Study T Levels In The UK: Here’s All You Need To Know

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the United Kingdom introduces a significant innovation in the form of T Levels. These qualifications are designed to bridge the gap between academic and vocational learning, offering students a unique pathway to develop the skills and knowledge they need for their chosen careers. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of T Levels, providing you with a detailed roadmap to understand what they are, why they matter, and how they are poised to reshape the educational journey for students across the UK.

t levels

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What are T Levels

T Levels, short for ‘Technical Levels,’ represent a pioneering approach to education in the United Kingdom. These qualifications were introduced as a part of the government’s initiative to reform technical and vocational education. This offers students a robust alternative to A Levels, apprenticeships, and other educational pathways.

T Levels are two-year courses designed for students aged 16 to 19, often considered a direct route to gaining practical, job-specific skills. They are primarily geared towards equipping students with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in various technical and vocational careers.

Unlike traditional classroom-based learning, T Levels emphasise a blend of classroom theory and extensive practical experience. This practical element is carried out through a mandatory industry placement, which provides students with real-world exposure to their chosen field, enabling them to apply their learning in a professional setting.

Each T Level course consists of a core set of subjects, along with specialist components that align with the student’s chosen career path. This bespoke approach ensures that students gain in-depth knowledge and skills relevant to their future roles.

T Levels Starting Dates

T Levels are undergoing a phased introduction, with the initial launch consisting of 16 courses. The stated objective is to extend this portfolio to encompass 24 distinct T Levels. Additionally, a detailed list of approved providers offering T Level courses up to September 2024 has been made available.

T Levels Courses

As of the time of writing, there is a wide array of courses that are available for interested students. Here are some of the popular subjects. 

T Levels Engineering

The T Level course in Engineering, Manufacturing, Processing, and Control offers an exciting pathway for students passionate about technical and industrial sectors. This programme equips learners with the essential knowledge and hands-on skills required to excel in areas such as manufacturing, engineering, and process control.

Students will get the opportunity to choose one of the following specialisations:

  • Fitting and Assembly Technologies
  • Machining and Toolmaking Technologies
  • Composites Manufacturing Technologies
  • Fabrication and Welding Technologies

T Levels Education and Childcare

The T Level course in Education and Childcare is tailored for students with a passion for nurturing and educating the next generation. This programme provides a comprehensive understanding of the education and childcare sector, equipping students with the knowledge and practical skills needed for a rewarding career in this field.

Students will get the opportunity to choose one of the following specialisations:

  • Early Years Educator
  • Assisting Teaching
  • Supporting and Mentoring Students in Educational Settings

T Levels Digital Production, Design and Development

The T Level course in Digital Production, Design and Development is a dynamic pathway for students passionate about the digital realm. This programme equips learners with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the fast-evolving world of digital technology, design, and development.

Students will develop a wide range of skills such as:

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Data
  • Emerging Issues and Impact of Digital
  • Digital Environments

T Levels Business

The Finance T Level course is tailored for students with an interest in the world of finance, economics, and accounting. This programme equips learners with a strong foundation in financial principles, preparing them for careers in this vital sector.

Students will get the opportunity to choose one of the following specialisations:

  • Retail and Commercial Banking Analyst
  • Investment Banking and Asset and Wealth
  • Management Analyst
  • Insurance Practitioner
  • Financial Compliance/Risk Analyst

T Levels Science

The Science T Level course is an exciting journey for students with a passion for scientific discovery and exploration. This programme equips learners with a strong foundation in scientific principles, laboratory skills, and critical thinking, preparing them for a range of scientific and technical careers.

Students will get the opportunity to choose one of the following specialisations:

  • Technical: Laboratory Sciences
  • Technical: Food Sciences
  • Technical: Metrology Sciences

T Levels Construction

The Building Services Engineering for Construction T Level course is tailored for students with a keen interest in the construction and engineering industry. This programme equips learners with the knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in building services engineering and make a lasting impact on the built environment.

Students will get the opportunity to choose one of the following specialisations:

  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment Engineering
  • Electrotechnical Engineering
  • Gas Engineering
  • Protection Systems Engineering

Or a combination of the following specialisations: 

  • Plumbing Engineering and Heating Engineering
  • Heating Engineering and Ventilation
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering

T Levels Healthcare Science

The Health Science T Level course is a transformative pathway for students who aspire to make a difference in the field of healthcare. This programme equips learners with essential knowledge and practical skills to thrive in various health-related professions.

