Best Universities For Computer Science In The UK – 2024 Guide

Embark on a journey through the realm of computer science education as we unveil the best universities for computer science in the UK. In an era where technological advancements are shaping the world, choosing the right academic institution is paramount. Whether you’re passionate about artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, or software engineering, this article will serve as your guide to discovering the nation’s finest institutions as we enter the 2024 academic year. 

Best University For Computer Science UK

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Why Get A Computer Science Degree in 2024?

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, studying a computer science degree has become more crucial than ever before. Here are some compelling reasons why pursuing a computer science degree now makes absolute sense: 

The demand for computer science professionals continues to soar across industries. From tech giants to startups, organisations are actively seeking skilled individuals to develop software, build applications, manage databases, and innovate in emerging fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity. A computer science degree equips you with the expertise and qualifications to access a vast array of lucrative career opportunities.

Besides that, computer science is a versatile field that transcends industry boundaries. Virtually every sector, including finance, healthcare, entertainment, and transportation, relies on technology-driven solutions. With a computer science degree, you acquire a skill set that can be applied across different domains, allowing you to adapt to evolving career landscapes and explore diverse professional paths.

Besides the problem-solving and analytical skills that you will gain through the programme, you will gain the power to make a significant impact on society as well. By pursuing a computer science degree, you have the opportunity to contribute to solving real-world problems such as climate change, healthcare accessibility, poverty alleviation, and more. This will be your chance to make an impact!

Why Study Computer Science in the UK?

Well, if you’re wondering whether UK is a suitable place to pursue a computer science degree, you can put your mind at ease. Here are several reasons why the UK is an excellent choice for aspiring computer science students:

There are plenty of strong academic programmes that come along with the long list of reputable universities in the region. The prestigious universities have a solid reputation of emphasising both theoretical knowledge and practical application, equipping students with the skills and expertise demanded by the industry.

Universities here also have an extensive network of industry partners, offering opportunities for internships, industry projects, and networking. In case you are interested in research, several universities are at the forefront of groundbreaking research in areas such as artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity, and human-computer interaction. 

The Best Computer Science Universities in the UK

Here are some of the best universities for computer science degrees in the UK entering 2024.

1. Cambridge and Oxford Computer Science Review

It should come as no surprise that the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford sit at the top of any university ranking list. Admissions are extremely competitive and deservedly so. Oxford interviews 17% of its candidates and only 5% receive offer letters. Both these universities boast a high employment rate and also a high median income among UK graduates. 

Refer to the below links for the 2024 entry requirements: 

University of Cambridge

University of Oxford

2. Imperial College London Computer Science Review

The BEng (Hons) Computing programme in Imperial College London is indeed among the most coveted in the UK. According to Discover Uni, 95% of the graduates go on to work and/or study within 15 months after completing the course. These graduates also earn an average salary of £64,000 within this time period. Beyond this course, the institution also sits on the QS World University Ranking leaderboards year after year. With a balanced teaching and learning method combined with a well-structured assessment plan, you will be in good hands.

View the full 2024 entry requirements here

3. University of Birmingham Computer Science Review

The University of Birmingham offers you a comprehensive computer science degree programme that combines analytical knowledge and technical skills as you research and develop software solutions to real-world problems. This programme ranks among the top 10 in various reputable university rankings such as The Complete University Guide, The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide, and even the Russell Group for overall satisfaction. Similar to the likes of Oxford and Cambridge, admission to this course is extremely competitive and 2023 entry is already closed. So if you’re interested for 2024 entry, you may want to get going soon. 

Learn more about their Computer Science BSc here

4. Durham University Computer Science Review

The BSc (Hons) Computer Science programme in Durham University has been designed to develop the fundamental knowledge and practical skills that are in demand across the industry today. This programme is one of the best when it comes to the success of graduates after leaving the institution, scoring as high as the University of Cambridge. Examples of high-profile employers include BAE Systems, Google and BT.

Learn more about the course details here

5. University of Bath Computer Science Review

The University of Bath has secured a top 5 seat in The Complete University Guide for the 5th consecutive year. Coincidence? I think not. Many agree that this institution is indeed a springboard for graduate success, allowing them to make real-world impacts after leaving the institution. The BSc Computer Science programme boasts excellent graduate prospects in industry giants such as PwC, Cisco, Expedia, and J. P. Morgan. 

