to showcase their talents in music, drama, dance, and poetry, creating memorable experiences for all involved.
  • These social gatherings not only provide entertainment but also serve as occasions for students to bond, celebrate achievements, and contribute to meaningful causes.

Boarding Experience in Abbey College Manchester

At Abbey College Manchester, the boarding experience at Clydesdale House is designed to provide students aged 16 and above with a safe, comfortable, and supportive living environment, fostering independence and academic success.

Location and Security:

  • Located just a 10-minute walk from the college, Clydesdale House offers convenient access to campus facilities and nearby amenities.
  • With 24-hour on-site security and an attentive in-house maintenance team, students can feel secure and reassured throughout their stay.

Accommodation and Amenities:

  • Each room at Clydesdale House is ensuite, providing students with privacy and convenience.
  • The boarding house boasts spacious shared areas, including a large communal space equipped with a 50-inch TV, offering opportunities for relaxation and socialisation.
  • Weekly bathroom and kitchen cleaning ensure a hygienic living environment, while the laundry service adds to the convenience of student life.

Catering and Support:

  • Students benefit from the services of an in-house cook, who prepares three nutritious meals per day, catering to dietary preferences and requirements.
  • In addition to culinary support, Clydesdale House provides in-house parents who offer guidance, support, and a sense of familial warmth to students living away from home.

Community and Comfort:

  • Beyond its practical amenities, Clydesdale House fosters a sense of community and belonging among its residents, creating a home away from home.
  • Whether studying together, sharing meals, or engaging in recreational activities, students forge lasting friendships and memories within the boarding house environment.

Foundation Programmes in Abbey College Manchester

The International Foundation Programme (IFP) is a 1-year programme that starts in September 2024. Students here can combine modules to build a tailor-made programme for themselves. Here are the available courses in this school:

  • Art and Design/Creative Arts
  • Business and Economics
  • Business and Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics and Economics
  • Medicine (Progression to Aston University, University of Buckingham, UCLan, University of Nicosia, RCSI, and St George’s University)
  • Sport

DLD College London Overview

  • Boarding: Yes
  • Local authority: Lambeth
  • Pupils: 421; sixth formers: 264
  • Age: 13-19
  • Religion: Non-denominational
  • Fees: Day £37,600 pa; Boarding £22,800 to £35,700 pa

Teaching and Learning in DLD College London

At DLD College London, the teaching and learning experience is as diverse and dynamic as the students it serves. While A levels remain the cornerstone of academic offerings, the curriculum extends beyond traditional subjects to encompass a rich array of options, catering to a broad spectrum of interests and talents.

A Levels and Beyond:

  • A levels are at the forefront, with a curriculum that balances creativity and STEM subjects. The school’s commitment to promoting STEM education, particularly among girls, is evident in the small yet intensely focused physics and chemistry classes observed.
  • The flexibility of the programme allows for accelerated learning, with some students tackling A level maths in just one year, while others opt for the extended 18-month course.
  • In addition to A levels, the college offers the BTEC Diploma across various disciplines, providing students with practical, vocational pathways worth three A levels. Notably, DLD College London continued BTEC exams even during the lockdown, underscoring its dedication to academic continuity.

GCSEs and Year 9 Programme:

  • GCSEs are offered over one or two years, with the majority of students opting for the one-year programme. While subject choices are relatively limited, the school compensates by offering enticing BTEC awards in areas like enterprise, performing arts, sport, and esports.
  • The introduction of Year 9 in 2023 marks a significant milestone, with students engaging in thematic courses and interdisciplinary learning, including the innovative Urban School Project, reflecting the college’s commitment to holistic education.

Teaching Excellence:

  • With class sizes capped at a maximum of 16 and most A level classes averaging 8-12 students, the learning environment is intimate and conducive to personalised attention.
  • Recognising that DLD is a stepping stone to university, there is a strong emphasis on preparing students for university applications, ensuring they are well-equipped for the next stage of their academic journey.

DLD College London Results

GCSE Results (2023):

    • 25% achieved grades 9-7.

A Level Results (2023):

    • 27% attained grades A/A*.
    • 58% achieved grades A-B*.

GCSE Results (2019 – Pre-pandemic):

    • 28% achieved grades 9-7.

A Level Results (2019 – Pre-pandemic):

    • 26% attained grades A/A*.
    • 54% achieved grades A-B*.

Boarding Experience in DLD College London

The boarding experience at DLD College London is nothing short of extraordinary, offering unparalleled amenities and a vibrant community atmosphere. Imagine residing in a towering 14-storey building, where boarding accommodation and common spaces are meticulously stacked over three floors of classrooms, accessible via lift. 

