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City, University of London is a prestigious institution in the heart of London. It offers diverse programmes with a focus on business, law, health sciences, arts, social sciences, mathematics, and engineering. Known for academic excellence and a global outlook, the university provides modern facilities, career-focused education, vibrant student life, various accommodation options, and financial support through scholarships. Its central London location enhances networking opportunities and exposure to potential employers, contributing to the institution’s dynamic and successful legacy.

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City, University of London, founded in 1894 as the Northampton Institute and granted university status in 1966, is a public research university located in the heart of London. The campus, situated in the Clerkenwell area, accommodates five schools offering diverse undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in arts and social sciences, health sciences, mathematics, computer science, engineering, business, and law. 

With a reputation for academic excellence and a strong focus on research, the university collaborates with industry partners and maintains an international outlook, attracting a diverse student body. Notably, the City Law School is renowned for its emphasis on practical legal skills and industry connections. The vibrant campus life includes various student organisations, clubs, and societies, contributing to a dynamic educational experience in one of the world’s leading cities.

City, University of London Rankings 2024

City, University of London was ranked 6th in London and 38th in the UK in the QS World University Rankings 2024, comparing favourably with 1,500 global institutions. The rankings incorporated new metrics aligning with City’s strategic priorities, including sustainability, graduate employability, and international research collaboration. City’s Career Activation Programme (CAP) focuses on enhancing employability, resulting in a 17th ranking for graduate outcomes. The university’s commitment to sustainability is evident through initiatives like social enterprise hackathons, while a supportive research culture emphasises cutting-edge practices in various fields.

City, University of London Courses and Programmes

City, University of London offers a diverse range of courses and programmes across various disciplines.

Bayes Business School

Bayes Business School is recognised as one of the world’s leading business schools, holding the prestigious triple crown accreditation from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. It has been ranked among the Top 5 business schools in the UK by the Financial Times in 2023 and secured the 5th position in the UK for business and management research in the Research Excellence Framework 2021. Positioned as a global center for finance, Bayes provides unparalleled access to industry insights, business intelligence, and career opportunities. 

The school’s teaching approach involves world-leading academic staff utilising modern methods and tools, coupled with their industry expertise. Bayes students enjoy a vibrant student experience in one of the world’s most exciting cities. Notably, the school has a strong reputation with employers, with leading global companies such as Goldman Sachs and IBM actively recruiting from Bayes. According to the Destination of Higher Education Leavers report, an impressive 90% of Bayes students are employed or pursue further study six months after graduation.

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at City, University of London, situated in the heart of the city, has a distinguished history spanning six decades and played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of computer science in the UK. It contributed to the establishment of the British Computer Society and awarded some of the country’s earliest Computer Science degrees. The department is currently a leader in research and education, particularly in emerging fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data presentation, gaming, software reliability, and cyber security. Recognised as the greenest university in London and ranking 3rd in student satisfaction, City’s central London location fosters close ties with industry, leading to high rates of graduate employability and numerous research-led enterprise opportunities.

In addition to its academic excellence, the Department of Computer Science offers a comprehensive range of courses at various levels. The undergraduate programmes include BSc (Hons) Computer Science, MSci (Hons) Computer Science, BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Games Technology, MSci (Hons) Computer Science with Games Technology, MSci Computer Science with Cyber Security, and MSci Data Science. These programmes reflect the department’s commitment to providing students with a diverse and relevant education in the rapidly evolving field of computer science.

Department of Engineering

City, University of London’s Engineering department, with a rich history spanning over a century, is among the country’s oldest providers of engineering education. Located in the heart of London, the department continues to drive advancements in engineering across land, sea, and air. Renowned for state-of-the-art facilities, including wind tunnels and simulators, students gain hands-on experience with industrial technology. Highly rated undergraduate and postgraduate courses focus on developing technical expertise, strategic thinking, innovation, and communication skills, preparing graduates for diverse engineering careers. 

The department’s strong industry ties, global partnerships, and involvement in research projects are commended by accrediting bodies. Offering BEng (Hons) and MEng (Hons) options in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical and Design Engineering, Engineering Systems, Energy and Sustainability Engineering, Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering, and Engineering with Business, the department provides a range of pathways for aspiring engineers.

City, University of London Entry Deadline

Each year, the application window opens in early September via UCAS for the upcoming academic year. For instance, if you aim to commence your studies in September 2024, you can submit your application starting from 6 September 2023.

While the final deadline for international student applications is 30 June 2024, they strongly recommend applying by the equal consideration deadline on 31 January 2024 (6 pm, UK time). Applying by this date is crucial, as some courses may reach capacity quickly.

For those interested in Medicine or Dentistry courses with a September 2024 start, the specific deadline was 16 October 2023 (6 pm, UK time). It’s important to note that Medicine and Dentistry courses are typically not available through UCAS Extra or Clearing. Therefore, applicants for these programmes should ensure timely submission before the specified deadline.

City, University of London Entry Requirements

City, University of London maintains rigorous yet inclusive entry standards to ensure that students entering its diverse academic community are well-prepared for the challenges of their chosen courses. Entry requirements vary across programmes and include considerations such as academic qualifications, personal statements, and reference letters. It is strongly recommended that prospective students carefully review the specific requirements for their desired course on the official university website or UCAS portal. 