Learn more about the course here

Computer Science University Rankings in the UK

Here is the latest list of the best universities for computer science in the UK as we enter 2024:

RankInstitutionEntry StandardsStudent SatisfactionResearch QualityContinuationGraduate prospects outcomesGraduate prospects on trackOverall Score
1University of Cambridge2223.5998.597.088.0100.0
2University of Oxford2144.033.81100.
3Imperial College London2273.773.9393.8100.090.096.1
4Durham University2003.883.4496.497.091.093.2
5UCL (University College London)2083.853.7595.
6University of Bath1964.053.3596.693.090.092.6
7University of Birmingham1693.823.7797.798.093.092.2
8The University of Edinburgh2203.593.7398.496.087.092.1
9University of Southampton1784.103.5998.
10University of St Andrews2164.063.1599.389.077.091.5
11University of Sheffield1654.013.5999.
12University of Warwick2043.183.7596.
13University of Manchester1923.673.6195.690.088.090.8
14King's College London, University of London1823.703.5696.
15University of Bristol1863.643.6895.890.085.090.3
16University of Glasgow2143.673.6197.592.085.089.7
17Loughborough University1604.113.2496.695.083.089.0
18University of York1553.723.6296.997.083.088.9
19University of Exeter1643.973.0097.394.081.088.0
20University of Nottingham1643.843.5092.693.085.087.8
21Queen's University Belfast1543.763.3296.
22Lancaster University1493.853.4997.691.078.087.3
23University of Leeds1733.333.6296.482.085.087.0
24University of Surrey1353.943.2695.1100.088.086.9
25Royal Holloway, University of London1403.673.5097.
26Cardiff University1523.693.4192.596.082.086.0
27Newcastle University1463.743.4496.688.081.085.9
28University of Dundee1773.743.38100.
29Aberystwyth University1314.123.1795.
30University of Strathclyde2043.893.2193.589.084.085.7
31Queen Mary University of London1513.803.6595.
32University of East Anglia UEA1323.843.1793.597.094.085.6
33Heriot-Watt University1783.773.1493.591.089.084.6
34University of Liverpool1433.813.2895.979.085.084.3
35University of Kent1313.883.3994.386.083.084.1
36University of Reading1314.293.0792.
37Swansea University1343.813.2296.784.076.083.6
38University of Leicester1333.853.1193.486.089.083.5
39City, University of London1343.693.2695.885.080.083.4
40Aston University, Birmingham1453.862.8492.388.085.083.2
41University of Sussex1353.983.4392.981.074.083.0
42Liverpool Hope University1234.152.3792.
43University of Aberdeen1673.763.2091.982.4
44University of Lincoln1263.713.1594.381.080.081.3
45Ulster University1343.763.1288.985.081.080.8
46University of Essex1343.663.3289.
47Bristol, University of the West of England1333.852.8691.
48Manchester Metropolitan University1383.902.7591.980.075.079.3
49University of Huddersfield1323.812.7489.485.078.079.2
50Edge Hill University1223.822.5096.
51Oxford Brookes University1143.752.7291.691.083.079.1
52Bangor University1173.813.0293.375.078.079.1
53University of Plymouth1254.042.7486.683.084.078.9
54University of Stirling1513.562.8695.
55Nottingham Trent University1313.772.8893.
56University of Hull1283.992.8984.682.083.078.5
57Brunel University London1313.732.8290.475.078.078.3
58Northumbria University, Newcastle1433.832.8184.879.080.078.3
59Edinburgh Napier University1533.843.1286.583.079.078.3
60Abertay University1693.942.7490.477.073.078.3
61University of Portsmouth1303.852.8992.476.071.078.2
62University of Hertfordshire1253.753.1592.470.079.078.1
63Keele University1173.482.6794.584.076.078.1
64Canterbury Christ Church University1064.052.4087.495.088.077.9
65Leeds Beckett University1244.082.4691.675.086.077.8
66Liverpool John Moores University1313.702.8290.378.074.077.8
67Falmouth University1354.103.1763.071.077.5
68University of Chichester1234.6892.776.9
69Bournemouth University1253.602.5191.678.078.076.8
70University of Brighton1123.832.9289.
71Kingston University1193.792.8088.885.067.076.6
72Birmingham City University1273.992.5189.878.073.076.6
73University of Bradford1263.922.6991.968.071.076.5
74Staffordshire University1294.032.8487.669.066.076.4
75University of Winchester1203.292.5893.576.1
76Robert Gordon University1443.972.6491.378.076.076.1
77University of the Arts London1354.163.1880.073.076.0
78Bath Spa University1173.973.0692.961.068.076.0
79Glasgow Caledonian University1583.862.4290.676.080.075.7
80Coventry University1243.922.7484.781.073.075.6
81Goldsmiths, University of London1263.572.8583.679.077.075.5
82Sheffield Hallam University1203.632.5791.
83University of Salford1313.732.7686.971.072.075.2
84University of Derby1203.922.4892.569.065.074.9
85University of East London1044.312.8093.
86University of South Wales1264.092.5489.367.068.074.8
87University of Westminster, London1123.722.7088.375.080.074.7
88University of Greenwich1234.072.7091.
89University of Worcester1083.982.2483.
90De Montfort University1113.602.5788.775.072.073.6
91Teesside University, Middlesbrough1274.082.6085.465.064.073.4
92University of Chester1313.512.2384.
93University of Central Lancashire1243.762.5083.
94Cardiff Metropolitan University1203.552.4387.577.070.072.8
95London South Bank University1023.482.8088.371.067.072.6
96University of West London1204.192.2888.462.057.072.4
97Solent University (Southampton)1253.8388.477.073.072.3
98University of Gloucestershire1183.411.8787.779.074.072.1
99University of Sunderland1133.812.5283.667.086.072.0
100University of the West of Scotland1504.062.6383.560.066.071.0
101University of Buckingham1133.8490.570.7
102University of Northampton1103.892.0382.771.070.070.5
103Norwich University of the Arts1373.6785.
104University for the Creative Arts1383.2587.369.8
105University of Suffolk1213.8483.968.070.068.8
106Glyndwr University, Wrexham1233.401.6788.463.074.068.8
107York St John University1063.8588.868.064.068.7
108Middlesex University1103.942.6179.963.054.068.6
109University of Bolton1154.1983.858.066.067.7
110Buckinghamshire New University1123.8782.
111Anglia Ruskin University1133.642.3180.
112University of Bedfordshire1083.552.2083.765.059.067.4
113University of Wales Trinity Saint David1573.7075.359.065.066.7
114London Metropolitan University884.371.9081.553.060.066.0
115University of Wolverhampton843.792.0185.

