Best Universities In UK For Psychology – 2024 Guide

Unlocking the human mind and unraveling the complexities of behaviour, psychology continues to captivate and inspire countless individuals. For those seeking to embark on a transformative academic journey in the field, the United Kingdom boasts a constellation of outstanding universities renowned for their exceptional psychology programmes. In this article, we delve into the realm of higher education and present a curated selection of the best universities in the UK that offer unparalleled opportunities to explore the fascinating realm of psychology.

Best Universities In UK For Psychology

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Why Get A Psychology Degree?

Obtaining a psychology degree can be a personally and professionally rewarding choice for numerous reasons. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider pursuing a psychology degree:

Psychology offers a profound understanding of human behavior, thoughts, emotions, and motivations. With a psychology degree, you gain valuable insights into why people act the way they do, enhancing your ability to navigate relationships, communicate effectively, and empathise with others.

Besides that, psychology provides you with the tools to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Whether you choose to work as a therapist, counselor, or advocate for mental health, you have the opportunity to help individuals overcome challenges, improve their well-being, and lead more fulfilling lives.

With regards to personal growth, studying psychology involves exploring your own thoughts, emotions, and biases. This self-reflection can lead to personal growth, improved self-awareness, and a deeper understanding of your own strengths and limitations. It can also enhance your ability to navigate life’s challenges and cultivate healthier relationships. 

Career Prospects

A psychology degree opens up a diverse range of career prospects across various industries and sectors. Here are some of the potential career paths you can pursue with a psychology degree:

  1. Clinical Psychologist
  2. Counseling Psychologist
  3. Research Psychologist
  4. Industrial-Organisational Psychologist
  5. School Psychologist
  6. Forensic Psychologist
  7. Health Psychologist
  8. Social Worker
  9. Human Resources Specialist
  10. Market Research Analyst

Best Psychology Universities in the UK

Here are the best universities for psychology degrees in the UK entering 2024. All these universities have accreditation from the British Psychological Society. This is your first step to becoming a Chartered Psychologist. 

1. Oxford and Cambridge Psychology Review

The psychology programmes in the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge rank in the top of most reputable rankings, if not all. They consistently exhibit world-class teaching and research, making them the top destinations for psychology undergraduate programmes.  

2. London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London Psychology Review

LSE is one of the world’s leading social science specialist universities, with a global reputation, community and outlook. Home is a campus in the very heart of London. Students are empowered and inspired by a research-rich education from academics and experts, and wide-ranging resources and opportunities. Students develop the skills, experience, and connections they need to make their own impact in the world – now and in the future.

3. University of St Andrews Psychology Review

The BSc (Hons) in Psychology here will introduce you to the full range of areas that are studied by psychologists, including perception, cognition, motivation and behaviour. The structure grounds you in the theoretical foundations and modern developments of contemporary psychology. Nevertheless, a great amount of emphasis will be on practical classes and on learning research techniques right from the start. 

According to the National Student Survey, the faculty here is nothing short of excellent. Whether it is teaching, providing guidance, stimulating interest, they are among the best in the UK. You can also see this translate to student performance and satisfaction, with 100% employment within 15 months of leaving the institution. 

4. University of Bath Psychology Review

The Psychology BSc (Hons) programme in the University of Bath is indeed one of the best psychology courses in the UK. Registrations are already piling in for the September 2024 intake. While many professional psychology roles require further specialist trainings, many graduates have been highly sought after in the recent years. Some of the prominent employers include HM Treasury, SEN School, Unilever, NHS, and others.

This is a cross-disciplinary programme with a focus on biological, cognitive, developmental and social aspects, with options including clinical and health. Through this structure, you will also learn about how psychology engages with other disciplines, such as management, neuroscience, political science and psychiatry. 

5. UCL (University College London) Psychology Review

UCL’s BSc (Hons) in Psychology is characterised by its commitment to research excellence, comprehensive curriculum, innovative teaching methods, and extensive resources. The UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences is one of the largest centres of psychology teaching and research in the UK. Its cutting-edge research is recognised beyond the borders of the UK.

