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The Leys School Review

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Key Features of The Leys School

  • Boarding: Yes
  • Local authority: Cambridgeshire
  • Pupils: 565; sixth formers: 212
  • Religion: Methodist
  • Fees: Day £19,965 – £27,660; Boarding £30,555 – £41,880 pa

The Leys School Results

Examining the academic prowess of The Leys School reveals a dynamic picture of achievement and resilience. In the most recent academic year of 2023, students demonstrated commendable performance with 54% achieving grades 9-7 at GCSE, showcasing a commitment to excellence. The A-level results were equally impressive, with 56% securing A*/A grades and an outstanding 80% achieving grades A*-B.

It’s noteworthy to acknowledge the context of the pandemic, which may have influenced educational dynamics. Comparing these results to the pre-pandemic era in 2019 sheds light on the institution’s adaptability. The Leys boasted an impressive 83% of students achieving grades 9-7 at GCSE in 2019. This underlines the consistently high standards upheld by the institution. At the A-level stage, 53% secured A*/A grades, showcasing a strong academic foundation.

The shift in statistics between 2019 and 2023 suggests a resilient educational environment at The Leys. Despite external challenges, the institution maintains a commitment to academic excellence and the holistic development of its students.

Boarding Facilities in The Leys School

The Leys School prides itself on fostering a nurturing and familial boarding environment, creating a sense of home away from home for its students. Pupils are organised into 11 houses. Each house has its unique characteristics, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the school’s community.

For the first two years, students reside in Moulton House, providing a seamless transition into the boarding experience. Subsequently, they move to single-sex boarding houses or day boarders’ houses. The houses, overseen by dedicated house masters or mistresses (known as HMs), are supported by caring matrons who play a crucial role in the day-to-day well-being of the students. 

The school offers two types of boarding – full or home. Full boarders enjoy a comprehensive residential experience, while home boarders join in for the day, participating in activities, supper, and prep until 9 pm. Despite not sleeping in the boarding houses, home boarders have allocated spaces and desks, following the same routine as their full boarding counterparts. This option, appreciated by both parents and pupils, offers the best of both worlds – the vibrancy of a city centre and the broader offerings of a boarding school.

Currently, 70% of the students at The Leys are accommodated in boarding houses, with 50% as full boarders and 20% as home boarders. This significant boarding population contributes to the unmistakable feel of a boarding school.

Weekends offer a range of arranged activities, and sixth formers have the liberty to explore Cambridge, respecting the 10.30 pm curfew. A sixth form club, complete with its own bar, adds an extra dimension to the students’ social life.

Extra Curricular Activities in The Leys School

The Leys School is a hub of vibrant activity, offering a plethora of opportunities for students to explore and excel beyond the classroom. The performing arts take centre stage with a state-of-the-art theatre. It comes complete with professional-standard facilities, backstage realms, studios, rehearsal spaces, class, and dressing rooms. Drama, a popular pursuit, is integrated into the curriculum from year 9, extending to GCSE and A-level options. Throughout the year, students showcase their talents in a variety of performances. They range from the profound, such as Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible,’ to the lighthearted, exemplified by productions like ‘Sound of Music.’ 

The realm of music boasts excellent facilities within the dedicated music school. This includes an acoustically engineered recital hall inaugurated by Julian Lloyd Webber. Choirs, orchestras, bands, and ensemble groups abound, fostering a rich musical tapestry. Music lessons are timetabled for all in years 7 and 8, and it remains a viable option at GCSE and A level. 

The artistic prowess of The Leys School extends to outstanding examples of art, pottery, and displays of pupils’ work in design and technology. Glass-adorned newer buildings offer glimpses into fascinating lessons, inspiring students to explore their creative potential.

In the realm of sports, The Leys School stands out as a sporty school with outstanding facilities. The array of opportunities extends beyond traditional team sports, accommodating diverse interests. Cricket and rugby are not confined to gender norms, with girls actively participating and contributing to the growing popularity of these sports. For those inclined towards individual pursuits, options like sailing, gymnastics, dance (including hip hop, street, and ballet), and circus skills open doors to varied physical and creative outlets. The school’s commitment to a well-rounded extracurricular experience ensures that every student finds a niche to thrive and explore their passions.

Admissions Process: Entering The Leys School

The admissions process at The Leys School is thorough and competitive, ensuring that the institution selects students who not only meet academic standards but also contribute positively to the school’s vibrant community.

For entry into year 7, approximately 30 students are admitted, predominantly from local primary schools, with an additional 70 admitted in year 9. St Faith’s, as part of the foundation, serves as a key feeder school, although students come from various other Cambridge preps. The admissions process involves interviews and testing, with the school setting its own mathematics and English papers, supplemented by standardised verbal and spatial reasoning tests. This rigorous approach is essential as the school is oversubscribed, allowing it the luxury of selecting students who align with its values and ethos.

The entrance tests are designed to assess a student’s academic capabilities and potential, reflecting the competitive nature of securing a place at The Leys. With a reputation for academic excellence, the school attracts candidates not only from local sources but also from further afield, particularly among boarders. The diverse pool of applicants allows the school to choose from among the best, ensuring a high-calibre student body.

For sixth form entry, existing Leys students require a minimum of five 6s. While the official requirement remains the same for external applicants, the reality is that meeting the bare minimum might not secure a place. The oversubscription and popularity of the school enable it to be discerning in its selection. The admissions team considers references and reports from previous schools, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the applicant’s academic history, character, and potential contribution to the school community.

The Leys School Testimonials and Reviews

Rosie Catt

Our first visit to the school, superb buildings for children and their learning for life. The chapel had very good acoustics for a superb concert by Voces 8, a group we follow whenever we can, the best singing in all styles you could possibly want to listen to and obviously much enjoyed by the children they had been working with in the afternoon.

Mike Bkk

Truly exceptional school!

Victoria Beever

Frequently Asked Questions about The Leys School

The Leys usually ranks in the top 30 of co-ed boarding schools league table and is academically selective.

Founded by Methodists in 1875, The Leys is Cambridgeshire’s chief expression of public school architectural tradition. But at the heart is a villa built probably in 1815 (now Headmaster’s House).

The Leys is a community of 570 pupils, which means each pupil is well known by the staff responsible for their welfare, including the Headmaster who knows the pupils very well.

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