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Welcome to a captivating exploration of Chigwell School, a renowned educational institution that has garnered widespread acclaim for its exceptional programmes and offerings. In this article, we delve into comprehensive reviews, rankings, and much more, shedding light on what makes Chigwell School stand out in the world of education. Whether you’re seeking valuable information as a prospective student, a curious parent, or an educator interested in best practices, join us as we uncover the essence of Chigwell School’s academic excellence and diverse opportunities for growth.

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Key Features of Chigwell School

  • Boarding: Yes
  • Local authority: Essex
  • Pupils: 607; sixth formers: 179
  • Religion: Church of England
  • Fees: Day £22,635; Boarding £39,285 pa
  • Ranking: 94

Chigwell School Results

2023: 48% A*/A at A level

2022: 77% 9-7 at GCSE; 66% A*/A at A level (85% A*-B). 

Chigwell School offers a highly positive and academically stimulating environment, with dedicated and caring teachers guiding a conscientious group of students. The school prides itself on fostering independent learning skills, nurturing each student to become self-reliant and confident. The teachers, known for their skill and collegiality, are actively involved in extracurricular activities, creating a vibrant and supportive learning community.

Academic results have steadily improved, owing to the hard work and commitment of both students and teachers. While the school has reduced relentless testing, the academic pace remains fast, making it ideal for independent learners. The school’s coaching system supports teachers in maintaining high standards, promoting interactive and engaging lessons.

Language education is a priority at Chigwell, with Latin and French taught from Year 7, and additional exposure to German and Spanish. Students have ample opportunities to explore subjects like Greek and Mandarin through extracurricular activities. The school gently sets students in math and languages, allowing for a dynamic group learning experience.

At GCSE level, students undertake at least 10 subjects, including Triple Science, while a lack of option blocks ensures a diverse range of choices. Chigwell encourages all-rounders, with Drama and Design Technology being popular subjects at both GCSE and A level. The school actively promotes independent research, with a significant number of students undertaking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Students have access to various academic societies and enrichment opportunities, such as essay competitions and Olympiads.

University preparation is well-structured, although some students express a desire for more comprehensive careers advice. Additionally, there have been concerns about the growing private tutor culture. Nonetheless, the school is actively implementing new programmes and advising tools to address these areas.

Boarding at Chigwell School

Chigwell School’s Sixth Form boarding houses, located both on-campus and nearby, exude a warm, homely atmosphere, enhancing the sense of a close-knit family. With a diverse community of mostly international students from around 16 countries, cultural exchange thrives. House parents often receive high praise from boarders for their long-standing commitment and welcoming demeanour. Weekday curfews are at 10.30pm and weekends at 11.30pm, balancing study and leisure time. Boarders are typically known for their self-motivation, dedicating evenings and weekends to both study and leisure activities. The inclusive environment fosters a “no them and us” culture, making everyone feel welcome and appreciated.

Extra Curricular Activities in Chigwell School

At Chigwell School, the pursuit of excellence extends far beyond the classroom, with a vibrant array of extra-curricular activities that enrich the lives of its students. First of all, the Drama Centre stands as a testament to Chigwell’s commitment to the performing arts. This impressive space not only hosts drama classes and GCSE/A-level productions but also welcomes local drama groups. The drama programme flourishes, inspiring young thespians and providing a platform for their creative expression. Drama enthusiasts can delve into related disciplines like theatre makeup, costume design, and LAMDA, enhancing their skills in a supportive and encouraging environment.

For music aficionados, Chigwell School is akin to a conservatoire of talent and passion. With a multitude of music groups spanning various genres, students find their rhythm and groove in swing bands, string bands, rock, and pop ensembles. The illustrious chapel choir, performing at prestigious venues, embraces musical talents of all levels. 

Besides that, creativity finds its canvas in the well-equipped art, DT (Design Technology), and graphics studios. Students actively explore their imaginations and showcase their artistic flair. The central exhibition space serves as a window into the diverse and thought-provoking world of Chigwell’s art scene, where daring and innovation take precedence over mere perfection. The art programme not only refines artistic skills but also nurtures critical thinking and alternative problem-solving methods.

Chigwell School thrives with a bustling schedule of extracurricular activities, ensuring that students’ interests are catered to outside of regular hours. From Duke of Edinburgh expeditions in the rugged landscapes of Scotland to insightful talks on a wide array of topics, students have ample opportunities to broaden their horizons and engage with diverse experiences. The school organises an impressive range of trips, including foreign homestays, sports tours, and cultural exchanges, providing students with a global perspective and enhancing their personal growth.

Regarding sports, Chigwell balances the competitive spirit with a focus on mass participation. The school excels in regional and national competitions for sports such as football and hockey. Core sports are thoughtfully organised throughout the year, ensuring equal opportunities for boys and girls to excel in their chosen athletic pursuits. The vast outdoor facilities, including the newly-built sports hall and Astroturf fields, accommodate various sports activities. 

Admissions Process: Entering Chigwell School

The admissions process at Chigwell School encompasses various entry points, ensuring a diverse and talented student body. For Year 7, the intake comprises half of junior school pupils, with the majority transitioning seamlessly. The remaining slots are filled with students from local prep and primary schools. The demand for these limited spots is high, with around 400 applicants vying for approximately 50 openings. The assessment involves separate interviews for both students and parents, along with tests in English and maths to gauge academic potential.

For entry at age 13, there are a small number of vacancies available. Applicants are evaluated through English, maths, and modern foreign language tests. At age 16, the school welcomes both current students moving up within the school and around 10 local entrants. Additionally, approximately 14 overseas boarders join the cohort. Admission to the sixth form requires strong academic performance, with students needing 8s in the subjects they intend to study at A level, occasionally with flexibility for 7s based on individual discussions.

SEN Support

The school also supports pupils with the below needs: 

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Aspergers
  • Dyscalculia
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Moderate Learning Difficulty
  • Specific Learning Difficulty

Chigwell School Testimonials and Reviews

Epic Ibby Videos

Excellent school


Excellent school. Recommend it to everyone!!

Kaun Hai

Very good school

Jiayue Zhao

Good school!

Frequently Asked Questions about Chigwell School

Chigwell School is a co-educational independent boarding and day school in the English public school traditionlocated in Chigwell, in the Epping Forest district of Essex.

Chigwell School is an academically selective independent school for boys and girls between the ages of four and eighteen. The foundation of the School is Anglican and a Christian ethos is maintained, but pupils and staff are welcomed from many different ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Find a Way or Make a Way, is prominent, and perhaps more relevant now more than ever.

The focal point of pupils’ lives in the Senior School are the four houses – Caswalls’, Lambourne, Penn’s and Swallow’s. Pupils meet in their house groups each day and will get to know students of all ages.

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