UCL offers students a stimulating and enriching educational experience that equips them with the knowledge, skills, and connections necessary for a successful career in psychology. Do check out the PALS Virtual Discovery Session to get a glimpse of the programme.

Psychology University Rankings in the UK

Here is a league table for the best universities for psychology in the UK as we enter 2024:

RankInstitutionEntry StandardsStudent SatisfactionResearch QualityContinuationGraduate prospects outcomesGraduate prospects on trackOverall Score
1University of Cambridge1963.611008875100
2University of Oxford2063.629899.3
3London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London2104.413.6410098.8
4University of St Andrews2134.013.4397.8809395.8
5University of Bath1884.043.0398868694.8
6UCL (University College London)1903.953.5796.9668893.5
7Loughborough University1623.93.5397.8788692.5
8University of Glasgow2094.133.5196.5728392.4
9Cardiff University1673.763.5597.7758792.2
10University of Bristol1803.793.3396.9748191.9
11King's College London, University of London1744.043.594.8708691.8
12University of York1654.23.5398.6667691.7
13Durham University1743.723.2298.4758191.6
14University of Exeter1693.83.4497.8767691.6
15University of Warwick1564.053.3597.6748291
16University of Leeds1603.723.2898.1738490.5
17The University of Edinburgh1983.633.6498.1647390.5
18University of Surrey1414.063.3597787989.9
19Lancaster University1563.843.2399737389.7
20University of Southampton1523.93.3798687889.4
21Newcastle University1573.813.2196.8737889.4
22University of Sheffield1503.553.4598.8688289
23University of Birmingham1543.613.4897.8657988.6
24University of Nottingham1573.673.2998.2687288.6
25University of Manchester1613.573.3897.9647288.2
26Aston University, Birmingham1313.913.1898.3708688.2
27University of Strathclyde2023.973.4997557388.1
28Queen Mary University of London1493.793.2898618188
29Royal Holloway, University of London1513.833.4795.9647588
30University of East Anglia UEA1383.853.4597.6607386.8
31University of Liverpool1433.473.4697.8627786.7
32Bangor University1284.153.1796.7647286.3
33University of Aberdeen1694.23.2897.5497586
34University of Reading1393.573.3297597885.7
35City, University of London1413.92.8997.3607585.6
36University of Kent1363.363.1797.3687585.4
37University of Leicester1273.743.3297.1587985.2
38Northumbria University, Newcastle1433.872.8597596985
39Nottingham Trent University1303.923.0297.3567584.4
40University of Sussex1373.723.3896.9487284.3
41Glasgow Caledonian University1813.993.4198.1457384.3
42University of Plymouth1323.853.0597.1507684.1
43Queen's University Belfast1623.822.6495.7486784
44University of Stirling1654.043.1896.2476784
45Swansea University1383.62.995.7636783.9
46University of Portsmouth1294.072.9693.4597483.8
47University of Lincoln1293.763.0396.4557483.7
48Keele University1293.722.9795.1627683.7
49Ulster University1273.963.0394.8587183.6
50University of Essex1223.933.3293.9557283.4
51University of Hull1263.93.195.5517283.1
52Bristol, University of the West of England1314.032.9293.7567682.8
53Plymouth Marjon University1214.552.6493.382.6
54Liverpool John Moores University1383.892.4693.5587582.6
55University of Winchester1263.812.2892.3717482.2
56University of Dundee1703.83.0694.6437082.2
57University of Hertfordshire1153.812.8995.4617782.2
58Abertay University1563.992.6896.8576582.1
59University of Suffolk1034.12.6990.4747582
60Manchester Metropolitan University1343.853.0294.5516982
61Oxford Brookes University1114.032.9395.5537381.6
62Heriot-Watt University1703.72.4196.3546381.5
63Bournemouth University1183.782.7395.1576981.4
64Staffordshire University1213.932.7592.7557381.4
65Edinburgh Napier University1684.143.0891.8545781.3
66University of Westminster, London1113.812.7594.4617180.9
67Liverpool Hope University1253.612.9292.2586580.9
68University of Chester1293.932.3593.1616780.8
69Edge Hill University1313.92.4593.6526780.7
70University of Greenwich1203.852.9592.1616080.7
71University of Chichester1224.072.0891.3637280.5
72Birmingham City University1273.892.1993.5567880.5
73Sheffield Hallam University1193.742.6496.6527580.5
74University of Brighton1173.552.8394.9527780.4
