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Welcome to our in-depth review of Whitgift School, the distinguished independent boys’ school nestled in the heart of Croydon, London. As parents, we share the common vision of providing our children with a top-tier education that fosters both academic excellence and personal growth. Join us as we explore Whitgift School’s illustrious history since its founding in 1596 and discover the exceptional opportunities it offers, empowering young minds to flourish academically, athletically, and as future leaders.

Whitgift school

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Key Features of Whitgift School

  • Boarding: Yes
  • Local authority: Croydon
  • Pupils: 1,550; sixth formers: 420
  • Religion: Church of England
  • Fees: Day £24,462; Boarding £40,470 – £47,991 pa
  • Ranking: 56

Whitgift School Results

2023: 88% 9-7 at GCSE; 56.9% A*/A at A level; average IB score 38.6 points.

2022: 91% 9-7 at GCSE; 68% A*/A at A level (93% A*-B); average IB score 40.2 points.

Teaching and learning at this institution emanate from a place rich in ability and driven by high endeavour. The school’s all-out effort approach is reflected in their impressive academic results, and notably, they have seamlessly integrated the International Baccalaureate (IB) into their educational fabric, setting a commendable standard for others. Behind these robust performances lies a thriving academic culture founded on competence and hard work. Pupils and staff share an ambitious spirit, understanding that academic achievement is a vital aspect of school life, but not the sole measure of success.

The Languages department at Whitgift exemplifies the school’s dedication to individualised learning. They have a long tradition of providing personalised tutelage to those who speak a language at home or possess significant expertise in foreign languages from educational experiences outside the UK.

The school’s philosophy centres on maximising each pupil’s potential through quality teaching, ample homework, and thoughtful assessment practices. While academic rigour remains a priority, Whitgift recognises the importance of fostering independence in their students. The school believes in taking gradual, incremental steps towards nurturing students into becoming independent learners, valuing the process of learning and growth as much as the outcomes.

In addition, Whitgift School’s teaching staff epitomise energy, integrity, and dedication to their profession. The school has become known as a nursery for future headteachers, with approximately 15 teachers engaged in training at any given time. While the turnover of newly qualified teachers due to promotions is an inevitable outcome of their success, the young staff body, along with several former pupils who now teach at the school, ensures a dynamic and relatable learning environment.

Boarding Facilities in Whitgift School

Whitgift School’s boarding facilities, established in 2013, exude a profound sense of self-assurance and success. The house is a haven of comfort and modernity, boasting top-notch IT equipment, well-appointed study areas, en-suite bathrooms, and generous communal spaces with kitchen facilities. The boarding community thrives with full and weekly boarders, encompassing over 100 pupils, with a significant representation of international students. Approximately half of the boarders stay on campus over the weekends, fostering a vibrant social environment. Moreover, the school accommodates flexi-boarding for day pupils aged 13 to 18, adding an element of flexibility to the boarding options.

A remarkable aspect of the boarding experience at Whitgift School is the strong emphasis on fostering a unique identity and camaraderie. Over the years, this young boarding community has flourished, creating a palpable energy and excitement. The school’s commitment to providing boarders with access to facilities beyond regular hours and leveraging the endless resources of London has undoubtedly contributed to this sense of vibrancy. With a dedicated housemaster, tutors, and a head of boarding, boarders receive comprehensive support and representation within the school’s senior leadership team. Whitgift School’s boarding facilities are a testament to the institution’s conviction in providing an enriching and socially fulfilling experience for students from various backgrounds.

Extracurricular Activities in Whitgift

At Whitgift School, the arts and extracurricular activities are infused with a spirit of thoroughness and ambition, elevating the cultural life of the institution to remarkable heights. Music takes centre stage with awe-inspiring performances by the symphony orchestra and concert orchestra, showcasing the exceptional musical talents of the students. Notably, the Whitgift Chamber Orchestra, comprising gifted pupils from Whitgift and other talented individuals from London, graces prestigious national venues alongside the renowned Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The school resonates with melodious harmonies as the Whitgift Chamber Choir and Minster Choristers captivate audiences with their enchanting voices.