The university employs a comprehensive approach to assessing applicants, considering not only academic achievements but also the enthusiasm, skills, and potential that each candidate brings to their chosen field of study. By adhering to transparent and fair entry standards, City, University of London aims to attract a dynamic and talented cohort of students eager to engage in transformative learning experiences.

City, University of London Fees

The average tuition fees for students from outside the EU/EEA are £16,300 per year, ranging from £7,600 to £26,500.

City, University of London Scholarships

The President’s International Scholarship at City, University of London, aims to recognise and reward exceptional academic performance for international students starting undergraduate courses in September 2023. This scholarship offers a 50% discount on the tuition fee for the first year, acknowledging the increasing costs of university education. To qualify, students must be self-funded. Successful recipients are expected to serve as ambassadors for the City community by participating in university events, contributing to societies, and engaging in broader community initiatives. 

There are thirty scholarships available for students starting in 2023. Eligibility includes being a self-funded student, whether financing your own studies or receiving financial support from family or friends. This initiative reflects the university’s commitment to supporting outstanding international students and fostering a vibrant and engaged academic community. Prospective applicants are encouraged to check the official university website for detailed information and eligibility criteria.

Other scholarship options:

  1. Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Scholarship
  2. BAFTA UK Scholarship Programme
  3. Bayes Business School International Scholarship
  4. Chevening Scholarship
  5. Computer Science and Engineering Scholarship (International Applicants)

City, University of London Facilities

City, University of London has made a significant multi-million pound investment in facilities over the last decade, demonstrating a commitment to providing an exceptional student experience and preparing students for successful careers. This investment has resulted in award-winning spaces designed with user experience in mind. The remodelling of buildings at Northampton Square has created safe, light, and airy spaces with 24-hour digital access, cafes, coffee shops, and quiet and social study areas. 

There’s also dedicated community space for the Students’ Union, clubs, and societies. The university prioritises workplace facilities, incorporating specialist spaces like the Optometry Clinic (City Sight), Adult Nursing Clinical Skills Centre, professional Engineering laboratories, and Journalism TV, radio, and music recording studios. The dynamic approach to learning is evident in the continuous adaptation of spaces and the introduction of new opportunities. For example, the City Law School Building, equipped with a mock court and specialist Law Library, opened in 2020, providing cutting-edge facilities for legal education. This commitment reflects the university’s dedication to offering a modern, well-equipped learning environment for its students.

City, University of London Student Activities And Clubs

City, University of London Students’ Union is an independent, student-led organisation dedicated to enhancing the overall student experience at City. It provides support for a wide range of student-led clubs and societies, covering diverse interests from extracurricular academic events to talent shows. Students can join various groups based on their interests, such as journalism, video production, photography, or law. The Union oversees five types of societies:

  • Academic: These groups run alongside City’s academic programmes, offering spaces for students to network with peers, alumni, and industry professionals through events, debates, and other activities.
  • Cultural and International: These societies revolve around specific cultural and international interests, allowing students to build communities around shared identities and interests.
  • Faith: Faith groups provide spaces for students of specific faiths to meet, organise, and observe their beliefs, often collaborating with City’s chaplaincy team for various activities throughout the year.
  • Political and Campaigning: These groups focus on causes, parties, or issues, bringing together students interested in making a difference. Activities range from fundraising to debates.
  • Special Interest: Whether it’s K-Pop, Motorsports, or running a radio station like Carrot Radio, special interest groups cater to individual hobbies, fostering communities around shared interests and goals.

City, University of London Accommodation

City, University of London prioritises student well-being and convenience when it comes to accommodation. The university aims to ease the stress of finding a place to live by offering affordable and conveniently located halls, with guaranteed spaces for those meeting the criteria. Most halls are within walking distance of the university, making them easily accessible for students. The rooms are available at affordable rates starting from £195 per week.

Choosing City accommodation comes with various benefits. The university invests in subsidies on undergraduate rents to keep costs low, and there is no distinction based on the student’s origin. Halls are open to all students, fostering a diverse community. The Guarantee Scheme for first-year undergraduates ensures that eligible students are assured of a room in the halls.

For those who prefer private accommodation, City’s location in the heart of London offers a vast selection of rooms, flats, and houses. The private accommodation service, managed by the University of London Housing Services, provides access to a wide network of accommodation. Students also benefit from free advice from the university’s housing experts, ensuring support in case any issues arise with landlords. Whether choosing university-managed halls or private accommodation, City, University of London, strives to provide students with comfortable, accessible, and supportive living options.

City, University of London Graduate Employment Rate

The Careers and Employability team at City, University of London collaborates closely with employers and various university departments to offer valuable services to students. Among these services is the Micro-Placement Programme, allowing students to explore career paths outside the typical scope of their degree. Additionally, students benefit from professional mentoring, employer events, community volunteering opportunities, and participation in the City Buddies scheme.

