Sedbergh School: Exploring Reviews, Rankings, Fees, And More

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Sedbergh School, where we delve into everything you need to know about this esteemed educational institution. From insightful reviews to detailed rankings, along with an examination of fees and beyond, join us as we navigate the rich tapestry of Sedbergh School’s offerings and reputation. Whether you’re a prospective student, a parent considering enrolment, or simply curious about this renowned establishment, our exploration aims to provide you with valuable insights into what makes Sedbergh School unique and exceptional.

Sedbergh School Review

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Key Features of Sedbergh School

  • Boarding: Yes
  • Local authority: Cumbria
  • Pupils: 600; sixth formers: 272
  • Age: 13-18
  • Religion: Church of England
  • Fees: Day £29,835 – £30,690; Boarding £40,500 – £41,670 pa

Sedbergh School Results

GCSE Results (2023):

    • 36% achieved grades 9-7.

A Level Results (2023):

    • 30% achieved grades A/A*.
    • 57% achieved grades A-B*.

Comparatively, in 2019 (the last pre-pandemic results):

GCSE Results (2019):

    • 40% achieved grades 9-7.

A Level Results (2019):

    • 22% achieved grades A/A*.
    • 44% achieved grades A-B*.

Boarding Experience in Sedbergh School

The boarding experience at Sedbergh School is a cornerstone of its vibrant culture, with a remarkable 98% boarding uptake. Here’s a glimpse into what makes this experience so enriching:

Boarding Culture:

    • With only 20 day students, boarding is a central aspect of school life.
    • Local parents often speak of the pressure from children who eagerly desire full boarding, with most eventually succumbing to the allure.
    • New students, especially those new to boarding, are offered a chance to acclimatise by spending 48 hours in a house, typically during Year 8, fostering a sense of belonging from the outset.

House System:

    • The school comprises nine houses, each with its unique character, flag, motto, and emblem, fostering fierce loyalty among students.
    • Each house offers a full programme of weekend activities, including sailing and drama, as part of inter-house competitions.

Accommodation and Facilities:

    • All houses feature libraries, common rooms with pool/snooker tables and TVs, small kitchens for snacks, and laundry facilities.
    • Rooms typically reflect Victorian charm, with high ceilings, fireplaces, and bay windows offering picturesque views.
    • Accommodation varies from three students per room in Year 9 to singles for sixth formers, ensuring comfort and privacy.

Community and Support:

    • Pupils are allowed phone usage outside lessons and prep times but not at night, fostering a healthy balance between connectivity and downtime.
    • Each house has a mix of overseas and local postgrads providing supervision and support, contributing to a welcoming and inclusive environment.
    • House staff are praised for their warmth and efficiency, ensuring the smooth running of day-to-day activities while nurturing a sense of family within the boarding community.

Extracurricular Activities in Sedbergh School

Sedbergh School offers a diverse range of activities to cater to the interests and passions of its students. Here’s a breakdown of the available activities:

Art and Drama:

    • Popular choices at GCSE and A level, with impressive student displays showcased in the three spacious art rooms.
    • Drama productions involve all year groups, with performances held both on-campus and at professional theatres like the Brewery in Kendal.
    • Annual house productions and opportunities for students to take LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) exams contribute to a vibrant theatre scene.


    • The music block boasts well-resourced classrooms and rehearsal rooms.
    • Over 50% of students participate in choirs and ensembles, with numerous musical performances throughout the year.
    • Strong links with prestigious organisations like the National Children’s Orchestra and the National Youth Wind Orchestra.

Other Extracurricular Activities:

    • Cadet Forces (CCF) available for all, offering experiences such as gliding and scuba diving.
    • Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE) programmes at bronze, silver, and gold levels.
    • An array of clubs covering a wide range of interests, from sports to debating, jewellery making, and conservation.
    • Opportunities for charitable works and international trips, including visits to destinations like Madagascar, Barbados, South Africa, and Sri Lanka.


    • While historically renowned for rugby, Sedbergh now offers a diverse range of sporting activities.
    • Facilities include multiple pitches for rugby, football, cricket, tennis, netball, and hockey, along with sports halls, a swimming pool, shooting range, and gyms.
    • Successes at national and international levels across various sports, including rugby, netball, and hockey.
    • Niche sporting activities such as fly-fishing, open water swimming, sailing, mountain biking, and equestrianism are also available.

Admissions Process: Entering Sedbergh School

Year 9 Entry:

    • Most students join in Year 9, but some also join in Year 10.
    • Around 35% come from the school’s prep school, with parents praising the transition.
    • Other students come from various backgrounds, including state schools and prep schools like Mowden Hall, Aysgarth, Terrington Hall, and Terra Nova.
    • Some students come from schools further away, typically within a three-hour radius including Scotland, Newcastle, York, Lancashire, and Derbyshire.
    • While the school is academically non-selective, it conducts its own tests in English and maths or accepts Common Entrance exams, mainly for scholarship assessment, along with references.
    • Applicants are interviewed by the head or senior staff and are expected to demonstrate an aptitude for academic and extracurricular activities.
    • International applicants are assessed for English proficiency.

Sixth Form Entry (Year 12):

    • Around 35 students join in the sixth form.
    • Applicants need five GCSEs at grade 4 or above, with some subjects requiring higher grades, up to a grade 6.
    • Applicants also need to submit a letter of application.
    • Waiting lists may exist for Year 10 and Year 12 entry.

SEN Support in Sedbergh School

The academic team here is fully capable of supporting pupils with the following special educational needs:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia

Sedbergh School Testimonials and Reviews

Alan Ratcliffe

I had the pleasure of taking students from your school on Thursday 12th January on the JCB HQ Tour, and I must say how charming, polite and fun they all were including the Tutors, a credit to to you all and hope they all arrived back safe and missed the snow.


Seen them playing sport – awesome – daily mail champs – hockey and netball national finals – cricket champs

Jason Smith

Beautiful surroundings and the sun is out as well all good

Liz Scambler

An outstanding school in every way

Frequently Asked Questions about Sedbergh School

Sedbergh School is known for its achievements in studies, sports, music and theatre. The school prepares outstanding young people for a successful future life.

The school has state-of-the-art facilities, including a sports centre, science laboratories, and an art centre. Sedbergh School has a reputation for providing a well-rounded education amongst private boarding schools in England, that balances academic excellence with extracurricular activities.

Sedbergh Preparatory School and Sedbergh School are academically selective schools.

The school shares one ethos and the same ambition to provide an outstanding education for boys and girls between the ages of 3 to 19.

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