GCSE League Table: Check Out The GCSE Results For 2023

Welcome to an in-depth analysis of the GCSE League Table, offering a detailed overview of the remarkable academic accomplishments attained by students across the UK in the year 2023. In this article, we delve into the latest trends, noteworthy achievements, and the schools that have excelled in shaping these GCSE results. Join us as we navigate through the educational landscape, spotlighting the exceptional efforts of both students and institutions.

GCSE League Table

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What is GCSE

GCSE, or General Certificate of Secondary Education, is an academic qualification that students in the United Kingdom typically undertake at the age of 16, generally after completing two years of study in secondary education. GCSEs are designed to assess a student’s knowledge and skills across various subjects, and they play a significant role in shaping a student’s future educational and career paths.

Students usually take a variety of GCSE subjects, including core subjects like English, Mathematics, and Science, as well as additional subjects like History, Geography, Languages, and more. The GCSE curriculum is designed to provide a broad education while allowing students to specialise in areas of interest.

The assessment for GCSEs often includes a combination of written exams, coursework, and practical assessments, depending on the subject. 

The GCSE qualification serves as a foundation for further education or employment. Students often use their GCSE results to gain entry into college or sixth form, where they can pursue more advanced studies such as A-levels or vocational courses. GCSEs also hold value for potential employers, demonstrating a student’s academic achievements and skills.

When was the GCSE Results Day 2023?

Year 11 students in England, North Ireland, and Wales received their 2023 GCSE results on Thursday, August 24! Students had to proceed to their respective schools to obtain their results, which were available from around 8AM. 

In case you missed it, here were the recent results release dates: 

A-Levels Results 2023: 17 August 2023

IB Results 2023: 6 July 2023


GCSE Grade Equivalent

Since 2017, the grading system has been changed to a numerical system. The results of GCSE exams are typically graded on a scale from 9 to 1, with 9 being the highest grade and 1 being the lowest. According to Ofqual, here is what the numerical grading system means:

  • 9 = High A* grade
  • 8 = Lower A* or high A
  • 7 = Lower A grade
  • 6 = High B grade
  • 5 = Lower B or high C
  • 4 = Lower C grade
  • 3 = D or high E
  • 2 = Lower E or high F
  • 1 = Lower F or G
  • U = U remains the same

Top UK GCSE Schools: GCSE League Table 2023

Here is the updated list of the top performing schools in this year’s GCSE!

