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The Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) stands as a beacon of excellence in education, comprising a network of 12,000 students across 25 independent girls’ schools in England and Wales. Established in 1872, the GDST is committed to fostering academic achievement, personal growth, and a sense of empowerment in its students. With a rich history and a forward-looking approach to education, the GDST is dedicated to preparing girls for success in a diverse and dynamic world.

Girls' Day School Trust (GDST)

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What is the Girls' Day School Trust?

The Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) stands as a stalwart in the realm of girls’ education. It has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1872. Since its inception, GDST has been a trailblazer in providing a transformative educational experience for young women across the United Kingdom. This article delves into the multifaceted aspects of GDST. We’ll explore its mission, educational philosophy, impact, and the empowering environment it creates for its students.

List of GDST Schools

School Name
1Oxford High School
2Blackheath High School
3South Hampstead High School
4Putney High School
5Wimbledon High School
6Croydon High School
7Bromley High School
8Brighton Girls
9Nottingham Girls' High School
10Sutton High School
11Royal High School Bath
12Howell's School, Llandaff
13Northampton High School
14Newcastle High School for Girls
15Northwood College for Girls
16Kensington Prep School
17Sydenham High School
18Norwich High School for Girls
19Birkenhead High School Academy
20Portsmouth High School
21Shrewsbury High School
22Streatham & Clapham High School
23The Belvedere Academy
24Tonbridge School
25Notting Hill & Ealing High School

GDST Schools in London

School Name
Blackheath High School
Bromley High School
Croydon High School
Kensington Prep School
Northwood College for Girls
Notting Hill & Ealing High School
Putney High School
South Hampstead High School
Streatham & Clapham High School
Sutton High School
Sydenham High School
Wimbledon High School

GDST Fees and Scholarships


The fees charged by the GDST enable the organisation to invest in top-notch teachers, state-of-the-art facilities, and the essential infrastructure shared across the school network. The GDST Council regularly reviews school fees, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to maintaining the high standards of education and facilities.

The GDST works diligently to keep fees as affordable as possible. The aim is to reach a broad spectrum of girls who could benefit from an education at one of its schools. In recent years, an allocation equivalent to 5% of the GDST’s overall fee income has been dedicated to supporting the GDST bursary programme.


As a charitable organisation, the GDST is dedicated to extending its impact to as many girls as possible. Of course, there is a specific emphasis on identifying those with exceptional potential. This commitment is geared towards maintaining the diversity and inclusivity of GDST schools, fostering communities that bring together talented girls from various backgrounds to fully experience the benefits of a GDST education.

In addition to the means-tested bursary programme, each school within the GDST framework provides scholarships based on merit, irrespective of financial circumstances. The majority of these scholarships are typically offered at Year 7. This is determined by performance in entrance examinations, auditions, or other assessment methods. In the case of Sixth Form scholarships, recognition is given to outstanding ability demonstrated in individual subjects or disciplines. It’s also noteworthy that a scholarship may be combined with a bursary when there is a demonstrated financial need.

GDST School Rankings

The school rankings below are based on the 2023 GCSE results.

School NameGCSE 2023 Results (9-7)
1Brighton Girls93%
2Nottingham Girls' High School91%
3Sutton High School90%
4Royal High School Bath89%
5Notting Hill & Ealing High School88%
6Croydon High School86% (9-6)
7Bromley High School35% (9-8)
8Howell's School, Llandaff77%
9Northampton High School75%
10Newcastle High School for Girls74%
11Northwood College for Girls73%
12=Kensington Prep School68%
12=Sydenham High School68%
14Norwich High School for Girls65%
15Birkenhead High School Academy61%
15Portsmouth High School59%
17Shrewsbury High School56%
18Streatham & Clapham High School50%
19The Belvedere Academy50%
20Tonbridge School26%
21Oxford High SchoolN/A
22Blackheath High SchoolN/A
23South Hampstead High SchoolN/A
24Putney High SchoolN/A
25Wimbledon High SchoolN/A

Brighton GDST: Brighton Girls’ School

Brighton Girls is a vibrant educational institution catering to girls aged 4 to 18 years, fostering a dynamic and supportive learning environment. With a total of 413 pupils, the school provides a comprehensive curriculum from Year 1 to Year 13. The fees, which vary according to year groups, cover the regular curriculum, school books, and materials, as well as games and careers guidance. It’s worth noting that optional extra subjects and lunches are charged separately. The termly fees for the academic year 2023/2024 range from £3,479 for Reception to £5,690 for students in Years 10-13, reflecting the school’s commitment to providing quality education across all age groups.