Will AI Replace Coders?

Coding is a dynamic and creative process that involves problem-solving, logical thinking, and adaptability. AI has made coding more accessible through tools like auto-completion and code generation, but it is unlikely to replace coders entirely.

Coders possess the ability to understand the nuances of a project, collaborate with teams, and make strategic decisions about architecture and design. While AI can automate repetitive coding tasks, coders provide the essential human touch that drives innovation and customisation. The future may involve a symbiotic relationship between AI and coders, resulting in more efficient and creative software development.

How are the Rankings Measured?

The ranking methodology includes several key indicators, such as teaching quality, research output and reputation, industry connections and engagement, international diversity, and citations. These indicators help evaluate the academic environment, resources, faculty expertise, and global impact of relevant institutions. The rankings also consider factors like student satisfaction, graduate employability, and the influence and reach of research conducted by the universities.

Frequently Asked Questions about UK Computer Science Universities

Entry requirements vary among universities, but generally, students are expected to have strong academic qualifications in relevant subjects such as mathematics and science. Most universities require a high school diploma or equivalent, and international students may need to demonstrate English language proficiency through tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science in the UK typically takes three to four years to complete. However, some universities offer accelerated programmes or the option to undertake a placement year, which can extend the duration of the course.

Computer science graduates in the UK enjoy excellent career prospects. With the booming tech industry and strong demand for skilled professionals, graduates can explore diverse roles such as software developer, data analyst, cybersecurity specialist, systems analyst, artificial intelligence engineer, and more. Many renowned tech companies have a presence in the UK, offering exciting opportunities for employment.

Yes, there are various scholarships, grants, and financial aid options available specifically for international students studying computer science in the UK. These scholarships are offered by universities, government bodies, and external organisations. It’s recommended to research and apply for scholarships well in advance of your intended start date.

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