75University of South Wales1243.912.7790.8626980.3
76University of Worcester1203.772.393.2578280.3
77Leeds Beckett University1213.792.5494.2527580.1
78University of Central Lancashire1243.892.7995446880.1
79Cardiff Metropolitan University1283.442.9690.9548080
80Kingston University1183.882.6592.6546879.8
81Brunel University London1193.572.5295.4556379.7
82Aberystwyth University1254.172.1795.6366979.3
83University of Roehampton1073.712.9292.3526979.2
84University of Salford1223.493.0190.9508179.2
85Canterbury Christ Church University1064.132.6391.8527279.2
86York St John University1214.112.6792.3466179.1
87University of Gloucestershire1213.851.5595576778.7
88University of Derby1164.082.3194486578.6
89Bath Spa University1173.72.0693.4567378.5
90Anglia Ruskin University1083.942.6887.9547578.5
91University of Bradford1173.672.0992.9586778.3
92University of the West of Scotland13342.2791.8567178
93Coventry University1283.842.9786.1447177.9
94London Metropolitan University1024.152.6784.1656377.9
95University of Cumbria1034.41287.86077.5
96De Montfort University1163.612.4391.7526777.5
97Goldsmiths, University of London1203.213.0190.6495877.3
98Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh1553.742.393.9445677.2
99Leeds Trinity University1153.981.7889.1578077.1
100University of Buckingham1313.9584.1728377
101University of Huddersfield1273.942.490.3306776.6
102St Mary's University, Twickenham1134.042.1785.4477876.6
103London South Bank University1103.542.4990.3486676.3
104University of Bedfordshire983.792.6385.8567976
105University of Bolton1174.151.6389.7556075.9
106University of Wales Trinity Saint David1263.991.3981.1627475.5
107Teesside University, Middlesbrough1153.882.1789.9417075.4
108Middlesex University1113.622.7483.7615275.3
109University of Northampton1103.642.0991.6356874.7
110University of East London1053.452.6191.4416874.7
111University of Sunderland1194.052.8780.1465674
112University of Wolverhampton1083.932.3787.5395873.9
113Solent University (Southampton)1223.6688.2488273.7
114University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)1594.24555073.7
115University of West London1074.071.491.2425473.3
116Newman University, Birmingham1044.031.1984.9576873
117Bishop Grosseteste University1063.361.82797469.9
118Buckinghamshire New University1034.1181.6383666.4

How are the Rankings Measured?

The ranking methodology includes several key indicators, such as teaching quality, research output and reputation, industry connections and engagement, international diversity, and citations. These indicators help evaluate the academic environment, resources, faculty expertise, and global impact of relevant institutions. The rankings also consider factors like student satisfaction, graduate employability, and the influence and reach of research conducted by the universities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Studying Psychology in UK Universities

The entry requirements vary among universities, but most typically require A-levels or their equivalent. Generally, a combination of subjects including psychology, biology, sociology, or mathematics is preferred. It is advisable to check the specific requirements of the universities you are interested in.

While prior knowledge of psychology is not mandatory, having a strong foundation in scientific and critical thinking skills is beneficial. Proficiency in research methods, data analysis, and excellent written and verbal communication skills are highly valued in psychology programs.

UK universities offering psychology degrees are usually accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). BPS accreditation ensures that the programme meets high academic and professional standards, and it is recognised by employers and professional bodies in the field.

In most undergraduate psychology programmes in the UK, the curriculum covers a broad range of psychology topics, providing a solid foundation across various areas. However, specialisation typically occurs at the postgraduate level, where you can choose to pursue a specific field of psychology.

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