Badminton School: Reviews, Rankings, Fees, And More

Welcome to our comprehensive review of Badminton School, a renowned educational institution that has been shaping young minds for years. Nestled in a tranquil setting, this school has become a beacon of academic excellence and personal development, attracting students from diverse backgrounds seeking an enriching learning experience. In this review, we delve into the school’s exceptional programmes, dedicated faculty, and vibrant extracurricular activities that foster a holistic approach to education. 

Badminton School

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Key Features of Badminton School

  • Boarding: Yes
  • Local authority: Bristol
  • Pupils: 550; sixth formers: 125
  • Religion: Non-denominational
  • Fees: Day £19,410; Boarding £36,390 – £46,770 pa
  • Rankings: 89

Badminton School Results

2023: 48.5% A*A at A level.

2022: 79% 9-7 at GCSE; 85% A*/A at A level (73 % A*-B).

Teaching and Learning

Badminton School employs a dynamic and focused approach to teaching and learning, setting a standard of academic excellence in Bristol. Classes are intentionally small, fostering an environment where students thrive with personalised attention. The emphasis extends beyond conventional exam-centric learning, as educators aim to instill a profound understanding of subjects. Furthermore, the teaching staff’s passion for their disciplines is palpable, generating a genuine enthusiasm for learning among students.

Incorporating a balanced blend of technology and tradition, Badminton ensures that students strike a harmonious equilibrium between laptop-based work and handwritten tasks. The curriculum also offers a vast array of subject combinations at both GCSE and A level, with specialised instruction in languages such as French, German, Spanish, and even Japanese and Chinese. On top of that, the school’s commitment to STEM subjects is especially noteworthy, with state-of-the-art science labs and a hands-on approach that ignites curiosity and engagement.

Beyond the classroom, Badminton fosters a culture of academic exploration. Students are encouraged to participate in external academic challenges, showcasing their prowess in diverse fields. Notable achievements include contributing to scientific papers and presentations at renowned venues like CERN‘s physics pavilion. 

Boarding Facilities in Badminton School

Badminton School offers exceptional boarding facilities, with a balanced mix of 45% boarders and 55% day girls (60% boarders at higher levels). Three dedicated boarding houses cater to various age groups, ensuring a supportive and tailored experience.

Students progress from dorms of six to individual rooms, fostering independence. Each house features common rooms, kitchens, and quiet spaces for relaxation and creativity. Weekends combine organised outings and student-initiated events, striking a balance between structure and autonomy.

The school maintains a unified classroom experience, keeping boarding houses off-limits during the day. Day students are encouraged to participate in weekend activities, promoting inclusivity. Exeat breaks provide rest and connection, with the school remaining open for those who can’t go home. Badminton School’s boarding environment is a nurturing second home, fostering growth and cherished memories.

Extra Curricular Activities in Badminton School

At Badminton School, the emphasis on individual growth extends beyond academics and finds vibrant expression in a rich tapestry of extracurricular activities. The school’s nurturing environment empowers girls to pursue their unique passions and interests, fostering a sense of identity and accomplishment.

In the realm of music, the school resonates with a symphony of talent. Over 50% of students play musical instruments, and a plethora of orchestras, ensembles, and choirs invite participation. The pinnacle is the annual main concert held at the esteemed St George’s Bristol, showcasing the students’ musical prowess. While the music programme thrives, there is an acknowledgment of room for improvement in the infrastructure of the music building itself.

Every year, drama takes centre stage with an array of performances that capture the essence of storytelling. From a whole-school production to a year 7 musical and co-curricular club shows, the dramatic arts flourish. Artistry finds its haven in well-lit studios, where students bring their creative visions to life. Notable creations include captivating mixed-media artworks and innovative clothing designs that blend cultures and influences.

There are over 100 lunchtime clubs spanning sports, music, languages, and even a witty debating group known as the Hot Potato Club. The entrepreneurial spirit thrives as well, with student teams earning accolades, such as a nationwide competition victory for their environmentally friendly cleaning solution. Community engagement is integral, as students partake in activities ranging from supporting the elderly at a neighboring care home to participating in a science outreach programme.

Sports are a pillar of strength, with top-notch facilities, including an Astro turf, netball courts, swimming pool, and a sports hall. Hockey, netball, tennis, and swimming form the core, complemented by a diverse array of co-curricular pursuits such as fencing, judo, CrossFit, football, and, fittingly, badminton.

Admissions Process: Entering Badminton School

The admissions process at Badminton School is carefully designed to identify promising students and ensure a smooth transition into the school community. For entry into year 7, applicants are evaluated through English and maths exams, along with an online cognitive ability test. Additionally, each applicant participates in a personal interview conducted by a senior staff member. While the transition from the junior school is not automatic, the majority of students seamlessly progress to the next level. Candidates from Badminton Junior school undergo the same assessments as external applicants, with approximately half of the year 7 cohort originating from the junior school.

Overseas applicants seeking admission are assessed through the UK Independent Schools’ Entry Test (UKISET). Those meeting the assessment criteria then engage in a video conference interview. For entry into the sixth form, prospective students sit examinations in two of their intended A-level subjects, alongside an online cognitive ability test and a subsequent interview. This comprehensive admissions process ensures that Badminton School continues to attract and nurture talented individuals, fostering an environment of academic excellence and personal growth.

SEN Support

Here are some of the special needs that Badminton School supports: 

  • Aspergers
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia

Badminton School Testimonials and Reviews


At Badminton, I am constantly inspired by my peers and teachers and love being a member of a community that cares.


I’m so happy that I’ve been to a campus school but in a city, because it just expands your opportunities


Badminton has taught me always to be curious, always to ask questions and to learn from each experience


I made friends quickly and feel like I have been at the School for years

Frequently Asked Questions about Badminton School

Badminton School is an independent boarding and day school for girls aged between 3 and 18, and it has been rated as one of the top girl schools which is well-known for its excellent performance in science.

Founded in 1858 by Mrs Miriam Badock, Badminton was set up to offer girls the same educational opportunities that their brothers enjoyed. At this time, Christian socialist ideas were often a vehicle for talking about the importance of education (especially for women).

“We pride ourselves on a culture of mutual respect and tolerance, underpinned by a strong sense of integrity. We challenge our pupils to be the best they can and to be intellectually curious. We encourage contribution from pupils to every aspect of the School.”

The school occupies 220 acres of parkland. Despite the access to the city centre, the atmosphere of Badminton is safe and secure – the school is surrounded by a historic stone wall.

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