Students will get the opportunity to choose one of the following specialisations:

  • Optical Care Services
  • Assisting with healthcare science

T Levels VS A Levels

AspectT LevelsA Levels
FocusPrimarily vocational and technical education.
Academic and theoretical subjects.
DurationTypically a two-year programme.
Also typically a two-year programme.
ContentCombines classroom theory with practical experience, including an industry placement.
Primarily classroom-based, focusing on academic subjects.
Qualification TypeTechnical qualification.
Academic qualification.
Entry RequirementsUsually GCSEs or equivalent qualifications.
Typically require specific GCSE grades or equivalent.
CurriculumTailored to specific career paths with industry-specific content.
Offers a broader range of subjects, allowing for a more general education.
AssessmentA mix of exams and practical assessments.
Primarily exam-based with limited coursework or practical assessments.
ProgressionDirect entry into the job market or further studies, including higher-level apprenticeships or university.
Typically leads to university studies, but may also enable direct entry into the workforce.
EmployabilityOffers practical skills and real-world experience, enhancing employability in specific industries.
Provides a strong academic foundation, suitable for a wide range of careers.
RecognitionGaining recognition and acceptance within the industry due to its practical focus.
Universally recognised and respected for its academic rigour.

T Levels UCAS Points To Enter Higher Education

T Levels open doors to several promising pathways for students, one of which is the opportunity to progress into higher education. To facilitate this transition, the UCAS tariff points system is applied to T Levels, making it easier for students to qualify for university admissions. UCAS points are assigned based on the overall grade achieved in the T Level, with a minimum overall pass grade being a prerequisite for receiving UCAS points.

The UCAS tariff points allocation for T Levels is structured as follows:

  • Distinction (A on the core and distinction in the occupational specialism):** 168 UCAS points, which is equivalent to achieving AAA* at A Level.

  • Distinction: Attaining a Distinction grade earns 144 UCAS points, which corresponds to an AAA A Level equivalent.

  • Merit: A Merit grade results in 120 UCAS points, equivalent to BBB at A Level.

  • Pass (C or above on the core): A Pass grade with at least a C on the core component is rewarded with 96 UCAS points, equivalent to CCC at A Level.

  • Pass (D or E on the core): If a student achieves a Pass grade with a D or E on the core component, they receive 72 UCAS points, which is equivalent to DDD at A Level.

For students who partially complete their T Level, UCAS tariff points are also available for both the core component and the occupational specialism component of the technical qualification. These allocations are as follows:

  • Partial Achievement of Core Component: Students who have passed the core component and completed the industry placement are eligible for UCAS points, the exact value of which varies across T Levels based on the relative weighting of the core and occupational specialism.

  • Partial Achievement of Occupational Specialism Component: Likewise, students who have passed the occupational specialism component and completed the industry placement are awarded UCAS points. These points also vary according to the specific T Level taken.

This integration of UCAS tariff points with T Levels not only acknowledges the value of vocational and technical education but also streamlines the higher education pathway for T Level students, offering them more opportunities to access universities and their desired courses.

T Levels Entry Requirements

Before enrolling in a T Level programme in the United Kingdom, students should be aware of the entry requirements that apply to these technical and vocational courses. Entry criteria may vary slightly between providers and specific T Level pathways, but here are some common factors to consider:

  1. GCSEs or Equivalent Qualifications: To be eligible for T Levels, students generally need to have a minimum of five GCSEs, often including English and Maths, at grade 4 (C) or above. However, the exact entry requirements can differ between providers and specific T Level pathways.

  2. Interest and Aptitude: T Levels are well-suited for students who have a genuine interest in pursuing technical or vocational careers. As such, a demonstrated interest in the chosen field, along with a willingness to engage in hands-on learning, is highly valuable.

  3. Interview or Assessment: Some T Level providers may require students to attend an interview or assessment as part of the application process. This can help assess the student’s suitability for the chosen T Level pathway.