RankGCSE Result (% of 9-7)SchoolEntry genderType
199.4North London Collegiate SchoolGirlsDay
299St Paul’s Girls’ SchoolGirlsDay
398.1King’s College School, WimbledonBoys (Sixth Form)Day
497.5Wycombe AbbeyGirlsBoarding
597.2Guildford High SchoolGirlsDay
696.9Godolphin and LatymerGirlsDay
796.5King Edward VI High School for Girls, BirminghamGirlsDay
896.3Westminster SchoolBoys (Sixth Form)Boarding
996St Paul’s SchoolBoysBoarding
1094.9City of London School for GirlsGirlsDay
1194.6Magdalen College SchoolBoys (Sixth Form)Day
1294.3South Hampstead High School GDSTGirlsDay
1394Lady Eleanor HollesGirlsDay
14=93.5Latymer Upper SchoolMixedDay
14=93.5Tonbridge SchoolBoysBoarding
1692.9Highgate SchoolMixedDay
1792.6Brighton CollegeMixedBoarding
1892.4City of London SchoolBoysDay
1992.3Dulwich CollegeBoysBoarding
2092.2Wimbledon High School GDSTGirlsDay
2191.1Hampton SchoolBoysDay
2290.7Alleyn’s SchoolMixedDay
2390.6Putney High School GDSTGirlsDay
2490.5Kingston Grammar SchoolMixedDay
2590Concord CollegeMixedBoarding
26=89.8Royal Grammar School, GuildfordBoysDay
26=89.8University College Senior SchoolBoys (Sixth Form)Day
2889.5James Allen’s Girls’ SchoolGirlsDay
30=89Francis Holland School, Sloane SquareGirlsDay
30=89Withington Girls’ SchoolGirlsDay
3288.6Oxford High School GDSTGirlsDay
3388.5Whitgift SchoolBoysBoarding
34=88.4Notting Hill and Ealing High School GDSTGirlsDay
34=88.4Trinity School, CroydonBoys (Sixth Form)Day
36=88.3Winchester CollegeBoys (Sixth Form)Boarding
36=88.3Cheltenham Ladies’ CollegeGirlsBoarding
3888.2St Catherine’s, BramleyGirlsBoarding
3987.7Surbiton High SchoolGirlsDay
4087.5King Edward’s School, BirminghamBoysDay
41=87Emanuel SchoolMixedDay
41=87St Mary’s School AscotGirlsBoarding
41=87St Michael’s SchoolMixedBoarding
4486.8St Albans High School for GirlsGirlsDay
4586.4Wellington CollegeMixedBoarding
4686.3Caterham SchoolMixedBoarding
47=86.2Channing SchoolGirlsDay
47=86.2Merchant Taylors’ SchoolBoysDay
49=86.1Reigate Grammar SchoolMixedDay
49=86.1Sevenoaks SchoolMixedBoarding
51=85.8King Edward VI School, SouthamptonMixedDay
51=85.8The Perse SchoolMixedDay
5385.7St John’s College, CardiffMixedDay
5485.2Royal Grammar School, NewcastleMixedDay
5584.5St Helen’s School, NorthwoodGirlsDay
56=84.1Cardiff Sixth Form CollegeMixedBoarding
56=84.1King Edward’s School, BathMixedDay
5883.9The Abbey SchoolGirlsDay
5983.7Epsom CollegeMixedBoarding
6083.6City of London Freemen’s SchoolMixedBoarding
6183.2Queen Ethelburga’s CollegeMixedBoarding
6282.1Redmaids’ High SchoolGirlsDay
6381.8Nottingham High SchoolMixedDay
6481.7St Albans SchoolBoys (Sixth Form)Day
6581.6Benenden SchoolGirlsBoarding
6681.5St Helen and St KatharineGirlsDay
6781.4Eltham CollegeMixedDay
68=81Abingdon SchoolBoysBoarding
68=81Sir William Perkins’s SchoolGirlsDay
7080.5Downe HouseGirlsBoarding
7180.4St Swithun’s SchoolGirlsBoarding
