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Welcome to an insightful journey into the world of Concord College, a renowned educational institution nestled in the heart of the UK. In this article, we’ll delve into a comprehensive review of Concord College, explore its impressive rankings, shed light on the fees structure, and provide you with a closer look at what makes this institution a beacon of academic excellence. Join us as we unveil the facets that define Concord College’s unique educational experience.

Concord College

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Key Features of Concord College

  • Boarding: Yes
  • Local authority: Shropshire
  • Pupils: 571; sixth formers: 353
  • Religion: None
  • Fees: Day £18,300; Boarding £53,400 pa
  • Ranking: 16

Concord College Results

2023: 90% 9-7 at I/GCSE

2022: 89% 9-7 at I/GCSE; 81% A*/A at A level (93% A*-B).

Concord College stands at the pinnacle of academic achievement, consistently outshining its peers in league tables—a beacon of educational excellence that draws in discerning parents seeking unparalleled results. The school’s commitment to a focused and goal-oriented approach to teaching and learning is evident throughout its classrooms.

In the pursuit of academic brilliance, Concord College’s teaching methodology revolves around a laser-focused syllabus. While the students’ intellectual curiosity is a driving force behind their selection, deviations from the syllabus are rare. The students themselves, possessing a keen awareness of the curriculum, ensure lessons remain on track. Only in Year 9 do the boundaries broaden slightly, allowing for intellectual exploration, most notably through the engaging global history course.

The culture of ambition is palpable in the weekly Saturday morning tests, followed by an eager quest for perfection. Small class sizes, averaging 10 to 15 students, foster an intimate connection between teachers and learners. This close bond enables educators to tailor their approach to each student’s distinct learning style, resulting in optimised outcomes. The fast-paced teaching environment at Concord College allows for the coverage of twice the material compared to other institutions, ensuring students are well-prepared for academic challenges.

Intrinsic to Concord’s academic landscape is the extensive support network. Teachers make themselves readily available, offering subject clinics and a student-led academic mentor programme. The school’s commitment to enhancing students’ capabilities is unwavering, as evidenced by the meticulous review of wrong answers in class and the dedication to improving performance.

Academic rigour is a cornerstone, and while some pupils may experience the transition from being top of their previous class to a more competitive environment, the school nurtures them to embrace the reality of varied performance levels. Concord College acknowledges the importance of motivation, implementing strategies such as Saturday testing to keep students on track. Even those initially lacking enthusiasm are guided towards engagement with personalised care and attention.

The curriculum landscape evolves as students progress. From Year 9, subjects are set in maths and English, while the offering of French, German, and Spanish expands in Year 10. Concord College affirms its commitment to embracing diversity, although challenges of socioeconomic diversity are acknowledged, as exemplified by a debate on the causes of poverty.

Boarding Experience in Concord College

At Concord College, the boarding experience embodies comfort, community, and a vibrant array of activities. The school boasts seventeen boarding houses, each exclusively single sex. Half of these residences are conveniently located on campus, catering to lower school students and some older years. The remaining houses, while within walking distance, may require a sturdy pair of hiking boots—especially for those lucky enough to find themselves in the neighbouring farm house. These houses range in size from the intimate five-room abode to the expansive seventy-room complex, accommodating diverse preferences and needs.

The boarding houses stand as modern havens of quality and colour, each room a personal sanctuary. The majority offer single rooms, with many featuring ensuite facilities. While most spaces exude tidiness, the occasional unmade bed adds a touch of authenticity to the student experience. A watchful but unobtrusive security presence ensures safety, while lower school students treasure the anticipation of returning to their rooms at day’s end.

Within the boarding houses, tastefully designed shared areas foster connections among residents. A spacious common room, shared by both boarders and day students, serves as a hub of activity, hosting gatherings, discussions, and even school discos. House parents, deeply invested in students’ well-being, provide a nurturing environment, with a genuine concern for their charges.

After the weekend tests, students can choose to explore Shrewsbury via coach, absorbing the town’s charm. Sundays offer relaxation, with lie-ins, hearty brunches, and a spectrum of on and off-site activities—ranging from shopping excursions to mountain biking adventures and castle visits. However, often the allure of simply unwinding takes precedence, encapsulating the essence of boarding life.

Extra Curricular Activities in Concord College

Recognising that intellectual prowess alone may not secure the keys to top universities, students at Concord College eagerly embrace the expansive realm of extracurricular activities. With over 100 clubs and societies, the school offers a rich tapestry of opportunities that extend beyond the classroom, igniting passions and nurturing well-rounded individuals.

A striking feature is the prevalence of student-led initiatives. From setting up a cinema club to orchestrating film-making competitions, students find their voices and explore their interests under the supportive umbrella of the school. Dynamic options include Model UN, debating, medical society, philosophical society, and maths problem workshops. On the lighter side, avenues like sports, creative arts, crochet, and knitting provide avenues for relaxation and expression.

