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St Clare's Oxford Review

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Key Features of St Clare's Oxford

  • Local authority: Oxfordshire
  • Pupils: 264; sixth formers: 222
  • Religion: Non-denominational
  • Fees: Day £22,256; Boarding £45,636 pa
  • Open days: September, November, January and May

St Clare's Oxford School Results

In 2023, the IB average point score was 36.

In 2019 (the last pre-pandemic results), the IB average point score was 37.

Boarding Experience in St Clare's Oxford

Experience the excitement of boarding life at St Clare’s Oxford, where 85% of the vibrant community comprises students from overseas, infusing the halls with a rich tapestry of cultures and experiences. Whether international jetsetters or local explorers, students find a welcoming home away from home in our boarding houses.

Picture waking up in a spacious, modern room, perhaps sharing stories with a roommate from a different corner of the world. Over half of the rooms boast en-suites, ensuring comfort and privacy. Common rooms provide spaces for relaxation and camaraderie, equipped with everything students need to unwind or whip up a quick snack.

Guiding the boarding experience is a dedicated houseparent, ensuring the wellbeing of every student. Safety is paramount, with CCTV cameras outside the houses providing peace of mind.

Weekends offer a canvas for adventure, whether exploring the bustling streets of London, indulging in brunch with friends, or strolling through Oxford’s picturesque landscapes. The weekend activities programme promises excitement, from football matches to theatre outings, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. And let’s not forget about the food! Gather in the light-filled communal dining hall and café, The Globe at 135, where meals are not just nourishment but a culinary delight.

Extracurricular Activities in St Clare's Oxford

At St Clare’s, the extracurricular scene is vibrant and diverse, offering over 50 activities as part of the IB programme. Despite the absence of traditional public school facilities, students have ample opportunities to explore their passions independently. From sports to music, drama to art, writing to debating, there’s something to suit every interest.

Peripatetic lessons in flute, piano, and violin are held in dedicated music rooms. While theatre is offered as a subject, annual musical productions remain a highlight, showcasing the community’s talent and camaraderie.

Art is approached holistically, with students engaging in discussions sparked by visits to exhibitions like those at the Ashmolean Museum. Though the art studio and photography classes reflect the academic nature of the teaching, there is a desire to see more evidence of students’ creative work.

In addition, the Model United Nations conference, held at Oxford Town Hall, is a standout event, inviting every student to engage in a day of debating on a range of UN resolutions, underscoring the college’s international ethos.

Despite the lack of dedicated playing fields, sports thrive at St Clare’s, with opportunities for competition in football, basketball, volleyball, and more. Individual pursuits are also catered to, with weekly sessions in tennis, golf, table tennis, dance, running, and yoga.

Admissions Process: Entering St Clare's Oxford

At St Clare’s Oxford, the admissions process is a blend of inclusivity and aspiration. While officially non-selective, students often self-select, hailing from families with the confidence and resources to pursue an international education. Before the interview stage, applicants provide two years’ worth of reports, offering insights into their motivation and academic journey. Proficiency tests in English and maths further assess readiness for our rigorous curriculum.

While some students are introduced to the school through overseas agents, word-of-mouth remains a powerful force, with many applicants having connections through friends or family. The conversion rate following campus visits is an impressive 80%, underscoring the impact of firsthand experiences. Year 12 serves as the primary entry point for most students, marking the beginning of their transformative journey at St Clare’s Oxford.

SEN Support in St Clare's Oxford

Here at St Clare’s, the academic team is able to support students with the following special educational needs:

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Aspergers
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders

St Clare's Oxford Testimonials and Reviews

Massimo Dimarco

I went there many years ago, from 12 until 18 years old (now I am 34) to attend summer courses.
It was a great experience and every year I was excited to go there and meet my old friends and to know some new people.

Anna Abgarowicz

St. Clare’s may well be the most incredible school in the world… Where students from a multitude of countries and cultures are given the stimuli and the space to grow, guided by most dedicated and talented teachers, who support, challenge and provoke the eager young minds of tomorrow, thus helping them to settle and find out who they really want to become. All of this set in Oxford – the one city, which breathes nothing but history of intellect and adventure. I will always look back at my time at St. Clare’s with gratitude. I feel privileged to have spent the most formative years of my life there.

Dj Maty Silva

Is the best place I’ve ever visited, with the best staff and very smart and confidence teachers…

Aleshkina Kira

Unforgettable impressions

Frequently Asked Questions about St Clare's Oxford

Annual boarding fees are £49,310 and day fees are £23,592. Travel and fees insurance are included. If required. Their academic programmes are payable in 2 instalments.

Mainly yes. Their day students live with their parents, within a sensible travelling distance, but most students live in our own houses, within easy walking distance of the main college. First year students share twin or sometimes triple rooms. They also have some single rooms for second year IB students.

£60-£70 per week should be adequate but this is very much at the discretion of parents.

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