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Here you can find Britannia UK reviews from parents and students who have used our services. Read about what our past clients say about us.


Pelden Wong

Britannia StudyLink Malaysia is an excellent platform to ensure a great studying experience in the UK.

With the help of Britannia Studylink’s team, I got to discover Oxford International College, a sixth form college catered to students who dream big, and ultimately become our stepping stone to the world’s top universities. With the help and guidance of Oxford International College, I was able to procure a place in the University of Cambridge.

As it was my first time studying abroad, there were numerous occasions where I needed guidance, eg. Visa application, scholarship opportunity, etc. Experienced agents from Britania StudyLink was able to provide relevant advices and guide me through my journey in the UK.

I would highly recommend using their services if you wish to study in the UK.

Wayne L.

Applying to Sevenoaks School was by no means an easy task. I hoped to get in but at first I did not believe I could get in. UKiset helps by assessing my abilities in basic skills, and is very convenient as the results can be sent to several schools at once so you do not have to take three or four different tests. Britannia StudyLink gives an extensive follow-up of the school and arranged visits for me. Applying late, Britannia StudyLink assures me that I can still get into a great school.

Sammie K.

I was introduced to Britannia Studylink and immediately received the attention and helpful guidance that had been distinctly lacking from other consultancies. Britannia provided friendly and effective consultancy services of the highest quality – they were professional and experienced and helped me pull the entire application process up to success. Excellent consulting with great care in making every decision – all my enquiries were promptly dealt with and their help in making my applications was superb. Not only did Britannia know an incredible amount about the strengths of different schools in the UK, but they also paid particular attention to my aptitude and endeavors to help me find the right ‘fit’. Overall, I was very pleased with the services provided by Britannia Studylink and I would definitely recommend them!

Carlos Li

Cardiff Sixth Form College is more than just the top sixth form college in the UK; it is the place where I was able to grow in person and develop my academic interest with the assistance of enthusiastic teachers; it is a place where I learned more than just knowledge, but also how to be a better person. Having been to Imperial College London and NASA’s Johnson Space Centre in Houston, TX, for the International Space Settlement Design Competition, I have had the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the brightest engineers of our generation. The intense setting of the competition has led myself to develop a constantly improving working model, to always find better solutions to problems, no matter how difficult it may seem. It is these super-curricular activities that CSFC provided, made me stood out from other university candidates. I had never been involved in debating before studying abroad. Mrs Sarwar asked me to give it a try – and I loved it. From the Debating Matters to European Youth Parliament, from qualifying rounds to national finals, I have gained invaluable experience and knowledge each step through preparing and debating, and deeply bonded with my follow debaters. The school has given me numerous opportunities to try new things, things I can learn from, and things I will be able to draw upon in University and my life.

Carly Mak

The work experience the college provides is excellent. Throughout my AS year, I have shadowed healthcare professionals in many different settings – from clinics to hospitals. These experiences are truly inspiring. Cardiff Sixth Form College provides me with the greatest support, to help me reach my full potential. I have had the opportunity to take part in various extra-curricular activities, including the European Youth Parliament, Model United Nations and Young Enterprise. Through these I have had numerous opportunities to enrich my life and broaden my horizons. These 2 years of college life have been very exciting and fruitful. I would recommend Cardiff Sixth Form College without hesitation!

Fiona Cheung

Britannia selected schools for me based on my strength, personality and career choice, they custom made a study path by personal need. Their indepth analysis helped me find the best suitable school, which did in fact turn out to be my Dream School! I successfully got a place at Cardiff Sixth Form College, a very important step in my life, and I am very thankful to be attending such a top quality school. When I was at the planning stage, I have been rather lost, there were plenty of tests, application procedures and of course the stress that could come “after you have arrived”. Luckily I had Mabel to assist me through these tough period, she was patient and very willing to answer my questions, this is one of the key reason why I succeeded in gaining a place at my favourite school. To conclude, I am very thankful to Britannia for your help, you guys have made my study abroad journey a very pleasant one, I wish you and your company every success.


Mrs Shea

I attended a seminar about Cardiff Sixth Form College organised by Britannia and found it to be most informative and useful. I have some concerns about sending my child to the UK because I know very little about the UK education system and the boarding school scene. Mabel, one of Britannia’s agents, helped us with a great deal of care and sincerity, and she answered all of my questions in detail, clearly and very promptly. In comparison with other education consultancies, I have found Britannia to be far more caring and respectful towards its clients. They are interested in every move my child makes and have follow-up measures in place, so this does relieve a lot of stress. I am extremely satisfied with Britannia’s service.

Mrs Law

Grateful for Britannia-Study’s service with which Arthur managed to make Epsom College which otherwise he could not. UKiset has been instrumental in my son’s search for the ideal high school study in England. Being the common standard adopted by participating schools, UKiset has saved us lots of time and energy otherwise devoted in sitting multiple entrance examinations.

Mrs Eva

I got to know Britannia through the new UKiset testing system, I registered the test early on in the year to have my son tested, we set our sights on several top British boarding schools. While my son was taking the test, I got to know Carson from Britannia, I find him to be very knowledgeable and patient, he was able to answer to many of my questions, and I am very pleased with his service. My son, luckily got into his dream school, Oundle School.

Mrs Christina Gaw

Samuel at Britannia Study Link has been most helpful in advising on my children’s UK schools application process, he has great insight and knowledge with a wide range of schools, superb relationships within the industry. Samuel also makes my children at ease and open up to him when discussing their likes and dislikes, it has made the application process and school visits very smooth, and most importantly, Samuel was able to help us find the school that fit each of our child best!

Mrs Yip

Many thanks to the team at Britannia-StudyLink in helping Tiffany go through the hurdles of applying to a boarding school she desires. She finally got into Badminton School. Thanks to Samuel, who assured Tiffany of her strengths as a learner and gave us good advice at our first meeting, after which we were able to select three most favoured schools for applications. We are also grateful to Kirsty for her enthusiasm and patience in offering help with application details and answering all our questions promptly. Thanks also goes to Mabel ,who looked after Tiffany when she needed to take all the entrance tests on weekdays evening and have skype interview with Badminton’s Headmistress at the center. Though Britannia is a relatively young center, the team have worked tremendously hard to provide professional services to young people with dreams about the future. We hope they will continue to support students and parents with their expertise and passion. We wish them very success in the years to come!

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