  4. Progression from Level 2: In some cases, students may need to have completed a Level 2 qualification (such as a BTEC or equivalent) before progressing to a Level 3 T Level in the same field.

While GCSEs are often the standard entry qualification, some providers may consider alternative qualifications and experiences, making T Levels accessible to a broader range of students.

Where to Study T Levels

T Level ProvidersRegion Delivery By Academic Year
Delivery by Academic Year
T Level Foundation Year
Abbeywood Community SchoolSouth WestYes
Abingdon And Witney CollegeSouth EastYesYesYes
Access To Music LtdWest MidlandsYesYes
Acland Burghley SchoolLondonYes
Activate LearningSouth EastYesYesYes
Ada Lovelace Church Of England High SchoolLondonYesYes
Ada National College For Digital SkillsLondonYes
Aldersley High SchoolWest MidlandsYesYes
All Saints Catholic High SchoolNorth WestYes
Archbishop Holgate'S School, A Church Of England AcademyYorkshire and the HumberYesYes
Ark Pioneer AcademyLondonYes
Ashton Sixth Form CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Askham Bryan CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYes
Aston University Engineering AcademyWest MidlandsYesYes
Aylesbury UtcSouth EastYesYes
Barking And Dagenham CollegeLondonYesYesYes
Barnet And Southgate CollegeLondonYesYesYes
Barnsley CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYesYes
Barr'S Hill School And Community CollegeWest MidlandsYes
Basingstoke College Of TechnologySouth EastYesYes
Bath CollegeSouth WestYesYesYes
Beauchamps High SchoolEast of EnglandYesYes
Bede AcademyNorth EastYesYes
Bedford College GroupEast of EnglandYesYesYes
Bexhill CollegeSouth EastYesYesYes
Big Creative AcademyLondonYes
Big Creative Training LtdLondonYesYesYes
Birkenhead Sixth Form CollegeNorth WestYesYes
Birmingham Metropolitan CollegeWest MidlandsYesYesYes
Bishop Auckland CollegeNorth EastYesYes
Bishop Burton CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYesYes
Bishop Challoner Catholic CollegeWest MidlandsYes
Blackburn CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Blackpool And The Fylde CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Bluecoat Aspley AcademyEast MidlandsYesYes
Boa Stage And Screen Production AcademyWest MidlandsYesYes
Bodmin CollegeSouth WestYesYesYes
Bolton CollegeNorth WestYesYes
Bolton Sixth Form CollegeNorth WestYes
Bordesley Green Girls' School And Sixth FormWest MidlandsYesYes
Boston CollegeEast MidlandsYesYesYes
Bradford CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYesYes
Bridgwater And Taunton CollegeSouth WestYesYesYes
Brighton Aldridge Community AcademySouth EastYesYes
Brockenhurst CollegeSouth EastYesYes
Brompton AcademySouth EastYes
Brook Sixth Form And Academy (Formerly Elutec Academy)LondonYesYesYes
Brooklands CollegeSouth EastYesYesYes
Buckinghamshire College GroupSouth EastYesYesYes
Burnley CollegeNorth WestYesYes
Burntwood SchoolLondonYesYes
Burton And South Derbyshire CollegeWest MidlandsYesYes
Bury CollegeNorth WestYesYes
Calderdale CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYesYes
Calderstones SchoolNorth WestYes
Callywith CollegeSouth WestYes
Cambridge Academy For Science And TechnologyEast of EnglandYesYes
Cambridge Regional CollegeEast of EnglandYesYes
Canons High SchoolLondonYesYesYes
Capel Manor CollegeLondonYesYes
Capital City AcademyLondonYesYes
Capital City College GroupLondonYesYes
Cardinal Newman Catholic SchoolSouth EastYes
Cardinal Newman CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Carmel CollegeNorth WestYes
Carshalton High School For GirlsLondonYes
Central Training Academy LimitedLondonYesYesYes
Chelmsford CollegeEast of EnglandYesYes
Cheshire College South And WestNorth WestYesYesYes
Chesterfield CollegeEast MidlandsYesYesYes
Chichester College GroupSouth EastYesYesYes
Chiswick SchoolLondonYes
Christ The King Sixth Form CollegeLondonYesYes
Christopher Whitehead Language CollegeWest MidlandsYes
Cirencester CollegeSouth WestYesYesYes
City College NorwichEast of EnglandYesYesYes
City College PlymouthSouth WestYesYesYes
