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Welcome to our comprehensive review of Hurtwood House, an esteemed educational institution that defies conventional expectations. Situated in a captivating setting, Hurtwood House has garnered a reputation as an artsy and theatrical school, but there is so much more to discover beneath the surface. In this review, we delve into the heart of Hurtwood House, exploring its academic prowess, exceptional extracurricular activities, and its unique boarding experience. Join us as we unravel the extraordinary blend of creativity, academic rigour, and nurturing community that sets Hurtwood House apart as a beacon of excellence in the realm of education.

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Key Features of Hurtwood House

Hurtwood House Results

2023: 50.7% A*A at A level

2022: 67% A*/A at A level; 88% A*-B.

Hurtwood House offers an impressive academic programme that surpasses the initial perception of being solely an arts-focused school. While it heavily promotes the arts as a prominent aspect of its identity, the school excels across a wide range of subjects. The academic results are consistently outstanding, with 22 A levels offered, including sciences, economics, and further maths, alongside popular choices like drama, media, English, maths, and psychology. Fine art and textiles also stand out, showcasing exceptional talent and dedication through the students’ portfolios.

The teaching staff at Hurtwood House is its greatest asset, receiving well-deserved praise for their devotion, high-caliber expertise, and long-standing commitment. With small class sizes averaging 8 to 12 students, or even less, the educators demonstrate genuine care for each individual’s progress and well-being.

The school fosters an environment where coasting is discouraged, thanks to weekly grading in both achievement and effort for all students. Teachers actively engage in discussions with the head, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each student’s progress and identifying patterns of development. Parents appreciate the nuanced monitoring systems that contribute to a relaxed yet highly motivating atmosphere, with students highlighting the friendliness and intimacy of the lessons, which significantly aids in their engagement and motivation.

Boarding Facilities in Hurtwood House

Hurtwood House offers a unique and charming boarding experience for the majority of its students, with approximately 50 students opting for day attendance. Boarders are accommodated on the upper floors of the main building for girls and in five shabby-chic country mansions within a two-mile radius, where boys and girls have separate floors.

The bedrooms exude character and charm, described as having the feel of a “faded gentrified house” by one parent. The accommodations comprise a mix of singles, doubles, and triples, providing a cozy and welcoming environment for the students.

While full boarding is the primary arrangement on paper, the school provides flexibility for students to return home on weekends with permission. About three-quarters of the boarders take advantage of this option, though participation decreases during busy periods such as theatre productions.

Hurtwood House’s weekend activities are not structured, but spontaneous adventures and excursions take place, adding excitement and variety to the boarding experience. These may include thrilling jaunts like paragliding, powerboating, and mountaineering in Snowdonia, as well as more relaxed activities like local cinema visits and paintballing. Additionally, the school organises transportation to nearby towns like Guildford and Cranleigh for shopping and leisure activities.

Extra Curricular Activities in Hurtwood House

Hurtwood House’s real glory lies in its arts and media focus, embodied in its slick and professional performing arts department. A level students showcase their talents in moving plays, while the art students create exceptional sets. The school boasts productions, films, and videos that rival mainstream media, catering to all students’ interests. In case you missed it, Emily Blunt, Harry Lawtey, Emily Beecham, and many more superstars once called Hurtwood home. 

Musically, singing stands out, with music tech playing a big role, even having its own recording studio and record label. I mean, the school did produce the likes of Hans Zimmer and Eli & Fur. Art is diverse, with a specialism in textiles, producing striking results.

Hurtwood House offers a plethora of diverse extracurricular activities, including first aid courses, Lego club, and even wine tasting. A mystery bus takes students on exciting weekly adventures.

While sports aren’t the primary focus, the school provides opportunities for rugby, football, netball, rounders, and mixed hockey, with students enjoying weekly matches against other schools.

Overall, Hurtwood House thrives on its arts and media ethos, providing outstanding extracurricular opportunities for all students.

Admissions Process: Entering Hurtwood House

Hurtwood House has an admissions process designed to ensure a personalised and thorough evaluation of each prospective student. With approximately 175 vacancies available each year, the school offers no open days; instead, they provide personal tours, often conducted by housemaster Ted or another Jackson brother.

The student body is diverse, with many coming from big public schools seeking a departure from hierarchies and authoritarian rules. Others hail from smaller private and state schools, with a significant number being first-time boarders.

The admissions process typically involves an hour-and-a-half meeting with the headmaster, during which parents and prospective pupils are assessed for enthusiasm, compatibility with the school’s ethos, and the potential to make the most of the opportunities offered. Exceptional candidates may receive immediate offers, pending references, while others register, apply, and await responses later in the year to avoid any on-the-spot refusals.

Hurtwood House is highly sought-after, resulting in an oversubscribed status with a waiting list of approximately 50-60 students. Notably, admissions decisions are not solely dependent on GCSE results, except for specific subjects like sciences and maths.

SEN Support

Hurtwood House supports the following SEN needs:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders

Hurtwood House Testimonials and Reviews


Fondest Memories.
Expensive Private College
Was There For 3 Years
Mr Jackson ({probableowner} Nice Family Gentleman
College Overly Equiped, Overly Comfortable, Nice Countryside Views: Therapeutic And Educative Environment
Was Mates With Mohammed, Mohammed (no spelling error) Royal Saudi Heir To Royal Family In Saudi Arabia, Other Students From Kuwait, China, Japan, Russia And Africa.
Mostly Ambassadors Kids And Who Is Who
Now I Know Why My Dad Rages, Pants And Nags At My Results Every Term, Never Seemed To Satisfy Him Academically, He Was A Oxford Graduate!
Top Marks If Your Dad Has £44,000+ {£11,200 per term}

rg khan

Such a nice place with beautiful natural views 😍

moira ann

Can’t wait to visit the next time in England.
Loved his Antigua home and Crossroads.

Rajesh Rayareddy

Hans Zimmer studied here only

Frequently Asked Questions about Hurtwood House

  • Hans Zimmer.
  • Emily Blunt.
  • Harry Lawtey.
  • Emily Beecham.
  • Maxim Baldry.

The fees for this year are £1850 per week (10% discount for returning students). Fees include full board, accommodation, tuition and ALL sports, excursions and activities.

After Ibstock Place, Blunt attended the rather bohemian Hurtwood House sixth-form college in Surrey, where she brushed shoulders with Camilla Fayed and starred in a school play that went to the Edinburgh Festival.

Hurtwood House School is a Secondary, Co-Ed school located in Surrey, South East. It has 355 students from age 15-19 yr.

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