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Welcome to the prestigious Queen’s University Belfast, one of the top UK universities nestled in the vibrant cityscape of Northern Ireland. In this article, we delve into a comprehensive exploration of the university, delving into reviews, rankings, and other crucial aspects that define its standing in the realm of higher education. Join us on a journey to uncover the distinctive charm and academic prowess of Queen’s University Belfast.

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QUB Overview

Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) stands as a distinguished institution in the heart of Northern Ireland, renowned for its academic excellence, rich history, and vibrant campus life. Established in 1845, it has consistently held a prominent position in both national and international rankings.

Academically, Queen’s offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across various disciplines, attracting students from around the globe. The campus itself is a blend of historic architecture and modern facilities, providing students with a stimulating and supportive learning environment. 

Beyond academics, Queen’s University Belfast boasts a strong commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. Students have the opportunity to participate in various extracurricular activities, clubs, and societies, enhancing their overall university experience. 

Queen's University Belfast Rankings 2024

Queen’s University Belfast has solidified its position as a leading academic institution through impressive rankings both nationally and globally. In the UK, Queen’s stands tall at 27th place, showcasing its prowess among the top universities in the country. On a global scale, the university has earned the remarkable 202nd spot, further attesting to its international standing and influence.

The commitment to making a positive impact is evident in Queen’s inclusion among the “Top 100 Universities in the World for Impact,” securing an impressive 85th position in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2023. This recognition reflects the university’s dedication to contributing meaningfully to societal progress and global challenges.

One of the key pillars of Queen’s success lies in its research environment, where an exceptional 99% of research is deemed world-leading or internationally excellent, according to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021. This high standard of research ensures that students are engaged in cutting-edge knowledge and innovation, further enhancing the university’s global reputation.

QUB Courses and Programmes

The university boasts a diverse and comprehensive range of courses and programmes designed to inspire and empower students on their academic journeys. Whether pursuing a degree in the arts, sciences, business, or beyond, students at QUB benefit from a dynamic and engaging learning environment. This section explores the rich tapestry of educational opportunities available at Queen’s, highlighting the university’s dedication to providing a transformative and globally relevant education.

Business Management and Finance

As an AMBA and EQUIS-accredited institution, Queen’s Business School offers a prestigious learning environment with degrees spanning accounting, actuarial science, economics, finance, international business, marketing, and risk management. Ranked 1st in the UK for Graduate Prospects in Accounting and Finance, the programme provides unparalleled opportunities, including dedicated placements with renowned companies like Aviva, Citi, EY, and KPMG. 

Accredited degrees lay the foundation for chartered status, and students benefit from masterclasses with international industry experts. The state-of-the-art facilities, including a new building with a 250-seat lecture theatre and a cutting-edge FinTrU Financial Trading Room, further enrich the learning experience. With a real-money investment portfolio and access to leading software and databases, students are empowered for success in the dynamic world of business.

Engineering and Technology

The engineering and technology programme is designed to equip you with the skills demanded by thriving engineering and tech industries. This comprehensive programme offers a vast array of specialisms, ranging from aerospace to civil, mechanical to computing, and beyond. Notably, it stands as the Russell Group’s only combined School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, reinforcing its interdisciplinary approach. With a world ranking within the top 150 for Engineering, students benefit from industry placements at esteemed companies like BP Chemicals, GSK, Jaguar Land Rover, Pfizer, and Shell

The programme’s cutting-edge facilities include the £14 million Computer Science Building, housing a cybersecurity suite and four Innovation Labs. These labs feature a Virtual Reality Lab, QLab Makerspace, Lego Smart City Lab, and the Learning Lab. Additionally, students have access to a Merlin Excalibur II flight simulator, automotive test cells, catalyst laboratories, emissions analysers, and advanced robotics platforms like the Baxter humanoid robot and a 5-axis robot for robotic assembly.

Life Sciences

Embark on a fulfilling journey in the field of Life Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast, where you can contribute to creating a healthier population through cutting-edge research. The programme offers a diverse range of degrees, including Biomedical Science, Clinical Health Psychology, Food Science and Food Security, Midwifery Sciences, and Pharmacy. Queen’s is proud to be ranked 3rd in the UK for Food Science and within the world’s top 100 for Nursing, further solidifying its commitment to excellence in healthcare education. 