City Of Bristol CollegeSouth WestYesYes
City Of Portsmouth CollegeSouth EastYesYesYes
City Of Stoke-On-Trent Sixth Form CollegeWest MidlandsYesYesYes
City Of Sunderland CollegeNorth EastYesYesYes
City Of Wolverhampton CollegeWest MidlandsYesYes
Clacton Coastal AcademyEast of EnglandYes
Clacton County High SchoolEast of EnglandYes
Colchester InstituteEast of EnglandYesYes
College Of West AngliaEast of EnglandYesYes
Coloma Convent Girls' SchoolLondonYesYes
Conyers SchoolNorth EastYes
Cornwall CollegeSouth WestYesYes
Coventry CollegeWest MidlandsYesYesYes
Cranford Community CollegeLondonYesYesYes
Craven CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYes
Crewe Engineering And Design UtcNorth WestYesYes
Croydon CollegeLondonYesYesYes
Darlington CollegeNorth EastYesYesYes
Darwen Aldridge Community AcademyNorth WestYesYes
Darwen Aldridge Enterprise StudioNorth WestYesYes
De Aston SchoolEast MidlandsYes
De Lisle College Loughborough LeicestershireEast MidlandsYesYes
Derby CollegeEast MidlandsYesYes
Derby Moor Spencer AcademyEast MidlandsYes
Derwentside CollegeNorth EastYesYesYes
Dn Colleges GroupYorkshire and the HumberYesYesYes
Doncaster UtcYorkshire and the HumberYesYes
Dormers Wells High SchoolLondonYes
Dudley College Of TechnologyWest MidlandsYesYesYes
Ealing, Hammersmith And West London CollegeLondonYesYesYes
East Coast CollegeEast of EnglandYesYes
East Durham CollegeNorth EastYesYes
East Norfolk Sixth Form CollegeEast of EnglandYesYesYes
East Surrey CollegeSouth EastYesYes
East Sussex College GroupSouth EastYesYes
Edgbarrow SchoolSouth EastYes
Ekc GroupSouth EastYesYes
Elizabeth Woodville SchoolEast MidlandsYesYes
Elliott Hudson CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYes
Elstree Screen Arts AcademyEast of EnglandYes
Energy Coast UtcNorth WestYesYes
Engineering Utc Northern LincolnshireYorkshire and the HumberYesYes
Exeter CollegeSouth WestYesYesYes
Farnborough College Of TechnologySouth EastYesYesYes
Featherstone High SchoolLondonYesYes
Ferndown Upper SchoolSouth WestYesYesYes
Franklin CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYesYes
Frome Community CollegeSouth WestYes
Fulham Cross AcademyLondonYesYes
Furness CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Garforth AcademyYorkshire and the HumberYesYes
Gateshead CollegeNorth EastYesYesYes
Gateway Sixth Form CollegeEast MidlandsYesYesYes
Global AcademyLondonYes
Gloucestershire CollegeSouth WestYesYes
Grantham CollegeEast MidlandsYesYesYes
Great Marlow SchoolSouth EastYesYes
Greater Peterborough UtcEast of EnglandYesYes
Grey Court SchoolLondonYes
Halesowen CollegeWest MidlandsYesYesYes
Haringey Sixth Form CollegeLondonYesYesYes
Harlow CollegeEast of EnglandYesYes
Harris Academy BatterseaLondonYesYes
Harris Academy BeckenhamLondonYes
Harris Boys' Academy East DulwichLondonYes
Harris Science Academy East LondonLondonYes
Hartlepool College Of Further EducationNorth EastYesYes
Hartpury CollegeSouth WestYes
Hatch End High SchoolLondonYes
Havant And South Downs CollegeSouth EastYesYesYes
Haverstock SchoolLondonYesYes
Hayesbrook AcademySouth EastYesYes
Heart Of England Training LimitedWest MidlandsYes
Heart Of Worcestershire CollegeWest MidlandsYesYesYes
Heart Of Yorkshire Education GroupYorkshire and the HumberYesYesYes
Hedingham School And Sixth FormEast of EnglandYesYesYes
Helsby High SchoolNorth WestYes
Herefordshire, Ludlow And North Shropshire CollegeWest MidlandsYesYesYes
Hertford Regional CollegeEast of EnglandYesYesYes
Heston Community SchoolLondonYesYes
Highfields SchoolWest MidlandsYesYes
Hinckley Academy And John Cleveland Sixth Form CentreEast MidlandsYesYes
Hitchin Boys' SchoolEast of EnglandYes
Holly Lodge High School College Of ScienceWest MidlandsYes
Hopwood Hall CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Hruc (Harrow, Richmond And Uxbridge Colleges)LondonYesYesYes
Hugh Baird CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Hull CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYes
Inspire Education GroupEast of EnglandYesYesYes
Isle Of Wight CollegeSouth EastYesYes