Here, boarders indulge in the comfort of mainly ensuite single rooms adorned with blackout blinds, full wardrobes, and ample storage space. For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury, ‘Premier’ rooms boast personal kitchens and wetrooms, akin to a lavish hotel experience. Adding to the allure, the boarding common room offers breathtaking views of the iconic Shard, elevating the everyday to extraordinary heights.

Forget conventional accommodations – at DLD, it’s more akin to a stay at DoubleTree by Hilton. Each floor is thoughtfully segregated by sex and age, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all residents. Located near Lower Marsh Street, a bustling hub replete with local amenities like supermarkets, coffee shops, and street food vendors, boarders have ample opportunities to explore and connect with the vibrant urban landscape, dispelling any sense of isolation.

Despite the occasional challenge of navigating traffic jams during morning rush hours, with nearly 200 boarders vying for two lifts, the overall sentiment among boarders is one of overwhelming praise. From the luxurious accommodations to the vibrant community spirit, DLD College London offers a boarding experience unlike any other, where every day is infused with opportunity, excitement, and a sense of belonging.

Extracurricular Activities in DLD College London

At DLD College London, extracurricular activities are not just an addition to the curriculum; they are an integral part of the vibrant student experience, fostering creativity, talent, and personal growth across a multitude of domains.

Art and Design:

  • DLD serves as a fertile ground for budding artists and designers, with two fully-equipped art studios and a dedicated computer suite for graphic design.
  • Students have access to a well-appointed photography studio, where they can hone their skills and unleash their creativity behind the lens.

Drama and Media:

  • Despite the lack of facilities for full-scale productions, the drama scene at DLD is undeniably vibrant.
  • The soundproofed film and TV studio, complete with a sound suite, serves as a creative hub for media production enthusiasts.
  • Drama lessons are engaging and immersive, with students exploring innovative approaches to classic works like Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth.

Activities and Clubs:

  • With over 50 options to choose from, ranging from DJ-ing to public speaking, boxing to creative writing, students are encouraged to explore their interests and passions.
  • The school’s urban setting doesn’t limit outdoor pursuits, with opportunities for Duke of Edinburgh Award participation up to the gold level, organised by dedicated houseparents.

Sport and Fitness:

  • DLD boasts impressive sports facilities, including a basement pool, gym, and even a sauna, creating an atmosphere more akin to a conference centre than a boarding school.
  • The gym is accessible until bedtime curfew, while pool usage is strategically managed to avoid overlap with university and adult patrons.
  • Main sports such as football and netball, along with tennis, are played at nearby Archbishop’s Park, providing students with ample opportunities for physical activity and competition.

Foundation Programmes in DLD College London

The International Foundation Programme (IFP) is a 1-year programme that starts in September 2024. Here are the available courses in this school:

  • Art and Design/Creative Arts
  • Biomedical Science
  • Business and Economics
  • Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Fashion Management (Students have the option to progress to London, Milan, or Paris School of the prestigious Istituto Marangoni)
  • Mathematics and Economics
  • Social Sciences

Abbey College Testimonials and Reviews

Dalial Mutallapova

I studied in Abbey for two years and if i had the opportunity i would do it all over again. I met some of the kindest and most supportive teachers. Especially Nigel Tattersfield. Cambridge Is a very cozy place and after a while it does start to feel like home. I made some amazing memories and achievements both academic and boarding related. Abbey College is now a sweet, nostalgic memory of mine.

Gabriela Notaro Francesco

Wonderful school and lovely staff. My children were offered exactly what they needed to be successful, and learnt to be independent learners. I feel so happy that I chose this school for them.

Anna Tan

1. The food is awesome! If you’re Asian, you won’t be that homesick.
2. Jolly good staff and everyone is fun to be around.
3. Small classroom sizes makes it feel like you’re in a private tuition so it’s cool! 🙂
4. Fun activities!!!
5. The media club is really cool.
6. All the teachers are smart and dedicated.
7. It is the best if you come here after you turn 16 (after September) so you won’t be a CSA student. But if you did come anyway, you’ll get free lunch. Cons for that is you register 3 times a day.
8. You’ll love it! ^_^

Bill Huang

Love it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average class size at Abbey Colleges varies but is typically kept small to facilitate personalised attention and interactive learning experiences.

Abbey College offers a range of academic programmes including A levels, International Foundation Programmes, GCSEs, and BTECs in various subjects.

Yes, Abbey College provides boarding accommodation for students who require it. The accommodation options vary depending on the campus and may include ensuite rooms, shared facilities, and full board meals.

The college provides guidance and support for students’ university applications including course selection, personal statement writing, and interview preparation.

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