As a student, you’ll engage in practical training for your future, with placement opportunities in NGOs and healthcare settings. The programme’s state-of-the-art facilities include specialised biomedical sciences and medical libraries, a Pharmacy Practice Unit with fully stocked dispensing workstations, and labs for microbiology, ecology, cell culture, and parasitology. Additionally, the Simulation Centre provides hands-on, simulated training for the next generation of healthcare professionals. 

Queen's University Belfast Fees in 2024/2025

QUB offers over 200 courses and programmes and the fees will vary depending on the course you choose. Here is a rough guideline for the 2024/2025 fees.

Course and Level of study

2024/25 (£ GBP)

2024/25 ($ US Dollars)*

Fee Rate 1 (classroom based courses)



Fee Rate 2 (laboratory)



Fee Rate 3 (pre-clinical) 



Fee Rate 4 (clinical)


Queen's University Belfast Scholarships

There are many funding opportunities available for current and prospective students. Here are some of them:

  • GREAT Scholarship
  • Herbert Smith Prize
  • International Office Undergraduate Scholarship
  • LINAS Doctoral Training Programme
  • Lexis Nexis Level 1 Law Prize 
  • Lord Kerr Scholarship
  • McKane Medal
  • Oxford University Law Prize

QUB Facilities

Queen’s University Belfast takes pride in its state-of-the-art facilities, fostering an environment conducive to world-class education and cutting-edge research. With a commitment to investing £700 million over a 20-year capital development programme, Queen’s has established itself as a beacon of learning and innovation. Here are some notable facilities on the historic campus:

  • KN Cheung SK Chin Intersim Centre:
    • A modern Clinical Skills Teaching facility supporting simulation-based health education.
    • Allows students to train in interactive, authentic scenarios, preparing them for professional practice.
  • Pharmacy Practice Unit:
    • Renovated unit offering an authentic learning experience with fully stocked dispensing workspaces.
    • Equipped with up-to-date electronic resources and industry-leading dispensing software.
  • Nursing and Midwifery Simulations:
    • Simulation suite designed as a hospital ward for nursing students.
    • Human Patient Simulators provide an authentic experience in caring for acutely ill patients.
  • Dentistry Lab:
    • £1 million investment in the last five years for modern clinical facilities.
    • Features 90 dental chairs, lecture rooms, and a Dental Clinical Skills Laboratory.
  • Clinical Anatomy Suite:
    • Provides clinical skills training, revision, and assessment for medical students.
    • Access to human cadaveric teaching material in a purpose-built, HTA-licensed facility.
  • Centre for Experimental Research Facilities:
    • Houses the Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine, promoting research excellence.
    • Integrative hub linking various research elements and driving innovation in experimental medicine.
  • Marine Laboratory:
    • Located on the shores of Strangford Lough, offering residential field courses for marine biology students.
    • Provides facilities for studying diverse marine ecosystems and wildlife.
  • LEGO Lab:
    • A multidisciplinary space inspiring innovation through prototyping solutions with LEGO models.
    • Facilitates student-led projects, enhancing learning and engagement.
  • Manufacturing and Engineering Workshops:
    • State-of-the-art workshops supporting the production of teaching equipment, research, and student projects.
    • Equipped with CNC machining centres, EDM machines, and advanced design software.
  • Astrophysics Research Centre Teaching Observatory:
    • Observatory on the roof of the Physics Building for undergraduate astrophysics teaching.
    • Features a 14-inch Meade ACF LX850 telescope for observations.
  • Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT):
    • A global innovation hub for cyber research, attracting high-tech Foreign Direct Investment.
    • Focuses on speculative and industry-informed research projects in cybersecurity.
  • Qlab Maker Space:
    • Supports students’ personal projects and extracurricular activities.
    • Runs hackathons, internships, and provides resources for student-led projects.
  • ECIT Communications Lab:
    • The UK’s largest research base in physical layer wireless at the Centre for Wireless Innovation.
    • Develops underpinning technologies for wireless communication and collaboration.
  • FinTrU Trading Room:
    • Replicates New York and London trading environments with 12 Bloomberg terminals.
    • Embedded into taught programmes, supporting financial simulations and extra-curricular activities.
  • Audio Recording and Post Production Studios:
    • Facilities at The Sonic Arts Research Centre for recording and post-production.
    • Used for music recording, sound design, and post-production for screen.
  • Sonic Laboratory:
    • Specialist acoustic space providing a unique listening experience.
    • Features 48 loudspeakers for sonic art performance and experimentation.
  • Control Room for Recording and 5.1 Post Production:
    • Adjacent to the Sonic Laboratory, equipped with AMS-Neve DMC Digital Mixing Console.
    • Supports recording, editing, and mastering with high-quality monitoring.
  • State-of-the-Art Lecture Theatre:
    • Fully immersive online learning environment with a 4K screen.
    • Enables remote participation in discussions, polls, and access to learning materials.