The halls resonate with musical brilliance, a testament to the abundance of talent within. Many students exhibit musical prowess, achieving grade levels that captivate even the most discerning ears. Music education, marked by flexibility and creativity, favours BTEC and EPQ pathways over traditional GCSE and A-level courses. Instrumental lessons, delivered by skilled practitioners, enrich the learning experience, often culminating in performances and recordings within the school’s dedicated studio. The musical calendar brims with events such as songwriting workshops, house arts festivals, open mic sessions, and prestigious competitions, revealing the vibrancy of Concord’s musical community.

Drama and dance flourish in culturally immersive environments. House arts activities encompass song, poetry, dance, and ensembles, encouraging students to express themselves within familiar cultural frameworks. LAMDA participation is robust, amplifying students’ creative expression and communication skills. The dramatic arts provide a platform for personal growth and self-expression, resonating deeply with students and parents alike.

Artistic talents flourish within the school’s outstanding facilities, producing accomplished architects, designers, and artists. While some perceive art as not fully embraced within the academic framework, students benefit from robust teaching and engagement. The school’s artistic legacy, evident in the works of renowned alumni, deserves greater prominence throughout the campus.

Wednesday afternoons mark a departure from the academic norm, with outdoor pursuits galore. From high ropes to mountain biking, students engage in adventurous activities that foster teamwork and physical well-being. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award holds particular appeal, drawing over 90% participation and exemplifying the school’s commitment to holistic development.

Sporting facilities, though impressive, reflect a balanced approach to athletics. While certain sports like rugby and cricket assume more informal roles, a diverse array of activities thrives. Football, swimming, athletics, golf, fencing, badminton, basketball, volleyball, and table tennis all flourish, with Concord College competing strongly in regular fixtures. The school’s sporting ethos celebrates breadth over exclusivity, aligning with its comprehensive approach to education.

Admissions Process: Entering Concord College

At Concord College, the admissions process is notably selective, reflecting the institution’s commitment to maintaining academic excellence and fostering a diverse and talented student body. With an average of four applications for each available spot, gaining admission to Concord College is a competitive endeavour.

Year 9 and Year 10 Admissions:

For students seeking entry into Year 9 or Year 10, the admissions process involves a meticulous evaluation of each candidate’s academic abilities and potential. Prospective students are required to sit entrance exams in English, mathematics, and critical thinking. Approximately 50 students are admitted in Year 9, while an additional 45 students join in Year 10. These entrance exams serve as a means to identify students who demonstrate the necessary aptitude and readiness for the rigorous curriculum offered at Concord College.

Year 12 Admissions:

The largest intake occurs in Year 12, where around 120 new students are welcomed to Concord College. This pivotal stage prepares students for their A-level studies and beyond. To secure a place in Year 12, applicants are expected to achieve a minimum of 50+ points from their best six GCSE subjects, with exceptions made for a native language other than English. International students are also considered, with equivalent qualifications from their home countries being accepted.

Holistic Assessment:

The admissions process at Concord College extends beyond academic performance. To gain a comprehensive understanding of each applicant, the college requires references and reports from the candidate’s current school at all stages. Additionally, nearly all applicants undergo interviews, which may be conducted online for international candidates. These interviews provide a valuable opportunity for the college to assess the applicant’s character, motivation, and potential contributions to the Concord College community.

SEN Support

This institution is well equipped to support the following special educational needs:

  • Aspergers

Concord College Testimonials and Reviews

Zhaska Atazan

My son has joined this year in Concord College to Y9 . I very liked the school . So beautiful place , college have a very big territory and students are friendly. I liked their method to testing every Saturday, because I think it’s will give to students to improve their level and to be successfully .

Lizzie Stockbridge

My son has just finished his 2 years of A levels at Concord. It has been a wonderful experience for him and we have seen him blossom into a confident and happy young man. He achieved excellent results: 2A*s in Maths and Further Maths and As in Physics and Chemistry. He was pushed to his best ability and had exceptional support when he needed it. The best compliment I can give is that he is already missing his Concord family, after only a few months!

Andrew Hari Widjaja

Great teachers, friends and environment. Best 2 years of my life.

Hi Chu Pam

This place holds a very special place in my heart.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Concord College

Concord University is a public institution that was founded in 1872. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 1,399 (fall 2022), its setting is rural, and the campus size is 123 acres.

Institutional Accreditation: Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), a nationally recognized accrediting agency. Licensure: Approved to operate by the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education.

Concorde’s 25 student-focused academic programs and personalized support prepares graduates for in-demand careers in nursing, dental, respiratory, diagnostic, and other healthcare roles.

  • Pay the application fee, if required.
  • Provide proof of high school graduation.
  • GED completion.
  • Participate in a virtual interview (on-campus interviews may be arranged upon request, subject to local health regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic).
  • Complete any required entrance assessments.

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