Ruthin School: Exploring Reviews, Rankings, Fees, And More

Embark on a journey to uncover the essence of Ruthin School—a place where education transcends boundaries and ignites passions. Join us as we delve into firsthand reviews, enlightening rankings, day and boarding fees, and the heartwarming tales that make Ruthin School more than just an institution, but a vibrant community where individuals thrive. Welcome to Ruthin School—where learning meets inspiration.

Ruthin School Review

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Key Features of Ruthin School

  • Local authority: Denbighshire
  • Pupils: 260
  • Fees: Day £13,650 – £16,540; Boarding £25,650 – £42,700 pa
  • Ranking: 36th (Independent Schools Council)

Ruthin School Fees

Type of BoardingFees per Year (£)
Full Boarding£42,700
Weekly Boarding (4 nights, Monday to Thursday)£25,650
Weekly Boarding (5 nights, Sunday to Thursday)£28,950
FormAnnual Fee (£)
Form 1£13,650
Form 2£13,650
Form 3£14,228
Form 4 & 5£14,775
Sixth Form£16,540

Ruthin School Results


70% Grade A/A*

90% Grade A*/A/B

***Over 50% of all university places attained are at the top G5 ranked universities in the UK

Boarding Experience in Ruthin School

Stepping into Ruthin School’s boarding experience feels like stepping into a vibrant tapestry of cultures, stories, and adventures waiting to unfold. From the moment one arrives, they’re greeted not just by buildings, but by a community buzzing with life and energy.

What sets Ruthin School apart is its dedication to nurturing not just academic excellence but also the holistic development of its boarders. From the youngest students sharing rooms and forging lifelong friendships to the Upper Sixth students enjoying the privacy of their own space, there’s a sense of belonging that permeates every aspect of boarding life.

The tranquil beauty of the countryside surrounding the campus becomes a catalyst for learning and growth. With fewer distractions and a supportive network of teachers and peers, students are encouraged to push their boundaries and reach new heights.

Evenings are alive with a whirlwind of activities that cater to every interest and passion. Whether diving into a heated game of football, delving into the world of arts and crafts, or simply gathering around for a cosy movie night, there’s something for everyone.

Weekends are a whole other adventure, with thrilling excursions to explore bustling cities and hidden gems across the UK. But it’s not just about the destinations; it’s about the journey, the bonds formed, and the memories made along the way.

Extracurricular Activities in Ruthin School

The Electives in Ruthin School are more than mere extracurricular activities; they serve as a platform for students to cultivate skills essential for their future careers while simultaneously nurturing their overall wellbeing. From fostering teamwork and leadership to honing networking and social skills, participation in Electives is a holistic experience designed to prepare students for the challenges of life beyond school.

Engaging in the Electives and Clubs programme at Ruthin School isn’t merely about personal development; it’s also about forging enduring memories and fostering lifelong friendships. Whether through competitive matches, creative pursuits, or simply shared moments with friends, these experiences often form the cornerstone of a student’s time at school.

Here is a list of activities and clubs available for students:

DramaArts Award (Certificated)Cookery
Local Culture StudiesEco SchoolHistorical Project Skills
RoboticsWoodland SkillsRock Band
LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art)DebatingPhotoshop basics
Health and LifestyleHow to use ExcelDIY skills
CV writingElectronicsExercise and Physiology
Model United NationsThe Ruthinian MagazineCreative Media
Dungeons and DragonsExtended Project Qualification (EPQ)Gresham Essay Prize
Maths ModellingIntroduction to University MathematicsSixth Form Robotics
Super Curriculum DevelopmentPersonal DevelopmentBadminton
BasketballBooks in TranslationChinese for Non-Native Speakers
ChoirCreative WritingCyber Security
DebateDuke of Edinburgh Awards (Certificated)Film Club
FootballHumanities TriviaMindfulness
Model MakingNetballOrchestra
Table TennisTouch RugbyTabletop Gaming
UKMT – UK Maths ChallengeWelsh Conversation Club

Ruthin School Testimonials and Reviews

Richard Jones

Moved our child from the School across the Road last year. I wish we had done it sooner. The best decision we have made by far. The level of teaching is first class. The change in our child is remarkable. A much happier child. Thank you to all the staff at Ruthin School.

Dr Kevin Soh

During my visit to Ruthin School, the Vice Principal Mr Welsby, biology teacher, took us around to view the campus. He was extremely enthusiastic about his mission of providing his students a first class education.

If I was a student, I would want Mr Welsby as my biology teacher.

Steve Galloway

Ruthin School traces its origins to Edward 1st’s Welsh Conquest. There is no conclusive evidence supporting the school’s assumed formation in 1284, but in “Ruthin School: The First Seven Centuries”, author Keith Kenyon-Thompson (my English teacher at Ruthin School between 1971 – 1979) cites the Taxation of 1291 which lists a collegiate church and school in Ruthin. Postulating that Reginald de Grey likely founded the school, Kenyon-Thompson’s claim is not contested. On this basis Ruthin School is the oldest in Wales, and one of the oldest in Britain.

History is difficult to chart in the following centuries and the school was likely a victim of the dissolution of the church to which it was associated.The school was re-founded by the Dean of Westminster Gabriel Goodman in 1575. Goodman was a former Ruthinan. In 1595 Goodman successfully petitioned Queen Elizabeth 1st to grant the Tithes of Llanelidan to the school in perpetuity. The charter is on display in the school.

Ruthin School has been co-educational since 1990 and in recent years has capitalized on strong student enrollment to develop the current campus and also to acquire additional property in town to cope with increased demand for boarding facilities.While students and parents have varying opinions about the school its history and recent academic results are remarkable and the school continues to play an important role in Ruthin’s historical fabric.

Pete Thornton

Fantastic school with excellent facilities and a real passion for student progression, both academically and socially.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ruthin School

Ruthin School can trace its origins back to 1284 when Edward I built a castle and with it a garrison chapel which was later assimilated by St Peter’s Church.

Arts: Art, Music; Humanities: Economics, Geography, History; Languages: French, Latin, Spanish; Other Science based options: Astronomy, Computer Science; Other Mathematics based options: Statistics.

Scholarships are available for the most exceptional students. This academic year there are scholarships available for talented badminton players, musicians and a limited number of academic scholarships. Their fees for 2023/2024 are £42,700.

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