Itchen CollegeSouth EastYesYesYes
James Calvert Spence CollegeNorth EastYesYes
John Colet SchoolSouth EastYes
John Henry Newman Catholic CollegeWest MidlandsYesYes
John Leggott CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYes
Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form CollegeWest MidlandsYes
Joseph Leckie AcademyWest MidlandsYesYes
Kendal CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Kennet SchoolSouth EastYesYesYes
King Edward Vi Lordswood School For GirlsWest MidlandsYesYes
King Henry SchoolLondonYes
Kingsmead SchoolWest MidlandsYes
Kingston Maurward CollegeSouth WestYesYes
Kirklees CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYesYes
La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' SchoolLondonYesYes
La Sainte Union Catholic Secondary SchoolLondonYes
Lakes College West CumbriaNorth WestYesYesYes
Lambeth CollegeLondonYesYesYes
Lancaster And Morecambe CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Landau Forte Academy Tamworth Sixth FormWest MidlandsYesYes
Leeds College Of BuildingYorkshire and the HumberYesYesYes
Leicester CollegeEast MidlandsYesYes
Leyton Sixth Form CollegeLondonYesYes
Lilian Baylis Technology SchoolLondonYesYesYes
Lincoln CollegeEast MidlandsYesYesYes
Lincoln UtcEast MidlandsYesYes
Liverpool Life Sciences UtcNorth WestYes
London Design And Engineering UtcLondonYesYesYes
London South East CollegesLondonYesYes
Long Road Sixth Form CollegeEast of EnglandYes
Longdean SchoolEast of EnglandYesYes
Longfield AcademySouth EastYesYes
Longley Park Sixth Form AcademyYorkshire and the HumberYesYesYes
Longsands AcademyEast of EnglandYesYes
Loughborough CollegeEast MidlandsYesYesYes
Lte GroupNorth WestYesYesYes
Luminate Education GroupYorkshire and the HumberYesYes
Macclesfield CollegeNorth WestYesYes
Macmillan AcademyNorth EastYes
Maria Fidelis Catholic School FcjLondonYes
Mary Hare SchoolSouth WestYesYes
Mascalls AcademySouth EastYes
Matravers SchoolSouth WestYes
Meadow Park SchoolWest MidlandsYes
Middlesbrough CollegeNorth EastYesYesYes
Midkent CollegeSouth EastYesYes
Milton Keynes CollegeSouth EastYesYesYes
Mit Skills LimitedSouth EastYesYes
Morley College LondonLondonYesYesYes
Moulton CollegeEast MidlandsYes
Mulberry UtcLondonYesYesYes
Myerscough CollegeNorth WestYesYes
Ncea Duke'S Secondary SchoolNorth EastYes
NcgNorth EastYesYes
Nelson And Colne CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Netherthorpe SchoolEast MidlandsYes
New City CollegeLondonYesYes
New College BradfordYorkshire and the HumberYes
New College DurhamNorth EastYesYes
New College PontefractYorkshire and the HumberYes
New College SwindonSouth WestYesYesYes
Newbury CollegeSouth EastYesYesYes
Newcastle And Stafford Colleges GroupWest MidlandsYesYes
Newham College Of Further EducationLondonYesYesYes
Newham Sixth Form CollegeLondonYesYesYes
North East Futures UtcNorth EastYesYes
North East Surrey College Of TechnologySouth EastYesYes
North Hertfordshire CollegeEast of EnglandYesYesYes
North Kent CollegeSouth EastYesYes
North Lancs. Training Group Limited(The)North WestYes
North Warwickshire And South Leicestershire CollegeWest MidlandsYesYesYes
Northampton CollegeEast MidlandsYesYes
Northfleet Technology CollegeSouth EastYes
Northolt High SchoolLondonYes
Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYes
Nottingham CollegeEast MidlandsYesYes
Nottingham University Samworth AcademyEast MidlandsYesYes
Oaklands CollegeEast of EnglandYesYesYes
Oldham Sixth Form CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Onslow St Audrey'S SchoolEast of EnglandYes
Ormiston Victory AcademyEast of EnglandYes
Ossett Academy And Sixth Form CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYes
Outwood Academy AdwickYorkshire and the HumberYesYes
Painsley Catholic CollegeWest MidlandsYesYes
Parliament Hill SchoolLondonYesYes
Peter Symonds CollegeSouth EastYesYes
Peterborough City CouncilEast of EnglandYesYes
PetrocSouth WestYesYesYes
Plumpton CollegeSouth EastYes
Plymouth City CouncilSouth WestYes
Poole High SchoolSouth WestYesYes