In the realm of drama, Whitgift shines as brightly as in sports. The school’s theatrical prowess is undeniable, with a main assembly hall transforming into a tiered-seating theatre for grand productions. Whitgift’s close connections with film companies have led to students taking leading roles in TV productions and West End performances. Some students are also members of the prestigious National Youth Theatre. The repertoire of recent plays and musicals, including Billy Elliot, Hairspray, and The Caucasian Chalk Circle, exemplifies the school’s commitment to delivering extraordinary theatrical experiences.

On the sporting front, Whitgift boasts an impressive pedigree. The school’s commitment to participation and teamwork runs deep, instilling a sense of sportsmanship in every student. With over 1,200 boys playing in 2,000+ fixtures annually, the school’s enthusiasm for sports is evident. Whitgift has garnered more than 120 national titles in the last five years, excelling in rugby, football, hockey, cricket, and a plethora of other sports. The extensive sports facilities, encompassing top-of-the-range fitness centres, squash courts, indoor swimming pool, and diverse pitches, contribute to the students’ prowess and success. Notably, many boys go on to represent their country in various sports or pursue distinguished sporting careers, reflecting the school’s dedication to nurturing sporting talent.

Admissions Process: Entering Whitgift School

Whitgift School, despite having a substantial pupil roll, maintains a highly selective admissions process to curate a diverse and accomplished student cohort. At the 11+ level, the school receives approximately 600 applicants vying for the 120 available places (60 more join from year 6 entry, resulting in a total cohort of 180). While academic prowess is valued, Whitgift also places great importance on a candidate’s willingness to actively participate in a wide range of activities.

Applicants can enter at various key stages, including 10+ (day), 13+ (day and boarding), 14+ (boarding only), and 16+ (day and boarding). The entrance exams focus on maths, English, and verbal reasoning for younger applicants, while older candidates face papers in maths, English, and science. For some overseas applicants, English as an Additional Language (EAL) exams may be required.

Prospective sixth form entrants must meet specific criteria, including a total of 62 GCSE points from ten subjects. Moreover, they sit entrance exams in two of their chosen subjects for A-level or higher-level International Baccalaureate (IB) qualifications.

Following successful performance in the entrance exams, candidates proceed to the interview stage, where the school assesses their suitability for becoming integral members of the Whitgift community. The school’s commitment to admitting boys who are capable and willing to contribute to a diverse array of activities ensures a dynamic and thriving student body, reflecting the institution’s values of excellence, engagement, and holistic development.

SEN Support

Whitgift School supports the following needs: 

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Aspergers
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders

Whitgift School Testimonials and Reviews

Natalie Mendez

My daughter has just finished a week at its Community Summer School. This week was fantastic, my daughter loved it so much and was sad that the week ended so soon. Thank you to all the staff involved to make this such an amazing experience.

Jan Havel

My son attended the Pre-IB summer program and was excited. He experienced a top-level program with likeminded students at a prestigious institution which has shaped his thinking about his future education. Well worth the trip and highly recommended!


My daughter attended their Masterclasses. She had loads of fun learning new things, gain confidence and also made new friends. It was well organised, staff and students were profesional, approachable and upbeat. Thank you very much.

Alan Tun

Absolutely fantastic school. I went there in the 1960’s and had a great time. It was a day school then; now about 10% are boarders. My son goes there now and is having a great time. They encourage you to be well-rounded and excel in all areas.

Frequently Asked Questions about Whitgift School

At 11 plus, Whitgift accepts around 120 boys. 60 additional places will go to boys coming up from the Junior year, while the rest will come from a variety of state and independent schools. Usually, Whitgift receives around 600 applicants at the 11 plus.

Whitgift School is an outstanding British independent school, founded in 1596 and known for the highest standards of education.

With an average point score of 40.2 out of 45, Whitgift is once again the top UK boys’ school for IB and a top 12 World IB school.

Other notable alumni include Callum Hudson-Odoi, forward for Nottingham Forest. Callum has won the Champions League and Europa League with Chelsea, and in 2019 he became the youngest ever England international to play in a competitive match.

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