7280.2Eton CollegeBoysBoarding
7380Colfe’s SchoolMixedDay
7578.1Reading Blue CoatBoys (Sixth Form)Day
7678Reed’s SchoolBoys (Sixth Form)Boarding
7777.2Queen’s College, LondonGirlsDay
7877.1Croydon High School GDSTGirlsDay
79=77Francis Holland School, Regent’s ParkGirlsDay
79=77Sheffield Girls’ GDSTGirlsDay
8176.2Headington SchoolGirlsBoarding
8276.1Radley CollegeBoysBoarding
8375.9The King’s School, CanterburyMixedBoarding
8475.8Marlborough CollegeMixedBoarding
8575.4Sutton High School GDSTGirlsDay
86=74.9St George’s WeybridgeMixedDay
8874.8The LeysMixedBoarding
8974.5Ibstock Place SchoolMixedDay
9074.3Roedean SchoolGirlsBoarding
91=74Blackheath High School GDSTGirlsDay
91=74King’s High School, WarwickGirlsDay
91=74Oundle SchoolMixedBoarding
9473.9Churcher’s CollegeMixedDay
95=73.6Norwich SchoolMixedDay
95=73.6The Maynard SchoolGirlsDay
9873.2Loughborough High SchoolGirlsDay
9973Exeter SchoolMixedDay
10072.8Bradford Grammar SchoolMixedDay
101=72.7Bishop’s Stortford CollegeMixedDay
101=72.7Bromley High School GDSTGirlsDay
10372.5Walthamstow Hall Senior SchoolGirlsDay
105=72Canford SchoolMixedBoarding
105=72Chigwell SchoolMixedBoarding
10771.7Forest SchoolMixedDay
10871.2Stephen Perse Senior SchoolMixedBoarding
10970.9St Mary’s CalneGirlsBoarding
110=70.8Manchester High School for GirlsGirlsDay
110=70.8The King’s School, ChesterMixedDay
11270.6Leicester Grammar SchoolMixedDay
11370.1The Grammar School at LeedsMixedDay
11469.4Bristol Grammar SchoolMixedDay
11569.3St Benedict’s SchoolMixedDay
11669Badminton SchoolGirlsBoarding
117=68.9Nottingham Girls’ High School GDSTGirlsDay
117=68.9Yarm SchoolMixedDay
119=68.6Bedford SchoolBoysBoarding
119=68.6Uppingham SchoolMixedBoarding
12168.1St Peter’s SchoolMixedBoarding
122=68Ardingly CollegeMixedBoarding
122=68St Dunstan’s CollegeMixedDay
12467.7Howell’s School, Llandaff GDSTGirls (Sixth Form)Day
12567.6Wetherby Senior SchoolBoysDay
12667.4Bedford Modern SchoolMixedDay
127=67.2Hampton Court HouseMixedDay
127=67.2Wolverhampton Grammar SchoolMixedDay
129=67.1King Henry VIII SchoolMixedDay
129=67.1Solihull SchoolMixedDay
129=67.1The Portsmouth Grammar SchoolMixedDay
13266.7Queen’s Gate SchoolGirlsDay
13366.4Woldingham SchoolGirlsBoarding
134=66.3Northwood College for Girls GDSTGirlsDay
134=66.3Streatham and Clapham High School GDSTGirlsDay
13766.2Immanuel CollegeMixedDay
138=66Derby High SchoolMixedDay
138=66Fettes CollegeMixedBoarding
14065.6Warwick SchoolBoysBoarding
14165.5Old Palace of John Whitgift SchoolGirlsDay
14265.4Royal High School Bath GDSTGirlsBoarding
14365.3Queen Elizabeth’s HospitalBoys (Sixth Form)Day
14465.1Berkhamsted SchoolMixedBoarding
145=64.8Lingfield CollegeMixedDay
145=64.8St Mary’s School, CambridgeGirlsBoarding
14764.6Dame Allan’s Girls’ SchoolGirlsDay
14864.2Burgess Hill GirlsGirlsBoarding
14964.1The King’s School in MacclesfieldMixedDay
