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Christ's Hospital School Review

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Christ's Hospital School Overview

  • Local authority: West Sussex
  • Pupils: 900; sixth formers: 270
  • Religion: Church of England
  • Fees: Day £21,660 – £27,270; Boarding £41,910 pa

Christ's Hospital School Results

  • GCSE Results (2023): 59% achieved grades 9-7.
  • A Level Results (2023): 41% attained A*/A grades, with 67% securing A*-B grades.
  • Average IB Point Score (2023): Impressive average of 37 points.
  • GCSE Results (2019): 63% achieved grades 9-7.
  • A Level Results (2019): 35% attained A*/A grades, with 61% securing A*-B grades.
  • Average IB Score (2019): Average score stood at 34 points.

Boarding Facilities in Christ's Hospital School

While most students are full boarders, the traditional concept has evolved over time. Now, pupils head home every third weekend, providing a chance to reconnect with family and recharge.

For those who stay behind, two boarding houses remain open, ensuring a supportive environment for those who prefer or need to remain on campus. The living arrangements are designed for comfort and growth, with shared rooms for the first two years and the luxury of single rooms for GCSE and above. Each room is equipped with desks, where students diligently complete their homework once they’ve proven their responsibility.

During the evenings, phones are collected to encourage downtime and limit distractions. While some parents wished for more updates initially, the open-door policy ensures that concerns are promptly addressed by the housemasters.

Weekends offer a blend of freedom and fun, with students in Year 10 and above allowed to venture into Horsham independently. Saturday nights are eagerly anticipated, with activities ranging from theatre-turned-cinema nights to lively discos and indulgent house pizza parties, meticulously organised to ensure a memorable experience for all.

Extra Curricular Activities in Christ's Hospital

With over 60 clubs catering to diverse interests, students are spoiled for choice. From Arabic and fencing to girls’ rugby and Model United Nations, there’s something for everyone. The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) offers exciting opportunities for travel and adventure, allowing students to broaden their horizons and develop essential skills.

Besides that, community action is at the heart of Christ’s Hospital, with the school’s minibuses regularly transporting students to engage in meaningful service projects. From visiting care homes and primary schools to running clubs for disabled individuals, students actively contribute to their community.

In the realm of arts and culture, the school’s theatre buzzes with creativity, with students involved in every aspect of productions. Drama lessons provide a platform for exploring complex emotions, while workshops tackle pressing social issues. Musical talents shine in performances like the recent rendition of West Side Story, while the marching band captivates audiences with precision and flair.

On the sporting front, Christ’s Hospital boasts a culture of excellence, with daily games ensuring ample practice opportunities. Sports are compulsory but offer flexibility, with mixed teams and diverse options like rugby sevens for both sexes. The Bluecoat sports centre provides top-notch facilities, accessible to students and the public alike, reflecting the school’s commitment to fostering athleticism and inclusivity.

Admissions Process: Entering Christ's Hospital School

Entering Christ’s Hospital is an exciting journey that begins with around 780 applicants vying for just 110 places in Year 7. To sift through this pool of talent, a raw ability test helps narrow it down to approximately 300 prospective students. Those shortlisted then undergo further assessments in English and maths, followed by a one-to-one interview to showcase their unique qualities and aspirations.

For those seeking entry in Year 9, about 25 spots are available. Christ’s Hospital looks beyond academic prowess, aiming for a diverse mix of abilities, personalities, and support requirements. Each applicant is carefully evaluated to ensure they align with the institution’s ethos, which includes maintaining a balance between full bursaries, part bursaries, and full fee-paying students, with around 10% of the cohort coming from overseas.

At the Sixth Form level, approximately 25 new students enrol each year. Aspiring candidates must demonstrate strong academic performance, with a minimum requirement of four 6s and four 7s at GCSE, particularly excelling in subjects relevant to their chosen A level courses. Additionally, reports are requested from their current schools to provide a comprehensive understanding of their academic achievements and potential.

SEN Support in Christ's Hospital School

With regards to special education needs, the team at Christ’s Hospital is equipped to cater to pupils with dyslexia. 

Christ's Hospital Testimonials and Reviews

Zoe Z

This is the school for your child to go! Absolutely amazing. The opportunities on offer are endless!

Barbara Mukasa

Amazing school, my son’s 3rd year there and I can’t complain. The teaching encourages my son to reach his potential unlike the school he was in before. With Christ’s hospital you feel that your children are positioned for greatness and you can see it.

Joy O

Best school. Truely a school like no other. If you have raised your child right then your child will not struggle at all in this school.
I can’t praise it enough.
Kids really thrive in this school. I absolutely love their unique uniform.

AL Jones

The first time I visited, I wanted to go to school here myself. I’ve since visited often and I still love it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Christ's Hospital

Places at the school are academically selective and are offered on the basis of Christ’s Hospital’s own assessments. They welcome day students who are within a commutable distance from the School. Day students enjoy all the advantages of a top boarding school with access to an exceptional broader curricular programme.

The uniform is provided to all pupils free of charge. The uniform is one of the School’s most public and enduring features.

Journalists Bernard Levin and Con Coughlin; trade unionist John Edmonds; aviation engineer Barnes Wallis; senior members of the military including General Sir Garry Johnson and from the world of politics Michael Stewart (former Foreign Secretary).

Since then the Christian character of the Foundation and School has remained a constant in the life of Christ’s Hospital for over four and a half centuries.

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