Warwick School: Explore Reviews, Rankings, Fees, And More

Nestled amidst the rolling landscapes of Warwickshire, Warwick School emerges as an educational haven, where tradition meets innovation. This bastion of learning, with its roots firmly planted in history, beckons us to explore the intricate tapestry of reviews, rankings, fees, and beyond. Warwick School isn’t merely an institution; it’s a dynamic crucible where young minds are forged, and futures take shape. Join us on a captivating journey as we unravel the enigma that is Warwick School.

Warwick School Review

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Key Features of Warwick School

  • Boarding: Yes
  • Local authority: Warwickshire
  • Pupils: 996; sixth formers: 296
  • Fees: Day £16,260; Boarding £32,751 – £39,942 pa

Warwick School Results

Warwick School consistently raises the bar when it comes to academic achievements. In the 2023 academic year, an impressive 66 per cent of students secured top grades (9-7) at the GCSE level, showcasing a commitment to excellence. A closer look at A-level results reveals another facet of success, with 42 per cent achieving A*/A grades and an impressive 74 per cent attaining A*-B grades.

Comparing these results to the pre-pandemic era, specifically 2019, where academic assessments remained unaffected, Warwick School maintained its high standards. The GCSE results mirrored those of 2023, with 66 per cent achieving grades 9-7. At the A-level stage, Warwick School achieved a remarkable 48 per cent A*/A, demonstrating a commendable consistency in delivering top-tier education.

These statistics not only highlight the school’s commitment to academic rigour but also underscore its adaptability in navigating challenging times without compromising on the quality of education provided.

Boarding Experience in Warwick School

The majority of boarders, approximately three-quarters, find their haven in the sixth form, while the remainder, spanning years 9 to 11, contribute to the vibrant tapestry of diversity. Hailing from various corners of the globe, including Hong Kong, China, Ukraine, and the UK, the boarding community reflects a rich blend of cultures and perspectives.

Recent additions, such as limited flexi-boarding, provide a flexible touch to the boarding experience, although the boarding house remains a bustling hub over the weekends. The accommodations have enchanting views over the Avon to Warwick Castle. On top of that, the dormitories exude a homely charm. Communal areas, adorned with comfy sofas and game zones, are overseen by dedicated staff, including houseparents, assistant houseparents, and a matron during the week.

Dormitories cater to different preferences, with the largest accommodating six students, while seniors in year 13 enjoy the privilege of individual rooms. Boarding prefects even have their own corridor and a dedicated common room for entertaining friends, adding an extra layer of personalised comfort to their experience.

The integration of international students into the boarding community is facilitated through pairing them with day pupils upon arrival, fostering connections and friendships. While they may initially socialise with local pupils, there’s a distinctive camaraderie among the international cohort, creating a supportive and inclusive environment that truly defines the boarding experience at Warwick School.

Extra Curricular Activities

In the realm of dramatic arts, Warwick Hall takes centre stage, hosting ‘amazing’ productions, often in collaboration with the girls’ school. Recent showcases include the spellbinding rendition of “The Great Gatsby.” With separate performances tailored for senior, middle, and junior levels, the drama department’s dynamic approach resonates with students. The Bridge House Theatre, a separate venue accommodating 250, adds an intimate touch to the theatrical repertoire.

The musical notes resonate deeply within the school’s culture, with an extensive music programme starting as early as year 7. The music scheme allows students to learn instruments for free, culminating in a grand whole-year performance. Brass, jazz, rock, and strings orchestrate the musical landscape, giving students a refreshing break from academic pursuits.

The art department’s commitment to inclusivity is evident, with an arts festival held biennially. Students engage in projects like the ‘Day of the Dead,’ showcasing a diverse range of artistic expressions. The introduction of food tech to the curriculum is a recent and welcomed addition, as parents express enthusiasm about the irresistible bagels crafted by the boys.

From the Cadet Forces to niche clubs like Japanese for beginners and the Student Investor Club, students have over 100 options to explore and diversify their interests. Technological focus finds its place in clubs like electronics and robotics, reflecting the innovation characteristic of the West Midlands.

Warwick School also shines on the sports field. Traditional strengths in rugby have expanded to include a burgeoning hockey programme, with cricket and tennis taking the spotlight in the summer. The emphasis is not solely on competition; the school fosters a culture where students are encouraged to ‘have a go’ and do their best, ensuring that the sporting arena is inclusive and accommodating to all, regardless of their athletic prowess.

Admissions Process: Entering Warwick School

Joining Warwick School is a straightforward process. Junior boys typically transition to the senior school in year 7, forming half of the cohort. Around 65-70 external candidates, mostly from local preps, take tests in English, maths, and ability to join year 7. Year 8 has a few additional places, while year 9 admission involves testing in science and possibly MFL, along with a short interview.

For the sixth form, about 20 boarders and 12 to 24 day pupils are admitted. The minimum requirement is 51 points from the best eight GCSEs (at least three grade 7s and five grade 6s) and an interview.

Testimonials and Reviews

Barnaby Robson

I studied at the school from the age of 13 – 18. It changed my life – they pushed me academically but also have a strong on focus on sports.

They built the foundation for my success in life and I am extremely grateful. I know many others who have similar sentiments from different eras.

Thank you to all the teachers and staff. Great school – would love to send my children.


Outstanding school with so much to offer. A beautiful place with amazing buildings. Staff very friendly and make you feel very welcome.

James Langley

Fantastic school with excellent facilities, staff, tradition and atmosphere. Superb education, which I can’t fault in the slightest

Tim Moore

The arts centre is amazing. We held our praise day there and the facility is unbelievable!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Per termPer annum
Years 5 and 6£5,263£15,789
Years 3 and 4£4,957£14,871
Junior School Extended Dayup to £7.70

Warwick School was awarded the Artsmark Platinum Award by Arts Council England.

Warwick School is a leading independent day and boarding school for boys aged 7-18, dating back to 914, making it the oldest boys’ school in the country. For 2022-23 they have been recognised as Independent Boys’ School of the Year.

More recently, attempts have been made to place the foundation of the school in 914, when Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians, founded Warwick as a defensive burgh against the Vikings. It’s even possible the school was founded in the 600s, along with other Saxon minster schools in the country.

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