150=64Bablake SchoolMixedDay
150=64Hymers CollegeMixedDay
150=64Jersey College for GirlsGirlsBoarding
150=64Leicester High School for GirlsGirlsDay
150=64The Cathedral School, LlandaffMixedDay
15562.9Ipswich SchoolMixedBoarding
15662.6The King’s School, WorcesterMixedDay
15762.5Cheadle Hulme SchoolMixedDay
15862.3Edgbaston High School for GirlsGirlsDay
15962The Purcell SchoolMixedDay
160=61.9Clifton CollegeMixedBoarding
160=61.9Mayfield SchoolGirlsBoarding
160=61.9St Edward’s, OxfordMixedBoarding
16361.8Kingswood SchoolMixedBoarding
16461.7St Columba’s CollegeMixedDay
16561.4Woodbridge SchoolMixedDay
16661.3Stockport Grammar SchoolMixedDay
16761.1The Grange SchoolMixedDay
168=61Northampton High School GDSTGirlsDay
168=61Repton SchoolMixedBoarding
168=61Rougemont SchoolMixedDay
168=61The Queen’s SchoolGirlsDay
17260.1St George’s AscotGirlsDay
17360Queen Anne’s, CavershamGirlsBoarding
17459.7St Augustine’s PrioryGirlsDay
175=59Durham High SchoolGirlsDay
175=59RGS WorcesterMixedDay
17758.5Loughborough Grammar SchoolBoysBoarding
17858.4St James Senior Girls’ SchoolGirlsDay
17958.3Radnor House, TwickenhamMixedDay
18058.1Bolton School Girls’ DivisionGirlsDay
181=58Collegiate SchoolMixedDay
181=58Dame Allan’s Boys’ SchoolBoys (Sixth Form)Day
181=58Sherborne GirlsGirlsBoarding
184=57.8Cheltenham CollegeMixedBoarding
184=57.8Mill Hill SchoolMixedBoarding
18657.1Harrogate Ladies’ CollegeGirlsBoarding
187=57Bromsgrove SchoolMixedBoarding
187=57Cranford HouseMixedBoarding
187=57Eastbourne CollegeMixedBoarding
187=57John Lyon SchoolMixedDay
187=57Kimbolton SchoolMixedBoarding
19256.9Brentwood SchoolMixedBoarding
19356.6Bradfield CollegeMixedBoarding
194=56Norwich High School for Girls GDSTGirlsDay
194=56The Royal Masonic School for GirlsGirlsBoarding
19655.8Claremont Fan Court SchoolMixedDay
19755.6The Laurels SchoolGirlsDay
19855Birkdale SchoolMixedDay
199=54.9Chetham’s School of MusicMixedDay
199=54.9Moreton HallGirlsBoarding
20154.4St Margaret’s SchoolMixedBoarding
202=54d’Overbroeck’s CollegeMixedBoarding
202=54Farlington SchoolMixedBoarding
202=54St Catherine’s School, TwickenhamGirls
205=53Adcote School for GirlsGirlsBoarding
205=53Culford SchoolMixedBoarding
205=53Dunottar SchoolMixedDay
205=53The Mount School YorkGirlsBoarding
20952.8Bolton School Boys’ Division Senior SchoolBoysDay
211=52.2Ashford SchoolMixedBoarding
211=52.2The King’s School, GloucesterMixedDay
213=52Bury Grammar SchoolMixedDay
213=52Merchiston Castle SchoolBoysBoarding
213=52Shrewsbury SchoolMixedBoarding
213=52Taunton SchoolMixedBoarding
21751.5Kent College, PemburyGirlsBoarding
21851.4Monkton Combe SchoolMixedBoarding
21951Wellingborough SchoolMixedDay
22050.8St Leonards SchoolMixedBoarding
22150.7Wells Cathedral SchoolMixedBoarding
22350.2St Joseph’s CollegeMixedDay
224=50Leighton Park SchoolMixedBoarding