Poultec Training LimitedEast of EnglandYesYes
President Kennedy School AcademyWest MidlandsYes
Preston CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Priestley CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Prince Henry'S High SchoolWest MidlandsYesYes
Prior Pursglove And Stockton Sixth Form CollegeNorth EastYesYes
Reaseheath CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Reflections Training AcademySouth WestYes
Regent High SchoolLondonYes
Richard Huish CollegeSouth WestYesYes
Richard Taunton Sixth Form CollegeSouth EastYesYesYes
Riverside College HaltonNorth WestYesYesYes
Rivington And Blackrod High SchoolNorth WestYes
Rnn GroupYorkshire and the HumberYesYesYes
Rodillian AcademyYorkshire and the HumberYes
Ron Dearing UtcYorkshire and the HumberYesYes
Royal Greenwich Trust SchoolLondonYes
Royal National College For The BlindWest MidlandsYesYes
Runshaw CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
S.W. Durham Training LimitedNorth EastYesYesYes
Sacred Heart High SchoolLondonYes
Saint George'S Church Of England SchoolSouth EastYes
Saint John Bosco CollegeLondonYesYesYes
Salesian School, ChertseySouth EastYesYes
Sandwell AcademyWest MidlandsYesYesYes
Sandwell CollegeWest MidlandsYesYes
Saracens High SchoolLondonYesYesYes
Scarborough Sixth Form CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYes
Scc GroupNorth WestYesYes
Sgs Berkeley Green UtcSouth WestYes
Sheringham High SchoolEast of EnglandYes
Shipley College Of Further EducationYorkshire and the HumberYesYesYes
Shire Oak AcademyWest MidlandsYesYes
Shooters Hill Sixth Form CollegeLondonYesYesYes
Shoreham AcademySouth EastYesYes
Shrewsbury Colleges GroupWest MidlandsYesYesYes
Sidney Stringer AcademyWest MidlandsYes
Silverstone UtcEast MidlandsYesYes
Sir George Monoux CollegeLondonYesYes
Solihull College And University CentreWest MidlandsYesYesYes
Solihull Sixth Form CollegeWest MidlandsYesYes
Somerset Skills And Learning CicSouth WestYesYes
Somerset Studio SchoolSouth WestYesYes
South And City College BirminghamWest MidlandsYesYesYes
South Bank UtcLondonYesYesYes
South Devon CollegeSouth WestYesYesYes
South Devon UtcSouth WestYesYes
South Essex College Of Further And Higher EducationEast of EnglandYesYesYes
South Gloucestershire And Stroud CollegeSouth WestYesYesYes
South Hampshire College Group (Shcg)South EastYesYesYes
South Staffordshire CollegeWest MidlandsYesYesYes
South Thames Colleges GroupLondonYesYes
Southmoor AcademyNorth EastYesYes
Southport CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Sparsholt College HampshireSouth EastYesYesYes
St Albans Girls' SchoolEast of EnglandYes
St Charles Catholic Sixth Form CollegeLondonYesYes
St Francis Xavier Sixth Form CollegeLondonYesYes
St George'S AcademyEast MidlandsYes
St Helens CollegeNorth WestYesYes
St John Bosco Arts CollegeNorth WestYes
St John Rigby Rc Sixth Form CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
St Joseph'S Catholic AcademyNorth EastYes
St Mary'S Catholic College, A Voluntary AcademyNorth WestYesYes
St Mary'S College, Voluntary Catholic AcademyYorkshire and the HumberYesYesYes
St Philomena'S Catholic High School For GirlsLondonYesYes
St Robert Of Newminster Catholic School And Sixth Form College, WashingtonNorth EastYesYes
St Thomas More Catholic School, BlaydonNorth EastYesYes
St Vincent CollegeSouth EastYesYesYes
Stanmore CollegeLondonYesYesYes
Stationers' Crown Woods AcademyLondonYesYesYes
Stoke On Trent CollegeWest MidlandsYesYes
Stoke Park SchoolWest MidlandsYes
Stone Lodge SchoolSouth EastYesYes
Strode CollegeSouth WestYesYesYes
Suffolk New CollegeEast of EnglandYesYesYes
Swanshurst SchoolWest MidlandsYes
Tameside CollegeNorth WestYesYes
Tec PartnershipYorkshire and the HumberYesYesYes
Telford CollegeWest MidlandsYesYes
Temple Moor High SchoolYorkshire and the HumberYes
The Blackpool Sixth Form CollegeNorth WestYesYes
The Blandford SchoolSouth WestYes
The Bournemouth And Poole CollegeSouth WestYesYesYes
The Brooke House Sixth Form CollegeLondonYesYes
The Broxbourne SchoolEast of EnglandYesYes