The City University of London boasts a competitive acceptance rate of 12%, reflecting a selective admissions process. Furthermore, the university’s commitment to preparing students for successful careers is evident in its impressive employability rate of 91.7%. This signifies that a significant majority of City, University of London graduates find employment or pursue further studies shortly after completing their education, showcasing the institution’s dedication to fostering strong connections between academic learning and real-world career opportunities.

City, University of London Alumni

  1. Margaret Thatcher:
    • Born: 1925-2013 (aged 88)
    • Profession: Autobiographer, Statesperson, Chemist, Barrister, Politician
    • Notable Achievements: First female British Prime Minister, longest-serving British Prime Minister of the 20th century, known for implementing economic policies termed as Thatcherism.
  2. Jawaharlal Nehru:
    • Born: 1889-1964 (aged 75)
    • Education: Graduated with Bachelor of Laws in law
    • Profession: Barrister, Statesperson, Politician, Trade Unionist, Autobiographer
    • Notable Achievements: First Prime Minister of India after independence, key figure in India’s nationalist movement, promoted parliamentary democracy, secularism, and science and technology.
  3. Tony Blair:
    • Born: 1953-.. (age 70)
    • Profession: Diplomat, Autobiographer, International Forum Participant, Politician, Lawyer
    • Notable Achievements: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007, Leader of the Labour Party, second longest-serving prime minister in modern history.
  4. Vallabhbhai Patel:
    • Born: 1875-1950 (aged 75)
    • Profession: Jurist, Politician, Economist, Barrister
    • Notable Achievements: First Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of India, key leader in India’s struggle for independence, instrumental in the country’s political integration.
  5. Clement Attlee:
    • Born: 1883-1967 (aged 84)
    • Profession: Professor, Politician, Diplomat
    • Notable Achievements: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1945 to 1951, Leader of the Labour Party, longest-serving Labour leader, Deputy Prime Minister during the wartime coalition government.

Experience the City of London

Experiencing the City of London offers a blend of history, modernity, and vibrant cultural experiences. Here are some highlights to explore:

  • Historic Landmarks:
    • Tower of London: Explore this historic castle on the River Thames, known for its rich history and iconic White Tower.
    • Tower Bridge: Admire the architecture of this iconic bridge with stunning views of the city skyline.
  • Financial District:
    • The Gherkin: Marvel at the modern architecture of this iconic skyscraper in the heart of the financial district.
    • The Shard: Visit the tallest building in London for panoramic views from the observation deck.
  • Cultural Institutions:
    • Tate Modern: Discover contemporary and modern art at this renowned art museum housed in a former power station.
    • The British Museum: Explore a vast collection of world art and artefacts, including the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles.
  • Green Spaces:
    • St. James’s Park: Enjoy a leisurely stroll in one of London’s most beautiful parks, with views of Buckingham Palace.
    • Hampstead Heath: Escape to this vast, hilly park offering panoramic views of the city.
  • River Thames:
    • Thames River Cruise: Take a boat tour along the River Thames to see London’s landmarks from the water.
    • South Bank: Enjoy the vibrant South Bank area with its street performers, theatres, and restaurants.

How much does it cost to live in London

Transport (single journey)


Taxi from the airport


Eating out (inexpensive meal) 


Weekly grocery shop




Cinema ticket


University accommodation

from £355

Opportunities in London

London, as a global economic hub, provides a wide range of work opportunities across various industries. Here’s an overview of the job market and work opportunities in London:

Financial Services:

    • London is a major financial center, hosting the headquarters of numerous banks, investment firms, and financial institutions.
    • Opportunities exist in banking, asset management, insurance, and fintech.

Technology and Innovation:

      • London’s tech sector is rapidly growing, offering jobs in software development, IT, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.
      • The city is known for its vibrant startup ecosystem.

Professional Services:

    • London is home to a diverse range of professional services, including legal, consulting, and accountancy firms.
    • Opportunities exist for lawyers, consultants, and accountants.

Healthcare and Life Sciences:

    • The city has world-renowned hospitals, research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies.
    • Opportunities exist in healthcare, medical research, and pharmaceuticals.

Creative and Media:

    • London has a thriving creative and media industry, including film, television, advertising, and design.
    • Opportunities for writers, designers, actors, and media professionals are abundant.

City, University of London Reviews

Here are what students and past students say about City, University of London:

Bryan Wong

Just overall a very good and enjoyable experience. Really interesting modules, lecturers are great and very pleasant environment.

Vera Novita

City, University of London introduces unique courses with a really high-quality education. City has a really strong connection with the industry so it introduces great opportunities for students to continue their experience in the industry environment. The research opportunities across different fields in City are one of the other benefits of studying in the City.


Great university and campus. All the professors and staff are very co-operative. I loved my time here.

Kevin J.

A great college with great facilities – don’t feel out of place at all and feels like home. the teachers, students and staff entirely are all very sweet and welcoming

Omar E.

The City, University of London is good, with excellent facilities and academic staff. The Library is full of resources with long working hours until midnight.

University Contact

  • Official website:
  • Address: Northampton Square, London EC1V 0HB, United Kingdom
  • General information for international students: +44 20 7040 5060

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