QUB Student Activities And Clubs

The international community at Queen’s is thriving, with over 3,900 students from more than 90 different countries contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of the university. This diversity not only fosters a global perspective but also creates a stimulating environment for cross-cultural collaboration and understanding. Here is a list of student activities available on campus:

Aerial Fitness

Aikido Club

Airsoft Club

Archery Club

Athletics Club

Badminton Club

Boxing Club

Brazilian Ju Jitsu Club

Camogie Club

Caving Club

Cheerleading Club

Cricket Club

Dance Club

Dodgeball Club

Fencing Club

Golf Club

Handball Club

Hurling Club

Ju Jitsu Club

Judo Club

Kickboxing & Muay Thai Club

Lacrosse Club

Ladies Rugby Club

Ladies’ Basketball Club

Ladies’ Boat Club

Ladies’ Gaelic Football Club

Ladies’ Hockey Club

Ladies’ Soccer Club

Ladies’ Volleyball Club

Mens’ Basketball Club

Mens’ Boat Club

Mens’ Gaelic Football Club

Mens’ Hockey Club

Mens’ Soccer Club

Mens’ Volleyball Club

Motor Club

Mountaineering Club

Netball Club

Olympic Handball

Paddlesports Club

Queen’s 5K Race

Riding Club

Rugby Football Club

Sailing Club

Skydiving Club

Snooker and Billiards Club

Snowsports Club

Squash Club

Sub-Aqua Club

Surf Club

Swimming, Water Polo & Lifeaving Club

Table Tennis Club

Tae Kwon Do Club

Tai Jitsu Club

Tennis Club

Trampoline Club

Triathlon Club

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Underwater Hockey

Unihoc Club

Wado Ryu Karate Club

Wakeboard and Waterski Club

QUB Accommodation

The university provides student accommodation in partnership with an external provider, Student Roost. Here is the full list of available student accommodation in 2024.

  • ELMS BT1: From £150 p/w
  • ELMS BT2: From £150 p/w
  • ELMS BT9: From £110 p/w
  • WILLOW WALK: From £145 p/w
  • COLLEGE GARDENS: From £85 p/w
  • GRANT HOUSE: From £110 p/w
  • GUTHRIE HOUSE: From £110 p/w
  • MOUNT CHARLES: From £85 p/w
  • 76 MALONE ROAD: From £85 p/w
  • SWANSTON HOUSE: From £155 p/w
  • JOHN BELL HOUSE: From £155 p/w
  • 105-107 UNIVERSITY STREET: From £195 p/w

Queen's University Belfast Graduate Employment Rate

Queen’s University Belfast takes pride in achieving the top position within the prestigious Russell Group for graduate employment, a testament to the university’s commitment to preparing students for successful careers.

The success stories of Queen’s graduates speak volumes about the university’s impact on shaping professionals who go on to thrive in the global job market. Many Queen’s alumni have secured positions in renowned global companies, showcasing the widespread recognition of the quality of education and skills imparted at the university.

A significant aspect of this success is the strong presence of Queen’s graduates in various global companies, many of which have a notable footprint in Belfast. Graduates have found rewarding opportunities in well-respected organisations such as Accenture, Airbus UK, Bombardier, Deloitte, Google, KPMG, Petronas, PwC, Randox, and Unilever. This diverse array of companies represents the broad spectrum of industries where Queen’s graduates excel, ranging from technology giants to leading consultancy firms and multinational corporations.