The Canterbury AcademySouth EastYesYes
The City Of Liverpool CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
The Coleshill SchoolWest MidlandsYesYes
The College Of Richard CollyerSouth EastYesYesYes
The Education Training CollectiveNorth EastYesYesYes
The Elizabethan AcademyEast MidlandsYesYes
The Halley AcademyLondonYesYes
The Henley CollegeSouth EastYesYes
The Hundred Of Hoo AcademySouth EastYes
The Jcb AcademyWest MidlandsYesYesYes
The King'S Cofe AcademyWest MidlandsYesYes
The Leigh AcademySouth EastYesYes
The Leigh UtcSouth EastYesYesYes
The Nobel SchoolEast of EnglandYes
The North SchoolSouth EastYesYes
The Nottingham Trent UniversityEast MidlandsYesYes
The Oldham CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
The Phoenix CollegiateWest MidlandsYes
The Priory City Of Lincoln AcademyEast MidlandsYesYes
The Priory Ruskin AcademyEast MidlandsYesYes
The Priory Witham AcademyEast MidlandsYes
The Ravensbourne SchoolLondonYes
The Sheffield CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYesYes
The Sittingbourne SchoolSouth EastYesYes
The Smb GroupEast MidlandsYesYesYes
The Ucl AcademyLondonYes
Thomas Alleyne'S High SchoolWest MidlandsYes
Thomas Rotherham CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYes
Thomas Telford University Technical CollegeWest MidlandsYesYes
Thorpe St Andrew School And Sixth FormEast of EnglandYesYes
Total PeopleNorth WestYesYesYes
Trafford College GroupNorth WestYesYesYes
Trinity Catholic CollegeNorth EastYesYes
Truro And Penwith CollegeSouth WestYesYes
Twynham SchoolSouth WestYes
Tyne Coast CollegeNorth EastYesYesYes
Ullswater Community CollegeNorth WestYes
United Colleges GroupLondonYesYes
University Academy HolbeachEast MidlandsYesYes
University College BirminghamWest MidlandsYesYes
University Of DerbyEast MidlandsYesYesYes
University Technical College LeedsYorkshire and the HumberYesYes
University Technical College NorfolkEast of EnglandYesYesYes
Ursuline High School WimbledonLondonYesYesYes
Usp CollegeEast of EnglandYesYes
Utc Derby Pride ParkEast MidlandsYes
Utc HeathrowLondonYes
Utc OxfordshireSouth EastYes
Utc PlymouthSouth WestYes
Utc PortsmouthSouth EastYesYes
Utc ReadingSouth EastYes
Utc Sheffield City CentreYorkshire and the HumberYes
Utc Sheffield Olympic Legacy ParkYorkshire and the HumberYes
Utc South DurhamNorth EastYesYes
Utc SwindonSouth WestYes
Utc WarringtonNorth WestYesYesYes
Varndean CollegeSouth EastYesYes
Virtual Alliance LimitedSouth EastYes
Walsall AcademyWest MidlandsYesYesYes
Walsall CollegeWest MidlandsYesYes
Walsall Studio SchoolWest MidlandsYesYesYes
Waltham Forest CollegeLondonYesYesYes
Walton HighSouth EastYes
Warrington And Vale Royal CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Warwickshire College GroupWest MidlandsYesYesYes
Weatherhead High SchoolNorth WestYes
West Herts CollegeEast of EnglandYesYes
West Nottinghamshire CollegeEast MidlandsYesYesYes
West Suffolk CollegeEast of EnglandYesYes
West Thames CollegeLondonYesYesYes
Westlands SchoolSouth EastYesYes
Weston CollegeSouth WestYesYesYes
Weymouth CollegeSouth WestYesYes
Whalley Range 11-18 High SchoolNorth WestYesYes
Wigan And Leigh CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Wilberforce CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYesYes
William Ellis SchoolLondonYesYes
William Morris Sixth FormLondonYesYesYes
Wilmington AcademySouth EastYesYesYes
Wiltshire College And University CentreSouth WestYesYesYes
Wimbledon CollegeLondonYes
Windsor Forest Colleges GroupSouth EastYesYesYes
Windsor High School And Sixth FormWest MidlandsYes
Winstanley CollegeNorth WestYes
Wirral Metropolitan CollegeNorth WestYesYesYes
Wmg Academy For Young EngineersWest MidlandsYesYesYes
Wmg Academy For Young Engineers (Solihull)West MidlandsYesYes
Worcester Sixth Form CollegeWest MidlandsYes
Writhlington SchoolSouth WestYesYes
Writtle University CollegeEast of EnglandYes
Wyke Sixth Form CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYes
Yavneh CollegeEast of EnglandYes
Yeovil CollegeSouth WestYesYesYes
York CollegeYorkshire and the HumberYesYes

