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Welcome to an insightful exploration of The National Mathematics and Science College—a beacon of academic brilliance and a nurturing haven for aspiring young minds in the domains of mathematics and science. For parents seeking the finest education and a strong foundation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), this comprehensive review unveils the remarkable features and accomplishments of this esteemed institution.

the national mathematics and science college

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Key Features of The National Mathematics and Science College

  • Boarding: Yes
  • Local authority: Coventry
  • Pupils: 138; sixth formers: 73
  • Religion: None
  • Fees: Day £14,997; Boarding £39,297 – £45,897 pa
  • Ranking: 28

The National Mathematics and Science College Results

2023: 86.9% A*/A at A level.

2022 results: 77% A*/A at A level (95% A*-B).

The National Mathematics and Science College boasts an environment teeming with passionate and driven students eager to push their intellectual boundaries. The line between class time and leisure blurs as students willingly delve into university-level physics problems during their free periods. Their insatiable hunger for challenges extends to national and international Olympiads and competitions, which remarkably form an integral part of the curriculum. Achieving countless gold medals and awards, the college prides itself on being the highest performing school in the country per capita in these competitions. Specialising in STEM subjects, the college offers A levels in mathematics, further mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, and economics. Within these courses, they emphasise on seminar-style learning, practicals, and engaging projects like the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

The college stands as a bridge between traditional schooling and university life, fostering a learning atmosphere that extends beyond theoretical knowledge. With an average class size of eight and a maximum of 12, teachers have the opportunity to closely engage with students, inspiring them to explore beyond conventional methods. Seminar-style learning encourages active participation, and practicals, including over 200 in chemistry alone, allow students to experience the life of scientists firsthand. Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, the college ensured uninterrupted education and pastoral support. The teaching staff’s dedication shines as they host webinars on intriguing topics like the chemistry of love and the granular details of the Covid vaccine. In this nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment, students are encouraged to enjoy learning and thrive, leading to a truly exceptional educational experience.

Boarding Facilities in The National Mathematics and Science College

The institution takes pride in its comprehensive and vibrant boarding facilities, which foster a strong sense of community and support for students. Currently, the majority of students board on a full-time basis, with only a few opting for weekly boarding arrangements. This continuous boarding structure ensures a consistent and enriching environment, with students engaging in various activities during weekends, such as go-karting, Alton Towers trips, and escape room challenges, all with the appropriate permissions.

The college recently opened its purpose-built boarding house in September 2022, located conveniently behind the teaching block. This modern and clean facility offers an almost hotel-like experience for the boarders, accommodating up to 140 students. The boarding house features a rooftop terrace with an interior private dining room, available for hire when family members visit, further promoting a sense of togetherness and familial involvement. Moreover, the downstairs restaurant serves a diverse and fantastic range of food, including snacks twice a day and a barista coffee service, providing students with a warm and inviting dining experience. The boarding staff have been commended for their excellent care and dedication, ensuring students’ well-being in a friendly and nurturing atmosphere.

Extra Curricular Activities in NMSC

Extracurricular Enrichment and Artistic Expression:

At The National Mathematics and Science College, students go beyond traditional academics through the innovative STEM Communication programme, fostering effective communication of their scientific understanding. They engage in research projects, formal presentations, academic poster design, and video creation, while gaining valuable skills in Python and LaTeX. The college also embraces artistic expression, with a Steinway grand piano and guitars inspiring musical talent. Art club and house art competitions showcase students’ creativity, and diverse societies cater to varied interests, from coding and robotics to college magazine writing and philanthropic initiatives.

Sports and Physical Well-Being:

Although primarily focused on academics, The National Mathematics and Science College emphasises the importance of physical well-being. Students enjoy free access to the local sports centre and Warwick University’s renowned climbing wall. While sports are not a central aspect, students participate in American football, ultimate frisbee, basketball, and football, with inter-house competitions adding to the camaraderie. With a balanced approach to academics and physical activities, the college nurtures well-rounded individuals, fostering intellectual and athletic potential alike.

Admissions Process: Entering The National Mathematics and Science College

The National Mathematics and Science College stands out as one of the most selective sixth form colleges in the country, attracting academically accomplished students who excel in I/GCSE with 8s and 9s in their desired subjects. Drawing a significant number of international students, the college experiences a high demand, with three to four applicants competing for each available place. To assess applicants thoroughly, the college administers its own assessments in maths and English. They also conduct interviews that delve into their interests and aspirations, often including intriguing math problems.

The majority of students apply for the two-year A level programme, while some receive advice to participate in the one-year pre-A level programme. This allows them to strengthen their English language or brush up on certain sciences before starting their A level courses. Additionally, around ten students per year opt for the Medical Pathway Programme, which enhances core A levels with external speakers, additional learning opportunities, and debates, encouraging students to explore volunteering and engage in wider reading as part of their academic journey.

SEN Support

Here are some of the special education needs that the school supports: 

  1. ASD – Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  2. Aspergers
  3. Dyslexia
  4. Has an entry in the Autism Services Directory
  5. MLD – Moderate Learning Difficulty
  6. Other SpLD – Specific Learning Difficulty

NMSC Testimonials and Reviews


If you are planning to do the Sciences (i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Physics) at NatMatSci and wanting to learn more from practical work, then you have found the right place! The college places a very strong emphasis on practical work, every student will be regularly assessed on their practical competency to make sure that not only do they meet the standards required for A-level, but also some advanced practical techniques that can only be seen at university level. We have state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, and practical work is usually run on a weekly basis, followed by thorough lab reports. The teachers allow us to be scientific but creative on our practical work by occasionally giving us the freedom of choosing which variable to change and control. This way, every group’s set of results is different, and we have the opportunity to learn from multiple approaches to the same investigation.


The day in NatMatSci always goes really fast. We have 4 periods in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Some of the year1 or year2 students have free periods. Additionally, every lesson in NatMatSci is not boring at all. Students and teachers are friendly to each other and say some jokes occasionally in lesson time. Lunch is always between 1pm and 2pm in the common room at college. You can always feel fulfilled after a day in NatMatSci.


As NatMatSci is a STEM college, all subjects are required to have a list of practicals to complete, however, we go beyond that. In physics, we do more experiments than required to make sure that students understand how processes take place. Personally, I am better at remembering by doing questions and seeing processes in real life, so this method works perfectly for me.

Frequently Asked Questions about The National Mathematics and Science College

2023: 86.9% A*/A at A level. 2022 results: 77% A*/A at A level (95% A*-B).

No, boarding schools in the UK welcome students from all over the world. Many schools have a diverse student body with students from various countries.

Boarding schools prioritise the safety and well-being of their students. They have trained staff, supervision protocols, health services, and designated staff members to address students’ emotional and social needs.

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