Queen's University Belfast Alumni: See how the University is Changing the World Today

Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) has produced a distinguished group of alumni who have excelled in various fields. Here is a list of notable QUB alumni:

  • Rory Best OBE (BAgr 2004): Former Ulster, Ireland, and Lions rugby captain.
  • Dr Lisa Bradley (BSc Information Management 1995, MSc Finance 1998, PhD Finance 2003): Two-time World Judo Masters Champion and Commonwealth Games silver medallist.
  • Mike Bull (BA Philosophy 1970): Commonwealth Games silver medallist in pole vault.
  • Tim McGarry (LLB 1986): Renowned comedian, actor, writer, and TV presenter.
  • Lisa McGee (BA Drama 2002): Writer and director, known for her work on “Derry Girls.”
  • Brian McGilloway (BA English 1995): Best-selling author.
  • Colonel Tim Collins (BSSc 1981): Chief Executive Officer, New Century Consulting.
  • Adrian Colton (LLB 1981): High Court Judge and Presiding Coroner for Northern Ireland.
  • Dr Michael McBride (MB BCh BAO 1986): Chief Medical Officer of Northern Ireland.
  • Dr Caroline McElnay (MB BCh BAO 1984): Director of Public Health, New Zealand.

Experience the City of Belfast

Living in Belfast as a student offers a unique and enriching experience. Here are some of the highlights:

Cultural Richness:
Belfast is steeped in history and culture, providing students with ample opportunities to explore and learn. From iconic landmarks like the Titanic Belfast to the lively street art scene in the Cathedral Quarter, the city offers a rich cultural tapestry for students to immerse themselves in.

Affordable Living:
Compared to many other UK cities, Belfast is known for its relatively affordable cost of living. This is especially advantageous for students, as accommodation, groceries, and leisure activities are generally more budget-friendly, allowing them to make the most of their student experience.

Pubs, Cafés, and Social Spaces:
Belfast boasts a vibrant nightlife, with numerous pubs, bars, and live music venues scattered across the city. Students often gather in popular areas like the Golden Mile or the Cathedral Quarter to enjoy a night out with friends.

Festivals and Events:
Throughout the academic year, Belfast hosts a variety of festivals and events catering to different interests. From film festivals to music events and cultural celebrations, students have the opportunity to engage with the local community and broaden their horizons.


How much does it cost to live in Belfast




Transport (Single journey)



Taxi from the airport



Eating out (inexpensive meal)



Weekly groceries






Cinema ticket



University accommodation



Opportunities in Belfast

Belfast stands as a vibrant city that not only hosts Queen’s University but also offers graduates an array of exciting opportunities across diverse and rapidly growing sectors.

Aerospace Excellence:
Notably, 1 in 3 aircraft seats are manufactured in Northern Ireland, underscoring the city’s pivotal role in this sector. Graduates with expertise in aerospace engineering or related fields find themselves at the heart of innovation in a sector that plays a crucial role in global transportation.

Cyber Security and AI Hub:
Belfast has earned the distinction of being the world’s top international investment location for US cyber security firms. This accolade highlights the city’s prowess in the field of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI).

Financial Services Hub:
The city’s financial services sector is a dynamic and rapidly growing industry, providing a plethora of opportunities for graduates interested in finance, technology, and the intersection of the two.

Manufacturing and Engineering Renaissance:
Belfast’s manufacturing and engineering sector has experienced remarkable growth, surpassing the rest of the UK by more than four times. 

Software Development Hub:
Belfast has been recognised as a top 10 UK city for developing a digital career, particularly in software development. 

Queen's University Belfast Reviews

Here are what students and past students say about QUB:


One of the best parts of the uni experience at QUB is the sense of community. There are plenty of great clubs and societies to get involved with and overall, many opportunities to make new friends both within and outside of the course.


The Students’ Union area has been upgraded in the past few years which has been beneficial as there are now more places to go in between classes or in your free time. The library is also a great facility as it is well laid out and it is easy to find whatever you are looking for. Areas that could be improved are the Student Support facilities. I am struggling financially due to rising costs and briefly spoke with someone from Student Support. They essentially told me to be more careful with my money and it was unlikely that I would receive financial support due to being a postgraduate student.


Best parts are the student facilities, like the union, bar shop etc. very inclusive as there’s always cultural events on Worst parts are the lack of guidance on completing coursework

University Contact

  • Official website: https://www.qub.ac.uk/
  • Address: University Road, Belfast
    Northern Ireland, BT7 1NN
  • General information for international students: +44 (0)28 9024 5133

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