Do Universities Accept T Levels

A common question for students considering T Levels is whether universities accept these vocational qualifications for entry into degree programmes. The answer is a resounding “YES“. In recent years, universities in the United Kingdom have increasingly recognised the value of T Levels and have revised their entry requirements to accommodate students with these qualifications.

Here are some key points to understand about university acceptance of T Levels:

  1. Recognition and Inclusivity: Universities across the UK have been working to become more inclusive and to acknowledge the importance of vocational and technical education.

  2. UCAS Tariff Points: To further facilitate this process, the UCAS tariff points system has been integrated with T Levels. This means that students who achieve certain grades in their T Levels are awarded UCAS points, which can be used to meet university entry requirements. 

  3. Subject Relevance: The relevance of T Levels to specific degree programmes is a crucial factor. Students should choose T Level pathways that align with their desired university course, as this demonstrates their commitment and preparedness for further study in that field.

  4. Consultation with Universities: It’s advisable for T Level students to research the specific university and course they are interested in and to reach out to university admissions departments for confirmation of entry requirements.

  5. Foundation and Access Courses: In cases where a student’s T Level doesn’t precisely match their chosen degree programme, universities may offer foundation or access courses to bridge the gap. These preparatory courses can be an excellent way for T Level students to gain entry into their desired fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

T Levels are a new set of technical and vocational qualifications in the UK designed to provide students with practical skills and knowledge in various industries. They are equivalent to three A Levels and blend classroom learning with industry placements.

T Levels are primarily aimed at students aged 16 to 19 who want to pursue a technical or vocational career path. They offer a practical alternative to A Levels and are suitable for those who wish to gain specific industry-related skills.

T Levels are typically two-year courses, with each T Level programme having a set duration. They are often undertaken after completing GCSEs.

Yes, T Levels are increasingly recognised by universities. They have been integrated into the UCAS tariff points system, making it easier for T Level students to meet university entry requirements.

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