Nottingham GDST: Nottingham Girls’ High School

Nottingham Girls’ High School stands as an esteemed educational institution providing a nurturing environment for girls aged 3 to 18 years. With a student body of 685 pupils, the school operates as a day-only facility, with no boarding options. The comprehensive termly fees for the academic year 2023/24 cover a range of enriching opportunities, including extra-curricular activities, curricular trips, personalised mentoring, and essential equipment such as stationery, textbooks, and personal iPads. The fee structure is tiered based on year groups, ranging from £3,693 for Reception to £5,243 for students in Years 7-13. This reflects the school’s commitment to offering a well-rounded education across all age levels.

Newcastle GDST: Newcastle High School for Girls

Newcastle High School for Girls is a distinguished educational institution offering a comprehensive learning experience for girls aged 3 to 18 years. With a student body of 659 pupils, the school caters to a diverse range of educational needs. The termly fees for the academic year 2023/24 encompass various aspects. This includes the regular curriculum, school books, stationery, materials, choral music, games, swimming, and careers guidance. However, it’s important to note that public examination fees, optional extra subjects, and school meals are not included in the overall fees. The tiered fee structure ranges from £3,240 for Nursery to £5,017 for Senior students, reflecting the school’s commitment to providing a holistic and inclusive education across different age groups.

Norwich GDST: Norwich High School for Girls

Norwich High School for Girls boasts a rich tradition of cultivating academic excellence, with a notable track record of securing first-choice university placements. Beyond mere examination results, the school is dedicated to providing a holistic and enriching educational experience. Catering to girls aged 3 to 18 years, the institution maintains a vibrant student body of 580 pupils and operates exclusively as a day school, offering no boarding facilities. The termly fees for the academic year 2023/24 are tiered based on school levels, ranging from £3,543 for full-time Nursery to £5,609 for the Senior School. This fee structure reflects the school’s commitment to delivering a well-rounded education that goes beyond traditional academic achievements across all age groups.

Bromley GDST: Bromley High School

Established in 1883, Bromley High School has maintained a legacy of providing outstanding education to talented girls. Catering to an age range of 4 to 18 years, the school has an impressive student population of 875 pupils. In terms of its fee structure for the academic year 2023/24, the termly fees vary based on school levels. For the Senior School, the termly fee is £6,854, while the Junior School, inclusive of Reception, has a termly fee of £5,527. This fee framework reflects Bromley High School’s commitment to delivering quality education across different age groups and ensuring that talented girls have access to an exceptional learning experience.


Join GDST, a network comprising 25 schools throughout England and Wales, with a variety of opportunities. The vacancies encompass roles in teaching and classroom support, as well as specialised positions at the Head Office, spanning non-teaching areas such as catering, finance, and estates management.

Here is the list of job vacancies in GDST: 

  1. Exam Invigilators
  2. First Line IT Technician
  3. Estates and Transport Manager
  4. Catering and Cleaning Manager
  5. Teaching Assistant Vacancy
  6. School Nurse
  7. Head of Psychology
  8. Head of Junior School
  9. Casual Cover Supervisor
  10. SEND Teaching Assistant
  11. General Assistant Casual

GDST Notable Alumnae

  • Dame Mary Quant DBE: (Fashion designer, Blackheath High School)
  • Hannah Mills OBE: (Two-time world champion and Olympic gold medal winning sailor, Howell’s School, Llandaff)
  • Sandie Okoro: (Senior Vice President & General Counsel at World Bank Group, Putney High School)
  • Afua Hirsch: (British author and broadcaster, Wimbledon High School)

GDST Head Office

  • Address: 10 Bressenden Place London, SW1E 5DH, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 (0)20 7393 6666
  • Inquiry: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

The Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) is a leading group of 25 independent girls’ schools in the UK, established in 1872. With a commitment to academic excellence and innovation, GDST schools empower girls aged 4 to 18. The trust operates independently, yet collaborates within a supportive network to provide a high-quality and diverse education, preparing girls for success in various fields.

The Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) is the UK’s leading family of 25 independent girls’ schools and two academies with nearly 20,000 students.

The GDST was founded in 1872 by four pioneering women, Mrs Maria Grey, her sister Miss Emily Shirreff, Lady Stanley of Alderley and Miss Mary Gurney. They believed that girls should be entitled to the same academic education as their brothers.

To keep building, to create a more equal world in which all girls can thrive. A world where girls learn without limits, where she can achieve whatever she puts her mind to.

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