224=50Pipers Corner SchoolGirlsDay
224=50Queen Margaret’s School for GirlsGirlsBoarding
22749.9AKS LythamMixedDay
22849.5Salesian CollegeBoys (Sixth Form)Day
22949.3Oakham SchoolMixedBoarding
23049Blundell’s SchoolMixedBoarding
23148.9Farnborough HillGirlsDay
23248.8Hulme Grammar SchoolMixedDay
233=48.4Hill House SchoolMixedDay
233=48.4Royal Russell SchoolMixedBoarding
23548Birkenhead SchoolMixedDay
23647.9Rendcomb CollegeMixedBoarding
23747.7Sherborne SchoolBoysBoarding
238=47.2Clifton High SchoolMixedDay
238=47.2St Edmund’s CollegeMixedBoarding
24047.1Gresham’s SchoolMixedBoarding
241=47Brighton Girls GDSTGirlsDay
241=47Lord Wandsworth CollegeMixedBoarding
241=47New Hall SchoolMixedBoarding
244=45.9Stonyhurst CollegeMixedBoarding
244=45.9Woodhouse Grove SchoolMixedBoarding
246=45Kent College CanterburyMixedBoarding
246=45Ratcliffe CollegeMixedBoarding
24844.1Ampleforth CollegeMixedBoarding
249=44Ashville HarrogateMixedBoarding
249=44Kingham Hill SchoolMixedBoarding
249=44Luckley House SchoolGirlsBoarding
249=44Michael Hall SchoolMixedDay
25343.6Denstone CollegeMixedBoarding
254=43The Kingsley SchoolGirlsDay
254=43The Marist SchoolGirlsDay
25642.3Felsted SchoolMixedBoarding
257=42Battle Abbey SchoolMixedBoarding
257=42Downside SchoolMixedBoarding
257=42Princethorpe CollegeMixedDay
26041.8Millfield SchoolMixedBoarding
261=41.6Cokethorpe SchoolMixedDay
261=41.6Pocklington SchoolMixedBoarding
263=41Heathfield SchoolGirlsBoarding
263=41Ryde School with Upper ChineMixedDay
263=41Victoria College, JerseyBoysDay
26640.4Truro High School for GirlsGirlsBoarding
26740.2King Edward’s WitleyMixedDay
26840Derby Grammar SchoolBoys (Sixth Form)Day
269=39King’s College TauntonMixedBoarding
269=39Plymouth CollegeMixedBoarding
27138.6Babington House SchoolMixedDay
27237King William’s CollegeMixedBoarding
27336.2Tring Park School for the Performing ArtsMixedBoarding
274=36Lincoln Minster SchoolMixedBoarding
274=36St Gabriel’s SchoolGirlsDay
27635.7Ewell Castle SchoolMixedDay
27735.5Durham SchoolMixedBoarding
27835.4Framlingham CollegeMixedBoarding
27935.3Stamford SchoolMixedBoarding
280=35Hurtwood HouseMixedBoarding
280=35Royal Hospital SchoolMixedBoarding
280=35St Edmund’s School CanterburyMixedBoarding
280=35The Oratory SchoolBoysBoarding
28434.6Lewes Old Grammar SchoolMixedDay
285=34Abbey Gate CollegeMixedDay
285=34Stafford Grammar SchoolMixedDay
28733.3Sherfield SchoolMixedBoarding
28833.2Ipswich High SchoolMixedBoarding
28933.1Bethany SchoolMixedBoarding
29032.5King’s BrutonMixedBoarding
29132.2St Felix SchoolMixedBoarding
29231.9Wychwood SchoolGirlsBoarding
29331.2The Faculty of Queen Ethelburga’sMixedBoarding
29529.3Christ College BreconMixedBoarding
29629Abbey College ManchesterMixedBoarding
29826.9Westonbirt SchoolMixedBoarding
299=25Arnold LodgeMixedBoarding
299=25Bournemouth Collegiate SchoolMixedBoarding

