Mount Kelly: Exploring School Reviews, Rankings, Fees, And More

Embark on a journey with us as we delve into the world of Mount Kelly, not just as a prestigious institution, but as a vibrant community shaping young minds. Beyond mere reviews and rankings, we aim to offer you a glimpse into the heart of Mount Kelly – its spirit, its people, and its ethos. Join us as we unravel the layers of this educational haven, exploring its fees, accolades, and what truly sets it apart in the realm of education.

Mount Kelly School Review

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Key Features of Mount Kelly

  • Local authority: Devon
  • Pupils: 378; sixth formers: 162
  • Religion: Church of England
  • Fees: Day: £20,550 – £20,970 pa; Boarding: £36,780 – £36,960 pa
  • Open days: Sixth Form Open Day: October; College Open Day: September

Mount Kelly School Results

GCSE Results (2023):

    • 36% achieved grades 9-7.

A Level Results (2023):

    • 20% attained A* or A grades.
    • 46% secured A* to B grades.

GCSE Results (2019 – Pre-pandemic):

    • 41% attained grades 9-7.

A Level Results (2019 – Pre-pandemic):

    • 31% achieved A* or A grades.
    • 54% secured A* to B grades.

Boarding Experience in Mount Kelly

Experience the welcoming boarding environment at Mount Kelly, where students find a home away from home. With over half of the student body opting for boarding, the atmosphere is one of camaraderie and comfort.

Nestled just minutes away from the main school buildings, the two boarding houses for boys and two for girls offer a tranquil retreat. While most students choose full boarding, the option to head home on weekends provides a perfect balance.

Led by dedicated housemasters and housemistresses, along with caring tutors, the boarding community is nurtured with support and guidance. From relaxed weekends filled with activities like surfing along the Devon coast to outings in Tavistock, students enjoy a varied and fulfilling experience.

At Mount Kelly, values like open-mindedness, tolerance, and generosity of spirit are cultivated alongside academic excellence. Parents appreciate the proactive communication from houseparents, ensuring they’re always informed about their child’s well-being.

Extracurricular Activities in Mount Kelly

For the musically inclined, the school offers over 200 music lessons each week. From orchestras and string ensembles to soul and rock bands, there’s a platform for students to showcase their musical prowess. The college chamber choir adds to the school’s rich musical tradition, having clinched the prestigious Barnardo’s School Choir of the Year competition in 2020.

Drama enthusiasts are treated to two captivating productions annually, ranging from foot-tapping musicals to more intellectually stimulating studio productions. With imaginative choices like Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood and thought-provoking plays like Blue Stockings, students explore the depths of theatrical expression.

Art takes on a whole new dimension at Mount Kelly, with an inspiring head of art pushing students beyond their comfort zones to unleash their creative potential. From innovative projects like creating portraits inspired by staff members and art styles to repurposing furniture in eco-conscious initiatives, students engage in hands-on exploration.

In the realm of sports, Mount Kelly’s reputation precedes itself, particularly in swimming. Boasting an elite swim squad and Olympic-standard facilities, the school has produced over 100 international swimmers over the years. Yet, it’s not just about swimming; traditional sports like rugby, hockey, netball, and cricket thrive alongside newer additions like girls’ football. The school’s partnership with the Chelsea Football Club Foundation underscores its commitment to nurturing talent across diverse sporting disciplines.

From gruelling challenges like the Ten Tors to enriching experiences like the Model United Nations, Mount Kelly offers a holistic education that extends far beyond the classroom. With a plethora of activities catering to varied interests and abilities, students are empowered to explore, excel, and thrive in every aspect of their school journey.

Admissions Process: Entering Mount Kelly

At Mount Kelly, the admissions process is designed to welcome pupils from various backgrounds and locations, ensuring a diverse and dynamic student body. For most prep pupils, the transition to the college occurs at 13+, fostering continuity and a sense of progression within the school community.

However, Mount Kelly also welcomes students from across the UK and around the world, including international boarders from different regions. Regardless of their origin, the school values students with a proactive attitude and a willingness to embrace new opportunities. They seek individuals who embody a ‘have-a-go’ approach, demonstrating enthusiasm and eagerness to engage fully in school life.

For entry into the sixth form, Mount Kelly requires prospective students to meet specific academic criteria. Applicants are expected to have achieved at least five grade 5s or above at GCSE, with higher grades (6s or above) in subjects intended for study at A level. Additionally, a minimum grade 7 is required for mathematics and the sciences.

To complete the application process, prospective students must provide a report from their current school, offering insights into their academic performance and personal qualities. This comprehensive approach ensures that Mount Kelly admits students who not only excel academically but also contribute positively to the vibrant school community.

SEN Support in Mount Kelly

The school is capable of supporting pupils with the following special educational needs

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Aspergers
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders
  • Dyscalculia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Mental health
  • Physical Disability

Mount Kelly Images: Take a Peek Inside

Mount Kelly Testimonials and Reviews

Wendy Whittaker

My son has attended the swim camp here over the last few years and absolutely loved it. It is clear the school values hard work, effort and a well-rounded child. He has enjoyed the training, the accommodation and food, the friendships and other activities provided during the week. If your values align with those of the school, I expect your children will also be happy, fulfilled and reach their potential by coming here. Not everyone understands or agrees with enabling elite performance. However, my feeling is that done in the right way, with humility and conscience, this kind of education changes society and ultimately, can change the world.

T Adama

My children go to Mount Kelly and absolutely love it. It has one of the best swimming programs in the country, a great female football academy in conjunction with Chelsea and great outdoor activities (it’s in the lovely west Devon area). Pastoral care is top notch and i love the school’s handling of the very difficult environment we found ourselves in with the Covid Pandemic.

Liz King

It is a beautiful school with stunning grounds and a lovely staff.

Eddie A

Well rounded education, had amazing 5 years here. Those moaning probably looking to blame someone for their failings 😉

Frequently Asked Questions about Mount Kelly

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Mount Kelly School is non-selective, yet achieved a very respectable 37% A grades at A-Levels and 36% 9-7 grades at GCSEs in 2023. This is in no small part due to the good pupil-to-teacher ratio of 10:1, as well as dedicated teachers and a highly supportive learning environment.

Mount Kelly was established in June 2014 following the merger of two neighbouring schools, Kelly College and Mount House School.

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