Cardiff Sixth Form College: Reviews, Rankings, Fees, And More

Nestled in the vibrant city of Cardiff, Cardiff Sixth Form College stands as a beacon of academic excellence in the United Kingdom. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore this prestigious institution from every angle. From candid reviews to its impressive rankings, and a breakdown of tuition fees, we leave no stone unturned. Join us as we navigate the realm of Cardiff Sixth Form College, offering you a comprehensive insight into one of the UK’s leading educational establishments.

Cardiff Sixth Form College

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Key Features of Cardiff Sixth Form College

  • Boarding: Yes
  • Local authority: Cardiff
  • Pupils: 365; sixth formers: 340
  • Religion: Non-denominational
  • Fees: Day £20,600; Boarding; £48,800 – £53,600 pa
  • Ranking: 1

Cardiff Sixth Form College Results

2023: 84% 9-7 at GCSE; 95% A*/A at A level (100% A*-B).

2019: 84% 9-7 at GCSE; 90% A*/A at A level.

Boarding Experience in Cardiff Sixth Form College

Cardiff Sixth Form College offers a functional yet accommodating boarding experience, primarily designed to facilitate the attendance of overseas and distant students. Situated in two blocks of former university accommodation, a short stroll from the main college building, it serves as a practical solution for students seeking a secure and comfortable place to stay.

The boarding options are diverse, with students having the choice of either studios or cluster rooms. In the cluster rooms, 5-6 single rooms share a kitchen for light snacks and socialising, fostering a sense of community. GCSE students benefit from a communal dining table, encouraging shared meals and camaraderie. The decor and setup are contemporary, mirroring a university-style atmosphere, preparing students for their future educational journeys.

What sets Cardiff Sixth Form College’s boarding experience apart is the presence of dedicated staff who provide both practical and emotional support when needed. For day students and parents alike, the boarding facility offers a safety net; there’s always enough capacity to accommodate a student arriving late or stranded due to adverse weather conditions.

When it comes to sustenance, all meals are conveniently served on the utilitarian top floor of the main building. The college takes pride in catering to various dietary needs, with an emphasis on halal meat. However, during our visit, the cuisine was notably noodle-heavy, serving up delicious and diverse options for the students. This culinary diversity adds to the overall experience of life at Cardiff Sixth Form College.

Extra Curricular Activities

At Cardiff Sixth Form College, students are encouraged to broaden their horizons and explore a variety of extracurricular activities. Debating is a universally praised activity that not only hones critical thinking and argumentative skills but also boosts confidence in English, particularly for non-native speakers.

For those looking to strike a balance between work and play, the college offers a range of creative outlets. The Glee club allows students to showcase their singing and dancing talents, with recent productions like Hairspray and Mulan demonstrating the diverse and culturally rich student body. The annual Eisteddfod, a cultural evening, serves as a highlight, where students celebrate national dress, music, and dance.

Throughout the year, students can look forward to themed balls at Halloween and Christmas, fostering a sense of community and fun. Occasionally, team-building trips to the nearby Brecon Beacons provide an opportunity for adventure and camaraderie.

In the realm of arts and music, Cardiff Sixth Form College offers A-level art, and soon, leisure pursuits in art as well. Music ensembles play a significant role, with lessons available in 18 instruments, including unique options like the harp and euphonium. The NASA club, for instance, has earned recognition for its participation in a global competition focused on future human settlements in space.

The college also organises educational trips that align with student interests and aspirations. These range from visits to Bristol Zoo to remarkable international experiences, like the International Citizenship Experience, which takes students to locations such as Malaysia, Tanzania, or India for work experience in diverse settings, including government and NGOs.

Regarding sports, while the college’s city centre location limits traditional sports facilities, students are not short of opportunities to stay active. Sport and fitness activities, including dance, yoga, and swimming, are organised through local gyms and providers, with the college providing transportation. Additionally, there are three hours of compulsory weekly sports for students below sixth form, ensuring that physical activity remains an integral part of student life at Cardiff Sixth Form College.

Admissions Process: Entering Cardiff Sixth Form College

The admissions process at Cardiff Sixth Form College is designed to ensure that students who join are well-prepared for the challenging academic environment. For the one-year GCSE course, some students enroll as a preparatory step before embarking on A levels. Proficiency in English is a fundamental requirement, with overseas students needing to achieve a score of 6.5 in the academic version of the IELTS test.

Furthermore, Cardiff Sixth Form College is highly selective, admitting students who demonstrate not only linguistic proficiency but also academic excellence. Applicants for the two-year GCSE programme must undergo English, maths, and online reasoning tests, followed by an interview. 

Those with prior GCSE qualifications must have achieved a minimum of six 8-9 grades in total, with 8-9 grades in all subjects chosen for A levels. Additionally, they must perform well in college admission tests, including an online reasoning paper, and undergo an interview.

The college’s induction process is well-regarded, providing students with a smooth transition into their academic journey. Parents appreciate the fact that students are not immediately thrust into lessons but are given an opportunity to acclimate to the college’s environment and, in some cases, adapt to higher academic expectations.

Testimonials and Reviews

Alton George
This is the college number 1 in UK and number 2 about political, medicine and economy education in UK.
Daniel Lau

Excellent college and brilliant service.

Ariel Andhika


Frequently Asked Questions

Boarding schools in the UK are educational institutions where students reside on campus, away from their homes. These schools offer full-time boarding options, where students live and study during term time, typically returning home during holidays.

Boarding schools offer a nurturing and immersive educational experience. Benefits include a structured environment for academics, access to a wide range of extracurricular activities, the development of independence and life skills, and a close-knit community that fosters lifelong friendships.

No, boarding schools in the UK welcome students from all over the world. Many schools have a diverse student body with students from various countries.

Boarding schools prioritise the safety and well-being of their students. They have trained staff, supervision protocols, health services, and designated staff members to address students’ emotional and social needs.

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