Top IGCSE Schools in China: China IGCSE League Table 2023

School Name
79%Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong
75.60%The British School of Beijing
74%Wellington College International Tianjin
58%British International School, Shanghai
69%Dulwich College Beijing

Top IGCSE Schools in Malaysia: Malaysia IGCSE League Table 2023

School NameCountry
77%Alice Smith SchoolMalaysia
75%The International School of Kuala LumpurMalaysia
66%HELP International SchoolMalaysia
41%Marlborough College MalaysiaMalaysia

Top IGCSE Schools in Asia: Asia IGCSE League Table 2023

School NameCountry
91.90%Dubai CollegeUAE
87%Harrow International School Hong KongHong Kong
81%Tanglin Trust SchoolSingapore
81%Tanglin Trust SchoolSingapore
80.50%Kellett SchoolHong Kong
79%Dulwich College Shanghai PudongChina
77%Alice Smith SchoolMalaysia
77%Alice Smith SchoolMalaysia
75.60%The British School of BeijingChina
75%The International School of Kuala LumpurMalaysia
74%Wellington College International TianjinChina
70%The British School in TokyoJapan
69%Dulwich College BeijingChina
68%Jumeirah CollegeUAE
66%Bangkok Patana SchoolThailand
66%HELP International SchoolMalaysia
65%Jumeirah English Speaking SchoolUnited Arab Emirates
65%Repton School DubaiUnited Arab Emirates
64%Nord Anglia International School DubaiUnited Arab Emirates
63%Dubai British School, Emirates HillsUnited Arab Emirates
59%Bali Island SchoolIndonesia
59%ESF West Island SchoolHong Kong
58%British International School, ShanghaiChina
41%Marlborough College MalaysiaMalaysia
40%British International SchoolThailand
35.50%The International School of ChoueifatUAE

GCSE 2023 Results Analysis

Here are some of the interesting takes from this year’s GCSE results. The below table shows the percentage of students that were awarded 7/A and above, from 2019 to 2023 in England.

England (North East)16.4%22.0%24.5%22.4%17.6%
England (North West)18.6%23.5%25.9%23.1%18.6%
England (Yorkshire and the Humber)17.8%22.3%24.4%22.4%18.2%
England (West Midlands)18.1%23.0%25.3%22.8%18.4%
England (East Midlands)18.3%23.0%25.1%22.5%18.5%
England (Eastern Region)20.5%25.9%28.5%26.2%21.9%
England (South West)20.4%26.1%29.1%25.3%20.8%
England (South East)23.5%29.0%31.9%29.2%24.4%
England (London)25.7%31.4%34.5%32.6%28.4%

The 2023 GCSE results saw a similar downturn when compared to the 2023 A-Levels. Here’s another table that portrays the decline: 

GCSE League Table 2022

Here are the GCSE/IGCSE school rankings based on the percentage of 9/7 and A*/A grades achieved during the 2022 GCSEs.

RankA + A* %SchoolDay/BoardBoy/Girl
199.09St Paul's SchoolBothBoys
298.29Westminster SchoolBothCo-ed
397Tonbridge SchoolBothBoys
496.57Wycombe Abbey SchoolBoardingGirls
596Sevenoaks SchoolBothCo-ed
695.79Oxford International CollegeBothCo-ed
794.66St Mary's School - AscotBothGirls
894.08Brighton CollegeBothCo-ed
992.94Dulwich CollegeBothBoys
1092.2Cheltenham Ladies' CollegeBothGirls
1191.31Whitgift SchoolBothBoys
1290.6St Catherine's School, BramleyBothGirls
1390.48Winchester CollegeBoardingBoys
1490.37Wellington CollegeBothCo-ed
1589.88Caterham SchoolBothCo-ed
1689.74Benenden SchoolBoardingGirls
1789Downe House SchoolBothGirls
1888.84Cardiff Sixth Form CollegeBothCo-ed
1988.13Concord CollegeBothCo-ed
2087.7St Michael's School - LlanelliBothCo-ed
2186.63Radley CollegeBoardingBoys
2286.6Abingdon SchoolBothBoys
2386City of London Freemen's School - SeniorBothCo-ed
2485St Swithun's SchoolBothGirls
2584.92Oundle SchoolBothCo-ed
2684.54Roedean SchoolBothGirls
2783.22Headington SchoolBothGirls
2883Rugby SchoolBothCo-ed
2982St Mary's School - CalneBothGirls
3080.18Badminton SchoolBothGirls
3179.74The Leys School, CambridgeBothCo-ed
3279.56Canford SchoolBothCo-ed
3379.44Ardingly CollegeBothCo-ed
3478.57Ruthin SchoolBothCo-ed
3578.34Woldingham SchoolBothGirls
3777.42Marlborough CollegeBothCo-ed
=77.42Royal High SchoolBothGirls
3976.04Bishop's Stortford CollegeBothCo-ed
4076Kingswood SchoolBothCo-ed
4175Uppingham SchoolBothCo-ed
4274.90Epsom CollegeBothCo-ed
4374.71Berkhamsted SchoolBothCo-ed
4474Christ's HospitalBothCo-ed
=74Fettes CollegeBothCo-ed
4673.2Sherborne GirlsBothGirls
4773.07Shrewsbury SchoolBothCo-ed
4872.22Burgess Hill GirlsBothGirls
4972Mayfield SchoolBothGirls
5071.94The King's School, CanterburyBothCo-ed
5170.61Dauntsey's SchoolBothCo-ed
5269Royal Masonic School for GirlsBothGirls
5368.92Bedford SchoolBothBoys
5567.31Loughborough Grammar SchoolBothBoys
5666.8Chetham's School of MusicBothCo-ed
5766.69Ipswich SchoolBothCo-ed
5866.60Sherborne SchoolBothBoys
5966Brentwood SchoolBothCo-ed
6065St Mary's School - CambridgeBothGirls
=65Charterhouse SchoolBothCo-ed
=65Bromsgrove SchoolBothCo-ed
6364.51St Margaret's School - BusheyBothCo-ed
6564Eastbourne CollegeBothCo-ed
=64Harrogate Ladies' CollegeBothGirls
=64Queen Anne's SchoolBothGirls
6863.71Queenswood SchoolBothGirls
6963Monkton Senior SchoolBothCo-ed
7062.36Christ College BreconBothCo-ed
7162.21Bradfield CollegeBothCo-ed
7262Malvern CollegeBothCo-ed
7360.88Cheltenham CollegeBothCo-ed
7460.44Mill Hill SchoolBothCo-ed
7560Kent College PemburyBothGirls
=60Malvern St James Girls' SchoolBothGirls
=60Heathfield School - AscotBothGirls
7859.91Repton SchoolBothCo-ed
7959.62Felsted SchoolBothCo-ed
8059.43New Hall SchoolBothCo-ed
8159.34St George's School - AscotBothGirls
8259.23Oakham SchoolBothCo-ed
8359Pocklington SchoolBothCo-ed
=59King's ElyBothCo-ed
=59Stowe SchoolBothCo-ed
=59Truro SchoolBothCo-ed
8758.79Ashford SchoolBothCo-ed
8858.1Royal Russell SchoolBothCo-ed
8958Blundell's SchoolBothCo-ed
9057.7Woodhouse Grove SchoolBothCo-ed
9156.85The Purcell SchoolBothCo-ed
9256.4Bryanston SchoolBothCo-ed
9356.07Glenalmond CollegeBothCo-ed
9456.06Kimbolton SchoolBothCo-ed
9556St Francis' CollegeBothGirls
=56Lord Wandsworth CollegeBothCo-ed
9755.79Wells Cathedral SchoolBothCo-ed
9855.2Bootham Senior SchoolBothCo-ed
9955Prior Park CollegeBothCo-ed
10054.11Kingham Hill School - Chipping NortonBothCo-ed
YearPercentage at grade 4/C or above

Frequently Asked Questions about GCSE League Tables

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A GCSE League Table is a ranking system that compiles and presents the performance of different schools based on their students’ GCSE examination results. It provides a comparative view of how schools fare in terms of academic achievements.

Schools are typically ranked based on the percentage of students achieving certain grades (often A*-C or 9-4) in their GCSE exams. The higher the percentage of students achieving top grades, the higher the school’s ranking.

While GCSE League Tables provide insight into academic performance, they may not fully represent a school’s overall quality. Factors such as teaching approach, student well-being, and extracurricular activities are not accounted for in these tables.

GCSE League Tables usually cover a range of subjects, including core subjects like English, Maths, and Science, as well as additional subjects. However, they might not encompass all the diverse subjects that students can study at the GCSE level.

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